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Author: Lubai

Mia Celestial. Female. 19 years old.


Occupation: The young lady of Celestial County.


Appearance: Pink hair and pink eyes.


First special note: It had been a year since she had transmigrated into a romance fantasy novel.


Second special note: She failed to change the original story.


“It should’ve changed! So why?! Why doesn’t it change?”


Mia looked beyond the castle, holding her breath to calm her excitement. Imperial troops with red flags were advancing towards the castle. Soon, the male protagonist of this novel would appear and kill Mia.


“I don’t even like the idea of transmigrating, so why should I die because of it as well?!”


A burst of anger erupted from Mia’s mouth.


The novel Mia possessed is a novel called <Serenity in the Rose Garden>.


An ordinary romance novel in which the female protagonist Serenity heals the heart of the male protagonist, Adillot, and the two become united.


Mia possessed the daughter of the rebellious Count Celestial.


She was not a villain. She had no special role.


No one knew how much she had stroked her chest when she realized she had possessed Mia.


‘My goal is to survive! As long as I do something by doing nothing, the ending will change!’


But it was all in vain. A rebellion broke out, and Count Celestial fled alone.


“There aren’t bigger bastards than you!”


Why did she have to possess that bastard’s daughter? She had worked so hard to avoid her death, why did it end up like this?


Mia stumbled after seeing Adillot’s troops enter the castle.


She was going to head to the count’s office. If she were Adillot, she would first head to the count’s office.


Adillot Gentzen Schroeder.


The name of the male protagonist. She used to feel excited hearing that name. But now, she was only afraid.


It was because she knew how ruthless he was, as much as she had read the novel. Adillot was not a tyrant who killed innocent people recklessly, but he was merciless to those who rebelled against the imperial power.


‘Crucifixion, burning, burial, hanging, crushing…’


Mia trembled as she remembered Adillot’s numerous executions.


‘I would rather run away with the servants!’


But Adillot was a persistent hunter. If she had run away, he would have killed her more brutally. No matter what anyone said, his nickname was ‘Pretty and Crazy’.


‘I should’ve run away as soon as I transmigrated!’


But Celestial County was too poor for her to do that.


To the extent that it was difficult for Mia to save an independent fund.


In addition, she had felt sorry for the original Mia if she just let her father die.


“I didn’t know he was such a rare son of a gun that he could leave his only daughter alone…”


But regret always comes late.


Mia stumbled and sat down in front of the count’s desk. Now there was only one wish left for Mia.


‘At least I hope I won’t die in pain!’


The door opened shortly after she waited in the office. Mia looked nervously at the opening door.


Soon, a tall man with a red cloak fluttered into the room.


A man? No. It was light that walked in.


The moment she saw his face, Mia’s head went blank, her fear long forgotten.


‘How handsome…’


Silver hair like fog on a rainy day.


Bright red eyes reminiscent of ruby shone through the messy hair. The corners of his eyes were raised and he had a cold impression, and he had an expression that seemed indifferent to everything.


He was Adillot Gentzen Schroeder, the young emperor of Orquenina and a blood-crazed tyrant.


That was the male protagonist in <Serenity in the Rose Garden>.


After that, many knights came in one after another and started to inspect the room, but with Adillot beside them, they looked like nothing but poorly grown potatoes.


‘Wow, how does it feel to live in the world with that face…’


Adillot’s blood-stained sword could be seen in Mia’s admiring eyes.


Mia closed her eyes. He’s become ‘Pretty and Crazy’ because of living in the world with that face.


Meanwhile, Adillot, who entered the room, did not even look at Mia. He just stood in the middle of the room and looked around.




Then he tilted his head. The knights who finished the search soon came to Adillot and reported it.


“Your Majesty, there is nothing.”


“It looks like Celestial has already fled.”


Adillot’s brows narrowed. He tilted his head once more, then looked back at Mia.


“Mia Celestial.”


“Wha– I mean, yes?”


Mia, whose name was called out of nowhere, answered quickly. She thought the handsome man’s voice is also amazing.


“Are you alone?”


Adillot asked calmly.


“… Yes! I am alone…”




“I-I told all the servants to run away…”


“Why? Do you think I won’t be able to kill them if they run away?”


Haha, you crazy…


Mia grabbed the hem of her dress, struggling to suppress the tremors in her body.


“Y-Your Majesty… I have a favor to ask of you.”


Adillot’s eyes lit up.


“A favor?”


“Yes… I-I will die as the representative… but can you let go of the servants?”


Adillot blinked without answering. Mia lowered her voice a bit so as not to make him feel uncomfortable.


“They really did nothing wrong. T-They knew nothing of the treason… Well, of course I didn’t know anything as well, but I’m a Celestial…”


“So you sent everyone else out to die alone?”


“That’s what I’m saying, but…”


“And no one is really around…”




“Do you have no luck or no popularity?”


With that indifferent sharp murmur, Mia held back her tears. Sadness surged in.


It has been a year since I transmigrated into <Serenity in the Rose Garden>.


I was busy working hard to survive. So, I couldn’t build my own people or gain the trust of the family members.


It seems to have been the same with the original Mia Celestial. When Mia said, “Leave me alone,” no one said they’d stay with her even for mere empty words.


The feeling of being left alone at the moment of her death was more miserable than expected. Still, she understood them. Because everyone wanted to live, too.


Mia pretended to smile as she struggled.


“But if one person dies and others live, it is better…”


At the words, Adillot’s loose gaze quickly became sharp.


“I don’t think so.”


A voice as cold as the north wind flowed from between his lips. Mia flinched belatedly.


‘Come to think of it, Adillot’s mother sacrificed herself to save Adillot and the people.’


Adillot’s mother was Consort Leah.


She was an aristocrat in the neighboring country, Gentaria. Then, a war broke out between Orquenina and Gentaria due to the consort’s estrangement.


Gentaria was defeated, and the emperor at the time tried to kill all the Gentarians. Consort Leah stood in front of him.


‘Your Majesty. I will die for everyone. Please save the people.’


The emperor granted it. And he really put his wife on the death row. Adillot had to watch his mother go to the death penalty with open eyes.


At that time, Adillot was not a crown prince, but only a prince born to a foreign consort, so he had no power to stop it.


But in a trick of fate, the emperor died at war, and the crown prince died of an accident.


Adillot Gentzen Schroeder became the emperor of Orquenina overnight.


‘Of course, the trauma of surviving at the expense of his mother continues, but…’


Adillot’s trauma would be healed by the female lead, Serenity, who would appear later.


‘And I even stimulated his trauma…’


It’s really the end for me.


Eventually, the sobs I had been holding back burst out.


“H-Hicc… You son of a bitch of a count…”


Everyone stopped at the sudden swear words. Either way, Mia started crying, dripping large drops of tears.


“That rotten bastard… He was using my money in strange places…”






It was a cry without shame or pride. Adillot, who had never seen a woman cry like that, stared blankly at the figure.


In fact, he was a little perplexed.


The reason was, she was so different from the rumors.


Since six months ago, a rumor had been circulating in social circles. It was rumored that a genius businessman had entered Celestial County.


Whether this was true or not was unclear, but it was true that Celestial County was suddenly raked in money. The nobility began to wonder about the businessman in the rumors, but no one knew their true identity.


Then, a clue was caught in the secret intelligence department of the imperial family. The rumored businessman was in fact the daughter of Count Celestial.


A resourceful entrepreneur who raised the failing Celestial County out of debt.


The hidden owner of Miromis Chamber of Commerce, who appeared like a morning star and overturned the market economy.


The legend who succeeded in every business she touched…






Adillot sighed and asked the woman who had just turned her father into a bastard.


“Mia Celestial, the founder of Miromis, right?”


Mia stopped crying and widened her eyes. Then, a few seconds later, she burst into tears again.


“Huuwaaaa! He’s confirming my background before killing me! Ngggh!”


… It’s not like that.


Adillot ruffled his hair.


“Tell me if you’ve really discovered and developed a vein of ore hidden in Etrurina and if you aim to develop a new type of converter used by Miromis Chamber of Commerce.”


“Huwaaaa! Waaaa!”


“I can save you depending on your answer.”


“It’s true and I did it all, Your Majesty.”


The woman with pale pink hair, like cherry blossoms, said politely after crying. Contrary to her gentle face, it was an answer that surprisingly felt stubborn.


Adillot smirked, but Mia didn’t know how he saw herself.


Because Mia’s goal has always been survival.


‘Even if I have to live rolling in a field of dog poop, it is better than to die!’


Mia looked at Adillot’s countenance. Adillot seemed hesitant to kill her.


“Your Majesty, if you are curious about the structure of the converter, I…”


“I got an engineer, so that’s enough.”


“… I am the developer, so I should know better!”


“Even so, I don’t trust traitors.”


“Well then, I’d like to give you a heads-up of the business that’s going to be popular–!”


“The emperor is the one leading the fashion, so what’s your point?”


“… Your Majesty has deceived me…”


At Mia’s vain murmur, Adillot laughed once more. He spoke after a long silence.


“Mia Celestial. Tell me why I have to save you.”




Mia raised her head. Adillot seldom spoke empty words.


‘And since he’s saying this…’


Then it is an opportunity. An opportunity I must seize.


“I-If you spare me, I will surely repay you for the favor!”




“I will do anything! Anything! Whatever you say!”


In response to that answer, Adillot looked at Mia. It was a strange look.


“Are you not afraid of what I’m going to ask you to do?”


“What are you going to order?”




Mia asked innocently, and Adilot couldn’t find a word to answer. Mia, who seemed to have suddenly realized something about how she interpreted his silence, put on a terribly sad expression on her face.


“Your Majesty… I’m really fine with anything! If you’ll save me, I don’t mind being your pet!”


Adillot groaned briefly at the nonsense that had gone beyond his imagination. Mia didn’t miss it. Her expression brightened.


“Are you okay with that!? That’s good! I actually have a knack for it!”


“Becoming a pet.”


“Becoming a pet!”


Adillot was speechless. Mia became impatient at his ignorant reaction.


“B-Besides speaking, I can read financial statements!”




“… I’m also potty trained!”


Adillot took a step backwards without realizing it. No wonder the count hid her so tightly. This is one crazy woman…


As he took a step back, tears welled up in Mia’s eyes.


“Don’t you need blood…?”


“Of course not.”


Mia was in despair.


“B-But I have nothing to offer but my body…!”




“All I have is my body…!”




“D-Do you hate my body!?”


“I’ll save you, so stop saying things that will make others misunderstand!”


In the end, Adillot responded impulsively.




He immediately regretted it, but it was already after Mia’s eyes twinkled. 




Adillot sighed and put his sword in. She seems a little crazy, but her mind is extraordinary. If I keep her alive, she would’ve been useful somewhere.


“… We’ll see for the time being.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty! I will do my best!”


Mia clenched her fists.


“As a pet!”


I mean, that’s not it.


Adillot wiped his face. He was already starting to wonder if it was the right thing to do to keep this woman alive.


Somehow he had a foreboding that he would sigh a lot. Leaving behind such Adillot, Mia was very excited and just thanked God.


‘Finally! I can survive this shitty novel!’


Mia Celestial. Female. 19 years old.


She had gained a new occupation called ‘The Tyrant’s Pet’.


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