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Author: Lara

Long, light blonde hair spread out like waves on the sheet.


The sheets made of purple satin were all delicately embroidered on all four corners, it was a quilt suitable for the imperial family’s bed in terms of color and luxurious material.


Edith’s hair, which shone more brilliantly than that, resembled platinum.


Her hair curled in a gentle curve every time she shook her head due to uncontrollable strength, creating white foam like waves crashing against rocks.


Somehow, she let out a groan of excitement, and she would inhale and exhale briefly because she couldn’t even breathe properly.


The strange breath was reminiscent of the figure of a young animal flailing in surprise.


Excited from the heat, the nape of her neck was almost pink.


A bright red flower could be seen through the blouse that was tightly pressed down to the last button.


The neckline and the cheeks were beautifully stained with red like a person who had just finished taking a hot bath, and the tips of the ears, which formed a thick oval, were the reddest of all the features as if on fire.


“It’s hot….”


Edith rolled up her sleeves to escape the heat a little.


A lace, wider than a span of width, was hung at the end of the sleeve, but when she raised her arm in the air, the lace flipped over, revealing a pale-skinned small wrist.


The blood vessels stood out in a bluish tone on the skin without any blemishes.


There was a gaze that tenaciously followed her every move right next to her.


A man with sharp eyes flashed, not missing Edith’s trivial movements, persistently tracking and observing even the slightest error.


Crown Prince Clyde.


As if representing a royal bloodline, his eyes were brilliant gold.


The color itself shone brightly as if gold dust was sprinkled inside the clear and dark rim.


No one knew this because no one dared to approach him within a span of distance, but if you look closely into the beautiful gold eye, it was a fantastic embodiment of a galaxy in the universe.


Now his gold eyes were very persistent. All his attention was focused on Edith.


“You can take it off if it’s hot.”


The low-pitched voice was like an incubus incarnation that aroused insidious desires.


It was impossible to dare naked in front of His Highness Clyde.


Even in her hazy mind, it was unsettling.


His gaze pierced the back of her head.


She tried to turn her back on him but couldn’t.


Her body was uncomfortable, she couldn’t breathe, and it was hot as if she had a fever.


She had concluded that she could never take it off just a moment ago, but at some point, her subconscious was loosening her dress.


A trembling hand twisted the button that had been tightening her neck.


“I … what’s wrong with me?”


She couldn’t believe she was struggling in the prince’s bed.


It was the moment when her usual polite behavior collapsed.


“It’s because you’re holding out against your will. Just go with the flow as your body wish.”


“What, hang in there, Yo–”


A short panting of breath mingled between the answers.


“The nature sleeping in your body is about to wake up. Don’t hold it back. Just accept it.”


“A nature?”


“Yes, nature. Your Omega nature, which has always been mistaken for Beta.”


He smiled without concealing his pleasant appearance.


Clyde’s face, like a flower in bloom, was terribly beautiful.


Her heart, which was beating so fast, was about to pop out of her ribs.


If there was an embodiment of the best male God depicted in mythology, would it be the same as that man? 


A fatal smile remained on his sharp jawline as if carved out of marble.


Amid her body was collapsing, he rose from the chair where he had been watching Edith the whole time and approached the bed.


He stayed at the edge for a while, stared at her, then sat down in a relaxed posture.


She couldn’t tell him to go away. This was his bed.


Her reasoning was on the verge of escaping reality.


With her fingertips scratching her hot nape, Edith recalled the words he had given her as a hint as she regained his consciousness a little.


Omega. Yes, Omega.


But she wasn’t an Omega. She was a Beta that didn’t have any temperament to become an Omega.


His persistent gaze did not miss the trembling pupils.


Clyde answered the unanswered question as if to dispel her doubts.


“If you can feel my pheromones, Edith is no longer Beta. It means you are either an Alpha or Omega.”


Only then did she realize the difference.


It was very different from the situation in which she naturally bowed her head with a daunting feeling as a Beta when he scattered a unique substance called pheromone.


“I … I–”


She instinctively accepted her superiority, but now her whole body’s hair stood on the edge, and she felt dizzy as if losing her mind.


The animalistic sense was screaming passionately that she wanted to be embraced by Clyde.


“And no matter how you smell this scent that is starting to come out, it’s definitely the scent of Omega.”


He released a large amount of dominant Alpha pheromones.


Clyde, who raised the corners of his lips naughtily and grinned, was a complete devil.


There were only a few dominant Alphas, which means the apex predators, throughout the empire.


Clyde had a temperament that was unmatched among them. As if to show off his qualifications as a person who would become emperor, his abilities as an Alpha were outstanding.


To be honest, it was a bit unfortunate that he has already been recognized for his leadership and genius brain, and to have physical abilities in addition to that.


To face such a disposition without any clothes on. It was a situation that she never wanted.


She couldn’t even breathe because of the Alpha’s pheromones that filled the room.


It was unbelievable, but if she was on her way to becoming an Omega, this scent was the smell of Alpha pheromone.


It was so sweet until she wondered if her nose might rot.


Her whole body was warm and melted as if immersed in honey. On the other hand, he was sharp and intense, enough to frighten her back.


The two collided senses tormented the woman’s body at the same time.


Her tormented body crawled in search of an Alpha.


It shouldn’t have been done, but she rested her head on the Crown Prince’s lap and rubbed it.


The hazy head couldn’t distinguish between dream and reality, and the blank gaze vaguely contained only a man named Clyde.


“You always make me satisfied.”


His jaw loosened, his lower lip swollen like a coveted fruit.


Contrary to his loose expression, the invisible energy around Clyde grew.


Alpha pheromones that crave an Omega.


A thick, wild scent poured into her nose and mouth like a tidal wave.


Ugh, Clyde–”


Although invisible, he had Alpha’s fascinating pheromones and powerful energy to influence others.


It was the presence of a dominant Alpha, who was superior to others.


Clyde enveloped her with his scent, his action was natural as if he was just blinking his eyes or breathing.


He had no hesitation in using pheromones.


She swallowed a deep laugh in her throat as if she were thrilled and incapable of doing anything as if she couldn’t bear the satisfaction.


A low voice echoed through the quiet space between them, penetrating Edith’s ear.


“Edith… what a lovely expression of an Omega.”


She couldn’t quite understand what he said by being cute. In fact, she didn’t feel anything real.


Gradually the smell got stronger.


Clyde’s scent.


A scent that she had never felt during the time she was with him. The instinct wriggled in the lower part of her stomach.




Fluttered like prey caught in a net, Edith raised his dry throat at him.


“Why? Is there anything I can do to help you?”


Clyde, who was looking elsewhere for no reason, could easily read her intentions.


It means accepting the feeling of misty-dark alpha pheromones that poked her entire body and made her drenched in honey.


If she was a Beta who was insensitive to pheromones, she couldn’t react and struggle like this.


Beta only instinctively knelt down to a dominant nature that was as strong as a beast.


She had no choice but to admit it. The fact that she could feel Clyde’s pheromone completely.


“Some pheromones…… You–”


A faint smile flashed across his wicked face.


Ah, this pheromone?”


With a deadly decadent voice, a greedy hand rested on her cheek.


The man’s hands were large enough to cover half of her face.


His thin, coarse fingers stretched out and touched her hairline gently. His body temperature was relatively cool for her feverish skin.


The palms that wrapped around her cheeks felt cool and resolute.


His hands were cool, but she could feel a warm heat even though she didn’t even touch the wrist close to her.


Perhaps was it just her feeling?


His blood seemed to boil like hot water.


Soon after, more pheromones dangled from the Alpha’s wrist, faithful to instincts.


There was also a strange aura in how he spoke with a slightly hoarse voice.


“Aren’t Edith a good girl? Stop holding out and realize your nature. Release your pheromones to your heart’s content.”


Strong body scents were emitted from every area where Clyde’s body temperature was high.


The long and solid neckline, the picturesque forehead, and the breath blowing in the breeze were like beasts.


It was intended to awaken her Omega nature which was closed by stimulating her with his Alpha pheromone.


To struggle with pain was her sole responsibility.


It was a process that couldn’t be avoided by refusing or being replaced by others. The only thing that could be done at the moment was to become aware of herself as an Omega as quickly as possible.




The red bloodshot eyes were wet.


“I’ll help you. I will stimulate you with my pheromone to manifest.”


He held her wrists that trembled firmly mid-air.


He just wrapped his finger casually, but she felt pressure from the thumb, which gently pressed her pulse. 


The hands wrapped in a circle were like a trap.


The act of counting her heartbeat, which was neither strong nor weak whilst pressing his fingertips, was somewhat obsessive.


Barely enduring the difficult moment, Edith cast a tearful gaze at him.


She didn’t know why Clyde was interested in her.


He could leave her alone, whether or not she manifested as an omega, but she didn’t understand the way he helped her by releasing Alpha pheromones while sticking to her side.


In the original novel, Clyde was clearly a maniac obsessed with the main character.


He was a man who poured his passion only into one person and made all sorts of fuss like a madman.


The problem wasn’t just because Edith wasn’t the main character. This was the world of BL, not reality.


Besides, he was the male protagonist, so regardless of whether Edith manifested as an Omega, it would only make sense that she had to be out of his interest, considering her gender.


So, watching the moment of Omega’s manifestation with those sorrowful eyes crossed the line severely.


She even felt that this wasn’t the novel she had read.


“I guess I should push it a little more. If I drag on longer, you’ll be exhausted and tired.”


Clyde took special measures when the Omega pheromones, which exude a light scent, were almost the same as before and had no progress.


He released much more of Alpha’s energy, which he had moderately controlled.


Alpha pheromones had two functions.


One was the power to seduce Omega, when they met their partner, they courted them with pheromones.


Another function was the force of coercion that exists only in dominant Alpha, which mentally subjugates those who are weaker than themselves. It was the same principle as the weak crawl to the strong in the animal world.


The only ability Clyde unleashed now was the power of seduction.


The vast amounts of pheromones were lifted to the limit and covered her, but there was no force for coercion.


Instead, a dynamic feeling that only worked on the Omega made her flutter like a fish tossed over the bed.


Edith’s hands were limping as if they were about to melt at any moment.


“T-that’s enough.”


“Be strong. It’s only a little bit more.”


He had no mercy at the last spur.


Clyde’s pheromones buried her like the mark of a beast’s territory.




Unable to throw a single word, Edith trembled like an aspen tree.


Rubbing her forehead against the hem of her clothes, she let out a painful exclamation.


For a moment, she had an illusion that her whole body would explode.


Omega’s pheromone erupted through all of her pierced openings as if a blocked spring burst and the water in it overflowed in an instant.


Not only the eyes, nose, and mouth, even the pores exuded a unique scent.


It felt like being reborn.


She didn’t remember the moment she left her mother’s womb as a newborn baby, but it was similar to that by analogy. It was as if the soul that had lived with the body for more than 20 years was transformed into another body.


There was no change in appearance, but the nature had changed, and the difference was like heaven and earth compared to the unscented Beta when she learned how to emit pheromone for the first time. 


Shaking as loudly as a dying man, she barely made a groan through her choked throat.




She reached out her pale, tired hands out of nowhere.


It wasn’t a sane act, it was purely instinctive.


Her elbows were held tight, and she suddenly jumped straight up. Her sweaty back left the bed.


Clyde suddenly pulled her up.


She felt like she was floating in the air.


Her hazy head and her skin, whose senses were dulled by excitement, couldn’t overcome the sweet and intense power of Alpha pheromones in the room.


Losing her wisdom, she was drawn to him like a soft doll.


In a situation when her sense of reality was horribly lost, an image of an exhausted man was formed in Edith’s retina.


She cried a mess, and her eyes were swollen. But she happened to see his face that was so close to her.


Oddly enough, Clyde’s eyes were not gold.


The rainbow-colored line spreading radially around the black pupil was so beautiful that she thought it was fake. There was a pattern similar to this when she carefully observed the Milky Way in the deep night.


If it hadn’t been for the eyes of her superior, who roasted her in the morning and evening, she might have been fascinated at a glance.


There was no time to recall the beauty that flashed by in an instant.


As if she could feel the wind on her hot cheeks, her body was suddenly lifted up and sat down in an instant.


Without even realizing what was going on…


He hugged her tightly until her side hurt.

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