I need sponsorship Chapter 13 - Chapter 13

Author: Eillie

I need sponsorship chapter 13


When Ren asked Eddy, the latter, who was looking at her, shook her shoulders in surprise.

Chloran looked at Eddy with eyes that clearly said he didn’t like her.

Chloran didn’t like Eddy very much. It was because of the sudden appearance of the relationship that was formed with Ren in the first place. Just looking at her was bothering him.

Chloran thought that this time too, Eddy would hesitate, unable to express her thoughts clearly.

As he expected, Eddy moved her eyes anxiously and stuttered.


“I, I think what Jake-oppa said was right… Still, Ren might also be right…..”

“Just who on earth was right?”

“Chloran, don’t take your anger out on Eddy.” 

“Huh, it’s frustrating.” 


When Eddy’s shoulders dropped because of Chloran’s harsh tone, Ren rebuked Chloran. Then, Chloran turned his head with a sullen face.

At that moment, Eddy said, in a clearer voice.


“I think… Ren is right. Well, I’m not sure, but the director seems to have been changed…. I’m sorry, Chloran ” 

Eddy bowed her head. Looking at Eddy bowing her head, Chloran said in an indifferent tone.


“What are you sorry about? You are just saying what you think. You know, stop being so self-conscious. I mean, none of us think you’ve done anything wrong that you should be sorry for. When you are so intimidated like that, it looks like you are being bullied.”

“Hmm, Chloran. You didn’t really bother her? Or did you?”

“What? No! Ren, what do you see me as!?”

“Hahaha, I’m just kidding. But it would be nice if you could speak a little softer. “



Chloran turned his head at Ren’s soothing tone.

Eddy looked at Chloran and Ren and bowed her head. Her face heated up, because she was worried that she might have said something wrong without even noticing. 


‘But she really felt like a different person.’


When Eddy had just arrived in the orphanage, she visited Sielra for consultation.


-“You, It’s going to be hard to get along with those kids…….”


At that time, Sielra said this with a look of annoyance on her face.


– “They are annoying. It’s up to you now. If you can’t stand it, then just leave this place.”


Eddy, who was more hurt by the words, had vowed never to consult with her again.

But yesterday, Sielra looked like a completely different person.

The cup of hot cocoa she made was delicious, and the soft and friendly eyes felt as if they were trying to comfort her.

That’s why Eddy contradicted Chloran’s words and said what she thought.

At that moment, the voice of the main character of their topic came through the door.


“Children, the food is ready. You can come out now.”


With that word, a delicious smell of something came out of somewhere. Chloran was the first to go out, and then Jake went out after her

With drooping shoulders, Eddy also got up.


“Eddy, Let’s go.” 


Ren took Eddy’s hand. Eddy looked at her in surprise, and Ren who saw it smiled gently. Below her, Rodi was rubbing her eyes.

Eddy was stunned for a moment, but she soon nodded her head and left the room with Ren.


* * *


A masterpiece of satisfaction….

For this, there were many spices here that I didn’t know, and I didn’t find the spices I needed.

And thanks to that, I had a hard time combining them altogether.

Even so, I somehow finished cooking, called the children, ran to the dining room, and finished setting it up.

As the children came out one by one, I let them sit down in front of the food. 


“Chloran is here, Jack is here. Oh, Ren and Eddy can sit here together, and Rodi beside Chloran.” 

“……What is this?”


Checking the table, Chloran slightly frowned. He did as he saw the various foods on the table.

In front of Chloran were cutlets, Ren and Eddy’s with fried rice, omurice for Jack, and a perfect mini-cutlet with soup for the soup-loving Rodi.

It was natural for the children to be confused as this was their first time to prepare such a table.


With a big smile and wearing my apron, I said, “These are customised children’s meals.” 


(T/N: btw omurice is a Japanese dish, which consists of rice and omelette.) 


“What’s that? I’ve never seen or heard about this kind of food.”


Chloran slightly narrowed her eyes.

It was understandable that they didn’t know. After all, ‘children’s meal,’ cutlets and fried rice are foods not available in this world.

Actually, I wanted to make what children like.

However, they will inevitably have an unbalanced diet with food such as oatmeal, and above all, I wanted the children to try more diverse and delicious foods. 

“This is a cutlet, and this is an omurice… and this is fried rice. Try it.”

“This… can I really eat this?”

“Why? Do you think it won’t taste good? ”


I asked in a playful voice, as if I was a little saddened by Chloran’s questionable voice.

Then Chloran, who shook his head violently, gave me an answer that I had never expected.


“That’s what aristocrats eat. A lowly person like me to eat such precious food……”



Not only Chloran, but also Ren, Rodi, and Eddy seemed hesitant to eat.

Jake was silently looking down at the omurice. I drew a flower on top of the omurice with ketchup. 


‘It’s something that only nobles can eat.’


I suddenly felt down. Not all children in the world were allowed to eat these kinds of food.

Just because they were orphans without parents, they were criticised by people, and hesitated to eat ordinary fast food.

They are people who doubted if they could eat it because of its beautiful appearance and shape.

It was complicated. I just wished for these children to be just children.

Their quality of life was determined by the difference in status, amount of power, size of wealth, and not by being weighed down by it, but just constantly wanting to eat something delicious, and being purely amazed by something pretty.

At the very least, that was what I wanted these children to do.

Chloran hesitated to grab the tableware. Since I prepared cutlets, I prepared a fork and knife, but his figure of holding it was very awkward.

He was also at a loss as he put the knife blade on the pork cutlet. He glanced at me as if he was expecting me to scold him because he couldn’t eat properly.

It wasn’t just Chloran. Rodi, Eddy, and Ren – they were looking at their food awkwardly.

They seem to be wondering how to properly eat their food. And they also seem worried if the food that their director made for them was safe….


“Eat comfortably. I’ll be going now, and you don’t have to wash the dishes.”


Knowing that the children were conscious of me, I hurriedly left the dining room.

After that,I know Jake will take care of it.  Because he knows table etiquette.  He’ll tell them everything about it.


 ‘I’ll have to do this often.’


My will was burning. That I would often make various and special dishes so that the children wouldn’t feel awkward when they saw such food.

As I entered the director’s office, I realised that I was still wearing the apron, so I untied its ribbon.

Then a piece of paper fell out of my pocket. It was the memo pad I took with me to the kitchen. 


[How to make cutlets.

Ingredients needed…

Making fried rice for children’s meal….]


It was a recipe I planned while I was preparing for the children’s meal and for each food on the table.

I put the paper inside the drawer. I sat down in front of my desk after I took off my apron.

Then I was lost in anxiety. 


‘I am almost running out of money…..’ 


To be exact, I only have 108 golds left.

It is by no means a small amount of money. But that amount was far from enough to run an orphanage.


‘I would need materials even if I do the maintenance work myself for the orphanage. They would amount to around 3 golds. If I add up the cost of living, children’s education, and their food expenses….’ 


No matter how much the expenses are, it will only last about six months.The money I saved and cherished would only last for six months. 


‘I thought I could finally breathe.’


Who knew that money would suddenly disappear like this? 


‘Would I feel that it is a little unfair if I think that this is the price of a life?’


Not Eddy’s, but mine.

I died in the street. It means, I died without knowing that I died Or if I was in coma. 

And then, I suddenly possessed someone. The problem was that the person who I possessed was Sielra, but anyways now, I got a new life as sielra, but I had to avoid the eyes of the Imperial Family.

The good thing is that this small orphanage was sponsored a little, otherwise the children would have starved to death, or been sold somewhere by Sielra.


‘But donations from private organisations are too small.’


That money only cost the children’s food. It couldn’t buy them clothes, enjoy a hobby, or pay for their education, which is the most important.

A more definite and regular sponsorship is needed.


‘Actually, I have a place in mind.’


I took a paper and started scribbling on it.

[Duke Dietrich Crayman]

I paused for a moment and wrote one more line below.

[The man who will become Chloran’s adoptive father]

And the man who will make Chloran the Emperor.

The nib of my pen stopped. My brain quickly envisioned the future entangled with this man.

With determination, I pulled out a paper and a letter envelope from the drawer. Then I started writing.

The sender is [Director of Sielra Orphanage, Sielra peirunte].

And the recipient is [Dietrich Crayman].

I swallowed my saliva as I looked down at the envelope as I melted the seal and sealed it after. Then I left the orphanage and mailed it by express mail from the post office.

I might lose my mind if this plan fails. 

So, this is a very dangerous gamble. ¹

Author's Thoughts

¹ sielra wrote to the Duke asking for sponsorship, it is a gamble whether the Duke would answer her letter or worse, reject it

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