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Author: Lubai

Her eldest brother had been missing. Even if he had become a vegetative man, even if he had become a notorious criminal, she just wished he would come back.


Her second (elder) brother had become a rift porter. Day and night she prayed for his awakening as she saw him enter those dangerous rifts.


Her third (elder) brother hadn’t opened his eyes for a long time. She thought that if he would just open his eyes and regain his consciousness, her hard work would’ve been completely forgotten and she would be happy.


Then her eldest brother came back. Her second elder brother was awakened. And her third elder brother regained his consciousness.


All the seemingly impossible wishes had come true. She had thought that there would be only happy days left.


But what is this?


Aigoo, our family head has returned? Youngest One, Youngest One, I want to buy this. It’s only 200,000 won.”


That man who acted cute hadn’t changed clothes for over a week. That bastard was the eldest brother that Lee Bobae had wished for safe return for.


“Bobae-ya, I’m too lazy to cook today. Why don’t we order chicken?”


That shameless thing talking with a pile of dishes on the table and sink was the second elder brother who had woken up a few months ago.


But it was not over yet. There was one person left.


“Where’s Third Brother?”


Lee Bobae laid her heavy body on the sofa and inquired about the safety of the one remaining family member.


“As far as I know, he went to volunteer. I heard that he’s cleaning the neighborhood today.”


“Oh, cleaning.”


Lee Bobae looked around the house with feisty eyes. There were three unemployed people who played and ate at home, and the inside of the house was a mess.


That conscientious brat left the house that was in need of real cleaning and went to clean up the neighborhood. That bastard was the third elder brother for whom Lee Bo-bae had saved all her entire fortune for.


“Ah… life…”


Lee Bobae banged her face on the sofa, about to have a breakdown.


Lee Bobae was 24 years old. It was not an awkward age to be a head of a family because they lived in modern times. The problem was, she was the youngest in the Lee family.


It meant that she had three healthy older brothers.


However, she was the head of the family, she was the representative of her family, and she was the one responsible to take care of her older brothers.


‘This is really too much. Too much, I say.’


Why did this happen?


As she slammed her head on the sofa and struggled, a youthful voice was heard.


“Youngest One, please give me 200,000 won. I’ll make it 10 times in the 11th round. This is an SSS-confirmed event, so if you run the 11th round, one SSS is guaranteed! Two, if you’re lucky!”


“Bobae-ya, I’ll order chicken. You’re going to eat it, right? It will be enough for our family if I order 7, right?”


Their youngest sibling came home from work and collapsed on the sofa.


But the altogether combined 55-year-old bastards did not worry and just said whatever they wanted to say.


Lee Bobae realized it when she saw the immature bastards.


‘What am I saying? The limbs of these bastards are intact, but the head is not.’


“Can I charge it? Should I do it? I’ll press the button, okay? Press, press, press?”


“Big Brother, forgiveness is easier than permission.”


“Alas, then I’ll press it! Come out, SSS!”


If you can hear this conversation in front of you without exploding, you’re not a person.


Lee Bobae jumped up and shouted.


“Aren’t both of you too much? You get your allowance from my money. You have your own money! You keep putting off housework and end up making me work on it! Do you want your youngest sibling to die so badly?”


When she screamed as hard as she could and gasped for breath, the eldest brother and the second brother became quiet. The admitted their crime and sat on their knees in front of the sofa.


“I’m not telling you to kneel down.”


Then they both opened their mouths at the same time.


“Youngest One, I’m sorry, but I wanted to shout at the gacha. After I play for 10 years, I will let you walk the diamond path.”


“I understand your anger. Please enjoy a little more peace and make up for the hard work you are doing now.”


The first few times I had fallen for their candy. However, those times when they cleaned the inside of the house roughly in the morning only to look like the sight of the night market 5 minutes before it started by the time I got home from work, proved that their words were mere bullshit.


“Brothers. You don’t have to make money. I’m not doing this for money. Clean up what you ate and put your laundry in the laundry basket. If you don’t want to mop you can use the vacuum.”


No, let’s put the housework aside because they tend to pile it up and put it off for later. Lee Bobae brought up a more important agenda.


“Right, let’s just say I do all the housework. What the hell are you doing at home all day? Go outside. Get some air and some sunlight. You don’t have to do housework, so go out or volunteer like Third Brother.”


Then the eldest brother made an openly pitiful expression on his face.


“This eldest brother is a lamb who still needs stability and rest. What if I get into trouble outside? If this brother’s glass mentality is flawed, that day will be the end of the world.”


“Even if you get into an argument in the black market, it will be better than fighting in the game chat room you spend money on.”


“Cough! My heart is broken by the Youngest One’s fact attack! My soft mentality is collapsing! Black– I’m going to be blackened. The darkness that was suppressing me awoke–! Ugh, destruction, slaughter, break it down– I’m done for!”


He always held his head like that when he heard nagging that he didn’t want to hear. The eldest brother, who was talking nonsense, ran out of the room.


‘Right, what did I expect from that big bastard?’


He is the eldest brother who has the dullest brain among the three brothers. I shouldn’t have expected anything.


After giving up on the eldest brother, Lee Bobae looked at the second brother.


The second brother was the most reliable among the three older brothers in poor condition. He was the one with the most common sense and the smartest. Because the only person who could do the housework that had been put off was the second brother.


Most of all, he had always been there for Lee Bobae the whole time. Lee Bobae was always sorry and thankful to the second brother for that alone.


As she looked at him with anticipation in her heart, the second brother quietly turned his head.


What’s with this punk?


“Ugh… Bobae-ya. As you know, I haven’t been able to rest for quite a while. You know, don’t you? That I’ve been living really hard without a break.”




My mother and father gave birth to human beings, but what’s with this bullshit? Lee Bobae did not give up hope until the very end. The second brother’s gentle smile gave her strength.


“Since Big Brother has talked about 10 years, then I will play for 10 years too.”


The eldest brother had disappeared for six years, and returned home with a chuunibyou disease.


The second brother abruptly claimed to have returned from the future.


The third brother, who went out for volunteer work… Lee Bobae got a headache just thinking about him, so let’s just move on.


As each of them claimed to be returnee and regressor, it was a remarkable story that was not lacking in anything, as if they were the main characters in a novel.


Accordingly, Lee Bobae criticized them as a younger sister and a family member.


“You good for nothing bums! Can’t you just go out and work right now?!”


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