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Far from prison, it was clear that people who had a bad heart would pick a fight with Mia even if they left her in a remote place.


“… I’d feel like I’d be doing something really bad if I really did that. If I’m like this, you two must have the same opinion, right?”


Even Ferdian did not object to it. Soon after, Adillot sighed and said.


“I’ll keep an eye on you. Follow me.”


“What? Oh, yes!”


Mia wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the unexpected words.


“Your Majesty? Where are you going?”


To Joachim’s question, Adillot simply answered and turned around.


“My room.”




Mia was chasing after Adillot with stride.


After the Follow me, Adillot’s steps hadn’t stopped. The two of them passed the Central Palace and headed towards the Emperor’s Palace.


The Emperor’s Palace was the most secure place in the imperial palace. The number of people entering was also limited. Perhaps that’s why, from some point on, the surroundings were quiet enough to not hear a single noise in a day.


‘… Is he secretly taking me to a place where no one knows me?’


Mia hesitated and opened her mouth.


“Your Majesty?”


“What is it?”


“Where are we going?”


“Go to sleep.”


“With me?”




Mia had a blank look on her face, but soon widened her eyes bravely.


“So a guard dog it is!”


Adillot paused. He turned around with a rather tired face.


“Mia Celestial.”




“Do you like that kind of thing? Or do you just not care as long as you get something to eat next to the so-called tyrant emperor?”


Mia blinked blankly.


“What do you mean?”


“Answer my question at the end.”


“I don’t know what to eat, but I want to survive…”


Mia answered honestly while looking at Adillot. Adillot looked down quietly as she wiggled her fingers like a habit.


“… So you don’t like it?”


Mia shrank more.


“… I don’t know why you want to survive so badly.”


Adillot turned around enough to make a swish, then started walking again. After walking a few more steps, a large door appeared.


The surface of the door was red velvet, and the golden handle was carved with a lion. It was the obviously the emperor’s bedroom.


There were two servants at the door. One was male and one was female. Adillot glanced at the maid of honor.


“Jane. Wash that.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“What!? Now, wait a minute!?”


A maid named Jane bowed her head.


“Come this way, my lady.”


Soon, other maids appeared from somewhere and led Mia gently and stubbornly. By the time she realized it, she was already in the bathtub.


“Miss Jane! There’s something wrong with this…!”


“Oh my, you have beautiful skin. How do you manage it?”


“L-Let me do it myself…?”


“You have calluses on your hands. I guess you do a lot of paperwork. If you apply this cream, it will be soft.”


“Ah, thank you…”


“Do you like the scent of neroli or rose?”


“Uh, neroli?”


“Then I’ll apply neroli oil.”


The conversation was so skillful and the hand movements were so subtle that Mia didn’t even have time to resist.


“It’s done, my lady.”




So Mia only regained her senses after the bedroom door closed behind her.


“E-Excuse me?! But I haven’t left yet?!”


No matter how much she knocked on the door, the door wouldn’t open. Mia looked down at herself with a frightened face.


Pajamas made of layers of cloth like butterfly wings. Barefoot. Oil with a good scent.


And bedroom.


‘… This is kind of weird!’


Then, a voice was heard from behind.


“Have you had enough? Stop fooling around and come here.”




Mia turned away in tears. Adillot was lying at an angle on the sun-drenched bed. He, too, had washed himself, and his misty silver hair was still wet and glistening.


The white toga flowing down his body matched him amazingly well. Tight abs were visible through his open chest, and Mia could no longer hide her shaking pupils.


‘Uh, what should I do!? I-I didn’t imagine this!’


There was never a story in the novel that Adillot had met a woman before Serenity.


In addition, he was neither debauchery nor promiscuous as the male lead of a novel for all age. Unless the other party was a criminal, he would never treat women carelessly.


So Mia followed him to the bedroom with confidence, but the atmosphere was strange.


Then Adillot said.


“Come up.”


“… An animal shouldn’t go up to its owner’s bed!”


Instead of answering, Adillot held the scabbard by his bedside.


“But I’m a good listener!”


Mia scrambled up to the bed.


Only to the end of the bed. Very slightly.


Then, with anxious eyes, she glanced at Adillot.


‘If this is the case, I have no choice but to cut off Orquenina’s line…!’


Whether he knew Mia’s thoughts or not, Adillot languidly plucked the grapes from the silver tray and ate them one by one. Then their eyes met.


Adillot, who seemed to hesitate a little, asked.


“Why did you stay?”




Mia’s eyes widened at the unexpected question.


“I’m sure you didn’t know Count Celestial had fled alone before. Did you think anyone would compliment you if you died alone?”


Mia blinked stupidly at the harsh words. She soon came to an idea.


‘Did he think of his mother, Consort Leah?’


Consort Leah, who had sacrificed herself on condition that the emperor accept the people of Gentaria as Orquenina’s citizens.


And the young Adillot had to watch it.


It was Adillot’s trauma in the novel, but it was hard to guess what he was thinking just from his expression. So Mia just decided to be honest.


“I didn’t want to be complimented!”


“So to die a like a dog is your hobby?”


This punk…


Mia suppressed the curse that was about to come out, drawing patience from the inside.


“What do you mean by to die like a dog? I did it to save people anyway!”


“Even if everyone is alive, it’s no use if you die.”


“But something will remain.”


“That is your mistake. Nothing will remain if you jump into death like a dog as a sacrifice.”


At the sarcastic remarks, Mia stared at Adillot. To Mia, his words sounded like a reproach.


‘He hates himself for surviving at his mother’s expense.’


She wanted to say something, but they weren’t at that stage yet. Mia spoke more cautiously.


“Your Majesty. No matter what you say, if I were in the same situation, I would make the same choice.”


“It doesn’t look like your life is worth it.”


At that, Mia paused, then smiled bashfully.


“It’s a shame. But that’s why I want other people to live.”


“They won’t thank you.”


Mia shrugged.


“I’m so selfish, I just want to hear that I’m kind, so it doesn’t matter!”




Adillot seemed to have forgotten his words for an instant. He looked at Mia for a long time. Then he shed a meaningless smile, released his arms and lay down.


“I heard Count Celestial’s daughter is smart… It was all nonsense.”


“I’m still here, though, Your Majesty?”




Adillot’s red eyes blinked slowly, then closed completely.


“Maybe because she looks stupid… It doesn’t seem bad…”


Adillot said that and fell asleep in an instant. Mia was perplexed.


‘Didn’t he have insomnia?’


Healing his insomnia was also an important event in which Adillot developed a crush on Serenity. Because female leads in novels usually exude from their bodies what was called a ‘strangely good scent’ that put people to sleep.


So Adillot shouldn’t have been able to sleep well until he meets Serenity…


Even as Mia waved her hand before his eyes, Adillot did not wake up.


Mia tilted her head.


“What’s the difference…?”


For a moment, Mia thought Should I run away like this? but she decided to sweep away the thought quickly. There was a blade by the bedside. It was Adillot’s favorite sword, and the famous sword of a very famous legend, ‘Sanguis-Echion’.


‘If he’s pretending to be asleep, the moment I try to run away…’


She wasn’t even the female lead herself, so for now it would be better to be quiet.


“Even if I pretend to be a guard dog, I have to earn trust, so that I don’t die…”


Mia mumbled and yawned.


‘Come to think of it, it’s been a long day for me too.’


Perhaps because she was relaxed, she felt sleepy.


“I shouldn’t sleep…”


As Mia said that, she suddenly fell asleep in the dark night.




Not long after Mia fell asleep.


Adillot’s eyelids opened. He hastily raised his upper body and covered his mouth.


“… Did I really fall asleep?”


He was flustered. He was going to pretend to sleep to watch Mia Celestial’s movement, but he had really fallen asleep.


He had barely fallen asleep at dawn, and just now he had fallen asleep with a suspicious woman next to him.


It was ridicuous. The fact that the suspicious woman was sleeping beside the man who was called a tyrant.


Mia sobbed in her sleep.


“No… I can’t eat any more…”


“… What are you dreaming of?”


The way he ate his mouth carefreely was absolutely absurd for Adilot. Her pale eyelashes quivered with every breath she took. Her white, soft cheeks twitched as well.


Adilllot, who was watching the scene, poked Mia in the cheek without realizing it.




Mia giggled with a strange noise, and began to breathe regularly again.




She didn’t even wake up. Adillot thought it was funny.


During the drowsy afternoon, Mia’s unguarded sleep talk somehow softened his mind to a startling degree. For some reason, he thought he was foolish to be way of such a woman.


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