She Is The Protagonist’s Sister Chapter 7 - Second Brother is Also Back

Author: Lubai

“Can we go home for now? My eldest brother is very anxious, but he will be stable when he gets home. In the meantime, I will watch so that my brother doesn’t cause any problems. I beg you.”


Lee Bobae bowed her head. Park Mano stared at Lee Gwihan without saying anything and then clicked her tongue.


“Tsk. Alright then. Go back for now. Here’s this punk’s business card. If there’s anything wrong, please contact this.”


“Wait, Chief, why are you using my business card?!”


“Thank you! Thank you!”


Lee Boabe bent her waist and thanked her. Park Mano turned her body to open the way and smiled brightly as Lee Bobae passed by. But when Lee Gwihan passed by, her face hardened.


“Lee Gwihan-ssi.”


“I’m not hiding my strength?”


“I’ll be watching you. I’m letting you go because I think you care about your sister. You know that, right?”


“I’m not hiding my strength.”


“Yes, yes, I suppose so.”


After announcing that she would be watching instead of a clean beautiful ending, Park Mano did not take her eyes off the siblings until they got into the elevator.


The name of the staff who guided Lee Bobae to the basement, as identified by the business card, was Choi Yohan.


Choi Yohan sighed and pressed the button to go up to the ground and left the elevator without going up together.


Lee Bobae grabbed her eldest brother’s hand, holding onto her complicated and chatty mind. The anxious and nervous mind affected her body, and cold sweat was in the palm of her hands.


She was afraid that her eldest brother would feel bad, so she wanted to wipe her hand before holding him again, but Lee Gwihan did not let go of her hand. Lee Bobae sniffed and wiped the corner of her eyes with her other hand. The back of her hand became wet.


Even without displaying the number of floors, the elevator steadily went up to the ground. The elevator door to the first floor opened. People’s attention was focused on the siblings who got off the elevator.




When she had been looking through the window, Lee Gwihan was only wearing sleeping pants.


He wore nothing over it. No shoes, no socks, only slippers that seemed to have been worn by someone.


“Eldest Brother, put this on first.”


Lee Bobae took a shawl out of her bag and wrapped it around Lee Gwihan.




Lee Gwihan smiled broadly, draped the shawl and rubbed it against his cheek, enjoying the feel. He had a pure smile like a child, but when a naked man did it, it looked very perverted.


‘We should’ve borrowed some clothes.’


But what’s the use of regretting it now? The elevator was already closed.


Although everyone’s eyes did not look good, Lee Bobae deliberately stood next to her eldest brother. Hopefully he’d look less perveted if he stood next to a young woman.


IShe had such hope.


“Eldest Brother, I called a taxi, so hang in there. Let’s go home quickly.”


“We’re going home.”


“Yes, we’re going home.”


A notification rang on her phone that a taxi had arrived. Lee Bobae grabbed Lee Gwihan’s hand tightly in case he missed it.


‘Eldest Brother is back!’


“Will it be okay to let him go like this, Chief?”


Choi Yohan, who was watching the CCTV, said.


Lee Gwihan was suspicious. Although the number of returnees who returned to the Republic of Korea had exceeded 10,000, a number of that many was suspicious. They were not only suspicious, but also dangerous.


At first, Park Mano said that she would keep Lee Gwihan at the Hunter Bureau for as long as possible. However, she overturned her opinion and let him go.


Even though her heart must have been weakened by the appearance of the siblings reunited after six years, Lee Gwihan’s suspiciousness was not at a level that could be passed on with such sympathy.


“I didn’t mean to let him go,” she said.


“Then let’s call him back.”


“When his sister came, his eyes changed.”


As Park Mano said, the most dangerous returnees were those who had no loved ones.


No matter how strong a person was, they could not live without other humans. If you wanted to enjoy wealth and wealth, you needed a cultural and social foundation to support it.


The Swordmaster was a prime example. Their abilities were unique among S-class Awakeneds. Before they could receive the benefit of the system, they went to the world of Murim and steadily sharpened their martial arts skills.


They became a master with their own power, and after returning, they received the system’s awakening correction and became even stronger. They were said to be one of the most powerful people in the world beyond Korea, and it was said that they had actually put the world under their feet in Murim.


But what about now? The Swordmaster gave up ruling the world for the sake of their family’s happiness and goodwill. The Swordmaster had permeated modern society as a member of society. It had been the beginning of all kinds of bad cases for dishonest taxpayers, but for now, it was contributing to maintaining social order.


I want other people to be happy beyond just me. To do this, humans felt the need of others, sought consideration and coexistence, and took some damage and inconvenience.


It was fine if that was possible. There was room for rehabilitation.


At least, Park Mano treated Awakened criminals with such thoughts.


“Lee Gwihan hasn’t lost his humanity. It’s risky, but we have to trust his family. Since his brother’s hospital bills are high, there’s a high chance he’ll come out to earn money like the Swordmaster. Then there will be one more S-class Hunter.”


“Is he that strong? Shall we scout him?”


“It’s not at a reassuring level, so just keep an eye on him first. Let’s call them regularly so that it’s not too obvious. That’s why I gave them your business card. If you get a call, take it well.”


“It’s not our jurisdiction.”


As Choi Yohan complained, Park Mano widened her eyes.


“Leaving nuclear bombs alone just because it is not our responsibility? Is that what humans do? Did you come under me with that mindset? Is that so, Choi Yohan-ssi?”


It was an upright citizen-like response coming from someone who had volunteered to the management office saying that she would give up the fame of being a high-ranking Hunter and become a Hunter who catches Hunter.


“I don’t want anything big. Let’s just do the basics. We’ll do just fine if we stick to that.”


Park Mano opened her phone gallery after saying that.


The gallery was lined with photos of the ghastly corpses of monsters.


Park Mano clicked her tongue.


Those were the monsters she had found at the scene after receiving a report of a mutated rift, that, along with a naked man. Anyone could see that the man who had kept saying I’m not hiding my strength! had ripped through the monsters with his bare hands.


More like a monster than the monsters, it would’ve been such a mess. But when his sister came, his eyes changed.


Park Mano decided to trust Lee Gwihan. A strong Hunter was the treasure of mankind.


1st Generation Awakened Park Mano. While taking charge of the Awakened Crimes, she had gone through all kinds of battles. She had confirmed that there was a floor under the floor and knew that there was no end to human imagination and limitations.


Even Park Mano never imagined that Lee Gwihan would just sit still and do nothing for 10 years.


Chapter 2. Second Brother Is Also Back


On the way home, Lee Bobae held her eldest brother’s hand and wept bitterly. Lee Gwihan also cried, so the taxi was literally a sea of tears.


The taxi driver didn’t say anything about whether the atmosphere like a drama climax was burdensome, but when he arrived at their destination, he left in an instant.


Lee Gwihan, who got out of the taxi, stopped his tears and opened his mouth. He looked at Lee Bobae and the house alternately and pointed to the house.


“The house is still the same?”


“We didn’t move because we were afraid Eldest Brother couldn’t find the house.”


The house where they had lived with their parents had been eroded by the rift and turned into an off-limits area. Amid the fluctuating waters and chaos, the siblings moved from one shelter to another.


After the monsters in Seoul had been cleared up, the house that Lee Gwihan had gotten from his saving was this semi-subterranean lease. It was small and shabby compared to the house they had lived in before, but it had been the best at the time.


“The house, khuhuhu, is still the same?”


“The furniture is almost the same. The sofa that you picked up is still there. Let’s go inside, Eldest Brother.”


Tears welled up in Lee Gwihan’s eyes, surprised to see the house again. Lee Bobae quickly pressed the door lock password and pushed her eldest brother on the back.


“Are you tired? Let’s go inside. What do you think of the interior? Is there anything you want to eat? Do you like chicken? Should I order chicken? It’s on me. I’m good at making money now.”


Lee Bobae pushed her eldest brother on the back. Maybe because he was so moved, he didn’t think about going in and stood still like a stone pillar at the entrance.


When Lee Bobae pushed hard, he entered a few steps and stopped again. Lee Bobae found her second brother’s shoes on the porch.


“Oh, Second Brother’s shoes? Did he come back?”


The second brother she thought she wouldn’t see for at least a week is at home? Did something happen?


Lee Bobae called the second brother out loud.


“Second Brother! Are you at home?”




Lee Haegi’s voice came from inside the room. She was worried if there was a problem, but the voice that came back was fine.


‘I don’t think he was hurt. What happened to the rift?’


Rift raid was often interrupted in the middle and ended prematurely. Lee Bobae quickly opened the door.


It did not open.


“Second Brother, did you lock the door? Come out quickly!”


Lee Bobae knocked on the door and urged him.


Normally, Lee Haegi would have opened the door to her unfavorable behavior.


No, from the moment he first heard the door lock open, he would have opened the door and greeted her.


However, Lee Haegi’s reaction was different from usual.


“Wait a minute. I have urgent business… Wait, did you talk to someone else? You must have brought someone here. Why did you leave work so early? Bobae, are you okay?”


The locked doorknob turned. Lee Bobae opened the door wide and shouted.


“Eldest Brother is back! Come out quickly!”


Lee Bobae’s eldest brother was ready to reunite with his second brother with open arms. The door opened and Lee Haegi met his older brother for the first time in six years.


Lee Haegi’s face turned white when he saw the person the youngest sister had brought.




“Second One!”


Lee Gwihan flapped his open arms as if he wanted to hug.


“Second Brother! Eldest Brother is back!”


Lee Bobae wanted her second brother to quickly calm his startled heart and share the joy. Lee Haegi pushed Lee Bobae into the room.


“Uh, Second Brother, why are you pushing me?”


Lee Bobae suddenly entered the second brother’s room.


He locked the door and the room was in a mess. Maps, notebooks, and writing instruments were strewn around, and the computer monitor was off, but the old pc hummed.


“Second One, I miss you!”


“Big Brother, are you really my big brother?”


Lee Haegi blocked the door and covered Lee Bobae with his body.


‘Why is my second brother like this— Ah!’


Even when I came home while holding Eldest Brother’s hand, it did not feel real. Second Brother who met him at home must’ve been more surprised. Lee Bobae patted her second brother on the back. Her hand hurt a little because the angle was off.


“Second Brother! It’s not a dream. It’s a reality! Eldest Brother is back!”


“Second Oneee!”


Lee Haegi was astonished.


“It really is Eldest Brother? Seriously?”


“Haegi-ya! I miss you so much!”


Lee Gwihan was in a much more stable state than when he had been in the basement of the management office. However, when he met his second brother, whom he missed, he cried because he was overwhelmed with emotion again.


“Lee Gwihan? It’s really you?”


“Uh-huh, uh–huh, Second One.”


Standing in front of the door, Lee Bobae pushed Lee Haegi, who did not move, with her whole body. Just then, Lee Haegi moved and approached Lee Gwihan. Lee Gwihan hugged Lee Haegi as he approached.


“Second One! I’m home! I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!”

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