I need sponsorship Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

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I need sponsorship.

Chapter 3


In fact, I was a little excited until I came inside the dining room.

I could finally see the faces of the characters I’ve only seen in the cover of the novel.

Although I am suppose to die brutally in the future, but i was still was satisfied with the fact that I could see the young main character’s right now.

I shouldn’t have been too excited.

Even though I knew. How much these children were abused in their childhood. And the fact that they were being abused meanwhile I was walking in the hallway excitedly full of expectations to see how they looked.

I couldn’t raise my head because I was feeling so pathetic.

But at the same time I swore……


“I will never make you suffer like that again.”


I made a determination in front of them. It’s hard to define, but it was still a tenuous determination…… .




My words were blurred.

I looked at the children. Despite my sincere words, the children were rather suspicious and wary of me. In particular, Chloran’s eyes guarding Rodi were very fierce.

That sight made me smile bitterly.

Right now it seemed like, more than any words, my disappearance was the biggest gift for children.


“You don’t have to wash the dishes. Enjoy your breakfast, then.”


After I finished talking, I walked out of the restaurant with heavy steps. I beckoned at the child outside the door and then closed the door.

I leaned my back against the door and bowed my head.


‘It’s Darker.’


Except for this word, I couldn’t find any other word to describe this situation perfectly.


‘You are the worst.’


These words were for the original owner of this body.

I walked slowly towards the director’s office.

Numerous thoughts crossed through my mind, but the biggest thought I have is that I can’t have the same things going again like that.

Arriving in front of the director’s office, I raised my gaze.


[ Director’s Office]


The sign on the door was kinda of funny. It wasn’t special Being the director.

I tore off the sign roughly and went inside the office. Immediately, the fragrant smell touched the tip of my nose .

The moment I saw the plate on the desk, I felt like I was shooted with a gun.

I sat down on a chair. Then I looked at the food with a fragrant smell with disturbed eyes.

I was able to have a proper meal as I had hoped for at first.

But I’m the only one here who was having a proper meal.

I was looking at the plate without saying a word. As if there was a stone there.

After a while, I grabbed the tableware. A knife in one hand and a fork in the other.




The half-boiled egg yolk burst at the tip of the knife and wet the well-baked bread. A savory and delicious smell touched the tip of my nose.

If it had been original, I would have already drooled. But I was grateful to be able to eat this and ate it one by one.


‘I don’t think so I can eat it.’


But, knowing that this was unfair, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it.


‘But you still have to eat it.’


If I don’t eat this, the efforts of the children who made it will be in vain.

I put the sliced bread in my mouth.

Again As expected, I didn’t felt the taste in my mouth.




Anyway, I stopped by the kitchen to put the tray after eating, and checked the sink to see if there were any dishes to wash.

But The sink was empty and clean even when I said they didn’t have to wash the dishes.

I let out a sigh, but I couldn’t complain out of frustration. If I suddenly show a sudden change, they will start suspecting me.

After washing my plate, I looked at the stairs to the second floor for a while. Perhaps the children were holding their breaths in their room because I was outside.


‘It can’t be that way’


Even for the health of children, this kind of environment is a big problem.

I made up my mind and went back to the director’s office. Then I found some old articles inside the desk.

I took the useless-looking gold medals,ornaments, painting decorating the wall, and the accessories from the drawer.

After collecting them, the amount was more enormous than I thought. Children were starving because they didn’t have anything to eat, but this person here used the money to collect things like this!

(T/l:she is referring to the original owner)


‘That’s why I will be torn to death by Chloran.’



I shouldn’t be the one who deserves to die like that, but the original owner should be the one who deserves to die like that.

I was the head of the orphanage, but there were as many ornaments and dresses as other aristocrats. But What am I going to use this for when I don’t even go out or go to balls?

I packed the valuables I had collected into a bag. And hurried to get ready to go out. There were many places to go now.

After getting ready to go out, I stood in front of the mirror. strangely golden sunset hair, sharp eyes, and golden brown eyes. outstretched arms and legs

Contrary to what I imagined, the director of the orphanage, described as a wicked woman, was a beauty that could not be found anywhere.


‘Come to think of it, this body was also of a nobleman.’


In the novel, I was only guessing because I remembered reading a description in the novel that sielra was also the reason for children disliking the nobility.

In addition, I collected her circumstances from the book and organized them in my head.

Sielra peirunte.

That was the name of the director.

Sielra peirunte was a province noble, who was in debt due to her extravagance.

So, to be exact, Sielra is a fallen aristocrat.

And she established an orphanage for the purpose of donations from the empire.

At first, there were quite a few children here, and the appropriate sum of money came in, but Sielra wasted all the money on luxury things.

As her finances were getting worse and worse due to her extravagance, Sielra sent all her children to nearby orphanages, leaving only the minimum number of people needed to maintain the orphanage.

In the end, even the support of the empire was cut off, and the current situation is that they are suffering from serious financial difficulties.


‘If I was going to possess her, couldn’t I come in this body before then right now?’


I sighed deeply and pulled up the cloth from my chest and held the bag in my hand.


“Ugh, it’s heavy.”


Even though I didn’t pack any other luggage, I just packed luxury goods, but the weight was enormous.

In fact, after organizing the luxury goods, there weren’t many belongings of Sielra left.

Some pens are essential for work and a few simple dresses for going out were left.

That was all. Now my eyes are relaxed. Because It used to be so shiny that my eyes started to hurt.

I packed my bag and left the director’s office. The corridor was still empty, and the surroundings were still quiet. I couldn’t hear the children’s voices at all.


‘Should I tell them that I am going out?’


Still, wondering if I should let them know that I was going out,

I stood in front of the stairs leading to the second floor.

After a moment of hesitation, I sighed and turned away.


‘All right. Let’s just go.’


they would have been very surprised by what happened this morning, but if I, who was not very close to them, tried to get closer, the children would be more afraid of me and farther away.

I’m sure they’ll run away if they hear my steps coming towards the second floor.……

Instead, I purposely made my steps big. To let them know that I’m going out.

It was not known whether the sound would be heard on the second floor, but I still tried to send a signal with a lot of effort.

I hope the children will be at ease for a while without me.

However, as soon as I opened the door, a bell rang. It was not an ordinary bell. It was A loud bell that seemed to be heard from the director’s office, it was loud enough to be heard on the second floor.

‘The director put it on purpose.’


She set it up to prevent children from running away.


‘I’ll have to take it off when I get back.’


For now, the sound of this bell will clearly tell them that I’m going out, so they’ll be alone for a while.

I turned off the bell and left the orphanage.

I was worried for a while that the children might escape, but I soon erased that worry.

This is because there was a large wall outside the nursery, making it impossible for small children to escape. Above all, they won’t be able to run away with such a body.


‘I feel like I’m raising them.’


I don’t think it’s wrong.

I walked toward the main gate and looked around. There were seesaws, swings, and jungle gyms that a normal orphanage has.

I went near the jungle gym. But it was nothing more than a variety of sculptures. It wasn’t hard to find out.


‘It’s so dusty. How long have you been not using these?’


The old dust was completely burned on the iron so it could not be cleaned even if I rubbed it with my hands to clean it. you must have not use it for a very long time for this to look to this extent.

( t/l: She is referring it to original director)

It wasn’t just the jungle gym. It was the same for the seesaw, the swing, and the bench on one side.

they were all covered with dust without a sense of livelihood. As if being in a gray world.


‘This is why the support from the empire is cut off.’


I don’t think any empire would want to support such place like this.


‘When I come back, let’s start cleaning this place first.’


Will it be possible to wipe this dust off in one day? I don’t think it’s possible.

My joints are already twisted at the thought of cleaning. I couldn’t ask for someone’s help, so I had to do it alone.

‘I should also buy cleaning supplies when I come back. I don’t think there are any proper cleaning supplies in places like this.’

After leaving the main gate, I closed the door and looked around again. The area around the orphanage was so empty. There were no significant buildings or facilities.

She built a nursery in a place where land prices were low. I didn’t expect much.

I went down the hill without hesitation and moved between the woods.


‘I am sure that if chloran and rodi didn’t know their way home and ran away from the orphanage, they would have ended up being lost here.’


There was a scene in a chapter where Chloran and Rodi, who could not endure the director’s abuse, secretly escaped at night, that chapter ended with them running away and getting caught. It was during the festival period, so it was like running away and watching the festival.

the path Cloran and Rodi were going was described in detail in the novel, so I didn’t get lost.


‘Come to think of it, when is this year’s festival?’


I tried to remember it but I gave up thinking about it. But I couldn’t remember when and where it was exactly.

Still, I think it’ll be around autumn when the wind is a little cold.

And if I go like this, It is certain that I will die at the hands of Chloran, the male protagonist, at this rate. I can’t die by his hands like that…..


(T/l: what she means here is, that if she doesn’t change and continues to abuse them like that, chloran will kill her in the future.)



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