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There’s no way. 


The red bird has clearly been regarded as a symbol of the curse since ancient times because it has been educated like that. 


Kendrick said that the idea that the red bird is a curse is a myth that only a few clans believe in.


So I was relieved to be accepted into the wolf family.




On the one hand, I’d rather believe that a curse exists. 




‘Why was I locked up?’


Why did I have to be abandoned in my room alone at the age of ten?


Why did I have to die alone, abandoned, and with no one paying attention?


I felt like I was being denied every moment of my life.


I lost my energy, like when a tower I had worked so hard to build collapsed. 




I slid down from Kendrick’s palm and released my bird form.




With a small explosion, light green smoke billowed out, and the field of vision suddenly increased.


Kendrick bent down and opened a huge old book for me so I could see.


I looked at the page again and again, even though I couldn’t decipher the ancient language in the old book.


A picture of a bird that has red paint on it.


Kendrick even said that the bird was written under it as “the only bird that is blessed.”


It was strange.


Those words were very different from what I had heard and learned in Raniero.


In addition, it was also far from what Kendrick told me before.


Kendrick previously said that the clan of red-feathered birds started a war and became a symbol of a curse between the birds and some other clans.


In the book, the red bird was described as a special being blessed by God.


I brushed the rough surface of the old book with my fingertips.


There were many things I couldn’t understand.


Is it because I just woke up?


I felt like I would cry again, so I raised my head.


Kendrick, noticing that my pupils were shaking, quickly hugged me.


“Linsy, what is it? Something made you sad.”


“Yes? N, no. It’s just….” 


I stared at the old book in Kendrick’s arms.


The only bird blessed.


A red bird.


Those words kept going round and round in my head. My head was dizzy. 


“Linsy, if you’re having a hard time, let’s leave. You can go out and talk.”


After Kendrick organized the old books, he quickly moved out of the underground library with me in his arms.


I was dangling in Kendrick’s arms and thinking about the book he had shown me for a long time. 


Kendrick hugged me and headed straight for my room.


Not the room I slept with Arsene, but my own room. 


Kendrick sat me down on the bed and started talking softly.


“I was looking for some ancient books on Giles flowers. I thought it would help me investigate.”


“I see.” 


“But there is such a book. A book about birds with red feathers.”


Kendrick paused for a moment, then continued.


“It has been in the old book storage room, but I haven’t felt the need to read it in the meantime, but after seeing your reaction last time, I thought about it and found it. If I knew this would be written like this, I wish I had read it beforehand.”




“Since then, I have been trying to find out if there is any other reason for the bird clan to regard the red bird as a symbol of a curse besides the incident I have told you about. The appearance of a person who used special powers was just a red bird, but the fact that it had a red color wouldn’t have corrupted it, but it wasn’t clear that he came to believe that because of that incident alone. So I felt the need to check the older records. However, upon investigation, there is no such record in ancient times.” 


“…Was it really superstition?”


“I don’t know for sure either. However, Linsy… you just saw the old book.” 


“Yes? Yes… I saw it.” 


“Yes, Lincy. There is no mention of the curse of the red bird in it.”


I nodded.


As for the book, even to me, it was a book made by the bird clan.


“So, really… maybe there is no curse on the red bird.” 


Kendrick patted me carefully and continued his words slowly.


I organized my thoughts in Kendrick’s arms for a moment and then opened my mouth.


“I… I mean. It’s all right now, father. I’m telling you, red hair doesn’t matter.”


I held back my tears and spoke quietly.


I shouldn’t cry.


And I thought to myself.


Because now I really feel like I’m losing when I cry.


‘I can’t just sit and cry every time something like this comes up.’




“So, I’m fine.”


It was okay that I had red, cursed feather.


I couldn’t understand why Raniero taught me so thoroughly that birds with red fur were cursed, or why I was treated that way in my previous life.


‘At least I have the belief that it’s not my fault, so it’s okay now.’


I courageously wiped away my tears and kept my mouth shut.






I nodded in response and looked up at Kendrick Yeckhart, who was holding me.


‘I’m in Kendrick’s arms.’


Not Arthur Raniero, the father who rejects me for having red feathers.


In Kendrick’s arms, who promised to love and adore me no matter what I looked like.




‘So let’s not cry.’


Now that I’ve made up my mind to believe that I’m not cursed, there’s no need to be ashamed of my red hair.


I nodded vigorously.


The more I chewed over my previous life and the past, the more I felt unfair and saddened, and the more it pulled me back into those broken memories.


So I can’t lose.


Let’s not cry.


Kendrick must have found that old book with good intentions and showed it to me, but he seemed quite taken aback when I cried.


Hehe. I laughed as if to show that I didn’t cry anymore.


And quickly changed the subject.


He would have wanted me to be happy, but I was sorry because I felt like the atmosphere was down.


“Yes, thank you for letting me know about the old books. It really made me feel better… By the way, did you find any information about the Giles flower?”


“No, just the things I already know. Nothing helps. But we’ll find out soon. Right now, all the clans are searching every corner of their territory.”


Kendrick nodded.


“It will be found unconditionally within three months.”


Because the heads of the entire clan are looking for the Giles flower by unleashing everything from their superpowers and armies.


Everyone thought so.


Giles and the one who revived Giles will be caught within three months.


However, despite Kendrick’s boast, Giles’s flowers were not found.


That is for three years.




[XX12 03.24 


Searched all over the wolf territory. I unleashed the army and used my powers to unleash the shadow army into the forest. I received a report that there were beastman who lost their intelligence, but I knew it was a small happening. Linsy and Arsene rode around the garden in the carriage they were given as gifts. The carriage is pretty. You have eyes to see Lamont.] 


[XX12 04.01


There is nowhere to search anymore. Even after searching for a private house, it does not come out. It is said that the Giles flower grows even in a barren environment if the environment is right, so it will grow anywhere if the conditions are right. But is that condition possible in a place other than the land of Tamar? Arsene was a little sick today. Linsy treated him quickly. Linsy’s ability seems to be getting stronger day by day.]


[XX12 04.23


I think I saw a red light in Linsy’s hand. Is it just my feeling? If it was just a feeling, the papers glowed red even when Linsy took notes in the temple. What kind of unknown power does Linsy have? Giles flower was not found today after all. Everything will be solved by finding the flower first.] 


[XX12 05.01 


Today, I received a report that people who lost their minds were found in the lion’s territory. It would be nice if Giles flowers were found. Now I’m going to go to the lion clan’s territory. And the riding arena and reservoir will be completed soon. I hope the kids will like it. We need to float the boat and release the fish so they can play. Children have not yet learned the hunting instinct. He will have it done when they turn ten and finish transforming. The reason I didn’t ask Linsy in advance was because she was a bird. She’s too small to go into the water]


[XX12 06.01


What has discovered in the lion clan’s territory was also just an incident. The Giles flower has not been found even today. Ester is also nowhere to be found. The child who was brought and treated by Linsy left abruptly. At this point, I wonder if it’s all in vain. Linsy and Arsene took a nap today. It was cute.] 


[XX12 08.23


When on earth are we going to find the Giles flower? The heads of all the clans search their territories, but they are nowhere to be found. Ester is the same. Did Ester die somewhere? I wish he were alive because I haven’t solved the prohibition question yet.] 


[XX12 12.23


The heads of the clan tried to invade the wolf territory. I defended myself, but my endurance was limited. Giles flowers should be found as soon as possible. The beastman society is in a state of tension due to the wariness of Giles’ flower. Linsy’s ability became a little stronger. It’s just a shame that I couldn’t record it getting stronger day by day. Arsene’s shadow wolf also grew in size. When Arsene asked for it, the weight of the items he could ask for also increased.] 


[XX13 2.3 No reports.]


[XX13 5.23 No reports.]


[XX13 6.1 No reports.]


[XX13 9.13 No reports.]


[XX13 10.25 Linsy and Arsene were cute. The fur became fluffier] 


[XX13 11.30 No reports]


[XX14 2.3 No reports.]










[XX15 2.3 Giles Flower found.]

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  1. he’s so attentive to his little ones ^_^ and i wonder if anyone else is noticing the change in linsy’s ability