I need sponsorship Chapter 20 - Chapter 20

Author: Eillie

Chapter 20


I knew he was being called by such a nickname. I read about it in the book. The commoners may not know anything, so it’s natural to feel pride in his achievements on the battlefield while also feeling fear. Rumors spread by the royal family and nobles played a part as well. So, it wasn’t the coachman’s fault. Instead, he must have said it thinking of me.


‘But I’m angry.’


One by one, the images of the dukes who treated me came to mind. At first, he was a bit scary, but he was polite to me until the end and… … .



-“If that situation comes, I will save the children and protect you too, Sierra. you are my benefactor So if that situation comes, you must hold my hand.”



I knew that he was called by such nicknames. Because I read it in the book. Commoners, knowing nothing, naturally feel pride in his achievements on the battlefield, but also fear. Rumors spread maliciously by the royal family and nobles also contributed. So the coachman was not at fault. Rather, he said it thinking of me.


‘Still, I’m angry.’


The way the duke treated me came to mind one by one. At first there was a bit of fear, but he was polite to me till the end. And…


-“If such a situation comes, I will save the children and you, Sierra. You are my benefactor. So if such a situation comes, you must hold my hand.”


I recalled the words that were spoken while looking into those genuinely melting golden eyes. At that moment, I felt an indescribable emotion for the first time in my life. I knew that the man I knew was not worthy of hearing those words. So I just vented my anger at the coachman.


I left the bewildered coachman behind and approached the knights guarding the gate. The knight who had been watching me since the carriage stopped tightened his guard even more as I approached. Even though only one woman was approaching, there was no sign of negligence. As expected, the Duke of Crayman’s family, I couldn’t help but admire it.


“What’s your business. This is the Duke of Crayman’s mansion.”


“I came to see Duke.”


My words shook the knight’s gaze. The knight asked again.


“Do you have an appointment?”


“No but…”


I hesitated for a moment and then looked the knight in the eye and said.


“Go inside and tell him. Sierra Peirunte has come to give ‘it’ to the Duke that he promised. Then he will understand.”


“… … .”


“In the meantime, I’ll be waiting here.”


The knight’s eyes narrowed at my words. He was clearly trying to figure out if he should really grant this woman’s request. However, they couldn’t simply let her in. It was a matter related to none other than the “Duke Crayman” himself. Not a single detail can be missed about it. It must have been effective since I pretended to be quite serious to the duke, saying, “It is what he promised.”


“Wait a moment.”


it worked. The knight who exchanged glances said to me. I laughed innocently and nodded.




After a while, a knight rode inside on a horse he had tied. Because the scale of the mansion is so large, it would take a very long time to walk.


‘It’ll take quite a while though.’


I approached the coachman, who was still standing there with a blank expression on his face, with the intention of waiting in the carriage while the knight came back with the news. I knew there would be some procedures that needed to be taken care of on his end.


“Wait a little, and the answer will come.”


“Lee, Lady. Are you really going to be okay?”


the coachman asked, still afraid. At this point, I wondered if I had brought him here for no reason. Seeing his pure fear, I felt uncomfortable too. I put my hand on the trembling coachman’s shoulder and he looked at me. I said it with the most comfortable expression I could put on.


“Nothing will happen, so don’t worry too much. Duke Crayman isn’t as scary as you think.”


“Are you familiar with him?”


“Well, a little…we kind of know each other.”


I know him well, but he doesn’t know me very well. So, I think this is a good compromise. But even though I said it in a concise way, the coachman was surprised and fainted just by the fact that we knew each other.


“You’re acquainted with the Duke of Crayman, by any chance lady, are you a central aristocrat?”


he asked carefully. central nobility. It refers to the top 1% nobles with the highest rank among all the nobles in the capital. The central nobility is given the right to participate directly in politics. The central nobility is called the nobility of the aristocracy. Even in the aristocratic world, it meant one rank, and even with the same title, there was a big difference in rank between the nobles who were in the middle and the nobles who were not. Duke Crayman was the highest-ranking noble among the central nobility, and it was not unreasonable for him to consider me as the same central nobility as I was acquainted with him. Well, first of all, the orphanage is also located in the capital.


‘But that’s because Sierra insisted that she wouldn’t give up on the capital even if she died.’


The coachman’s eyes grew bigger and seemed like they were about to explode, so I hurriedly answered.


“I am neither a central aristocrat, let alone a periphery aristocrat.”


She’s a fallen aristocrat. Barely possessing the name of an aristocrat, in fact no different from a commoner. Even so, the coachman did not seem to believe me. I was about to explain why, if I were a really powerful aristocrat, why the location of the orphanage would be in such a barren place, and why I would ride a carriage from a carriage rental shop instead of my own carriage, I didn’t have any reason to explain the details to the coachman, and I could hear the sound of hooves in the distance.


‘It came sooner than I thought.’


I could have thought that they came back right away, even though they didn’t. It didn’t take them very long to get here. At that moment I thought that Duke Crayman didn’t thought my visit was bad. As the horse got closer, I was startled when I saw the person riding on it.


‘That person, no way… … .’


The door, which had been firmly closed, opened, and the sound of horses’ hooves became clearer and clearer.Therefore, my gaze gradually went upwards. The sunlight is too intense. The face of the man on the horse was dazzling.




But I didn’t have to look at his face. I could tell who he was just by hearing his voice. The horse stopped at a short distance in front of me. He lightly jumped down on top of the large black horse. Then, he came to me with great strides. Suddenly he stopped in front of me. I licked my lips and barely made a sound.


“… … your Excellency?”


I felt the coachman, who was bewildered by my words, fell backwards.


Either way, he and I exchanged glances as we stood facing each other closely.


He rode his horse, so his hair was a little disheveled. He was wearing a loose-fitting shirt and comfortable clothes, probably because he had just come out of work.


Behind him, I could see Rick, his aide, and his knight running at full speed. I thought the knight who went to deliver the news would come back.


My expectations were completely wrong. In this incomprehensible situation, I couldn’t say anything. He also looked down at me in silence, then parted his lips a moment later. A voice that was still pleasant to hear came from inside.


“Sierra, because you came to see me.”


“… … .”


“I came to pick you up myself.”


The inhalation filled my lungs. Behind my back, I felt the coachman’s eyes on my back, saying,’How can you say we are just acquaintances?’ My bewildered gaze wandered here and there, but his gaze was only fixed on me. The golden eyes that resembled the sun were burning.


I blankly looked at Duke Crayman. Around the time when his eyes felt as hot as the sun, I felt the eyes of four people more intense than his eyes. One was the coachman behind my back, and the other three were Rick and the two knights who hurriedly pursued Duke Crayman. So, to see them so flustered… … .


‘You came out to pick me up on your own.’


In particular, it seemed like Rick was asking me.


‘What’s your relationship with His Excellency?’


I want to ask, too. What did I say to make them rush so quickly… I can’t believe it. As I pondered the question, I realized one thing. The thing I had said to the knight.


‘Did he come here to get that?’


It was much more convincing that he had come to get this than me. I nodded in agreement and spoke to the duke.


“Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding of the knights. I have something to deliver and something to say, so I came here even though it is inconvenient.”


I respectfully bowed my head towards him. It’s definitely my fault that I came to him without contacting him first.


the duke replied.


“Sierra, it’s fine.”


“… … .”


“You are my person, so you can visit me anytime.”


“thank you… … .”


The duke’s voice showed his trust in me. The more he did, the more intense the gaze that fell on me. But I was also curious.


What did Duke Crayman believe in me like that… … .


‘I wonder if Is it a look that does not doubt at all’


I thought with my head down. Maybe I could be a spy from another family or a bad person, but

he was looking at me with unwavering eyes. Like seeing an old friend. Could it have something to do with the fact that I was called a benefactor?

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