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Her shoulders were a little shaky and she felt strangely dizzy. She must be dizzy because his handsome face was so close.


He lifted Edith’s waist. Her toes were raised by themselves, and as he approached her, his mouth, which had a firm line, swelled thickly. The corners of the mouth, which rose like a hook, exuded mischievous energy.


“But unfortunately.”


Clyde pressed his lips to her ear.


“This time, I just… called you to dance with me.”




A warm breath brushed against her ears.


Edith felt a little heat absorbed into her body. She didn’t know why, but her body was getting tired.


Her hand that he held curled up like a hedgehog.


“Shall we postpone the dance until later? You look a bit tired, Edith.”


She bit her lips to hold back the strangely churning feeling in her stomach.


However, Edith’s body shook beyond all her efforts to endure that were in vain. She was fine when she entered the gallery, I was fine, but now it was hard even to stand upright.


Every time she got involved with Clyde, she was like this.


The physical change was too great to be obscured from his handsome face.


“No, it’s okay. I’m fine.”


Her hazy eyes twitched, and her hair felt like it was rolled with sweet honey. It felt like Clyde was being pressed to her brain.


Had she been possessed?


Was she falling for this man?


“Let’s sit somewhere for now. You’re staggering, Edith.”


She gave strength to her toes and held on.


“Not at all.”


She was shaking so much that he couldn’t even focus.


How could a relationship change her body so much? She was not even daring Clyde.


Edith couldn’t help but recall the part she had been suspicious of all along.


Clyde asked her last time about when she was confirmed as a Beta. At that time, it was rather strange for him to ask the obvious, but now she was concerned.


Clyde was with me every time she had anemia. As similar incidents were repeated, it became suspicious.


The powerful dominant Alpha Clyde and Edith, who was a Beta in the original, had no chance of getting entangled in propensity. However, as the story keeps changing, it is hard for her to ignore the room for change.


Amid her preoccupation, she could not smell anything. She had often heard that when Omega encounters Alpha, a unique scent vibrates. She heard that even the skin texture changed.


Was it possible for the body to react without feeling it?


She didn’t know why she was the only one who was different.


In her confusion, unsure of her own inclinations, she floundered.


Clyde stared into her hazy eyes and smiled, raising the corners of his mouth. It was a smile that exuded his decadent demonic beauty.


“If you’re not feeling well, you can lean on me.”


Edith shook her head as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and tried to pull her lightly.




“Are you sure? You don’t have to overdo it.”


“I’m sure.”


Clyde’s touch slipped along her forearm, hiding an ulterior motive.


In the meantime, he has tried to touch her by using all sorts of tricks on several occasions. He poured a lot of pheromones and covered them all over Edith’s body. It was the male’s scent to seduce a female.


It was because he noticed that the more pheromones stimulated her, the more her Omega’s feeling gradually deepened.


Clyde was curious about Edith. Why did she stay in a tendency that was neither Beta nor Omega? He wondered if she just left it unattended without being examined.


So he stimulated it.


He seduced her with his Alpha’s pheromones.


He thought it would be helpful to awaken her awareness as an Omega. Of course, it was nice to see Edith immersed in his pheromones.


Thanks to that, Edith also changed her mind. She put her slackening hands on his shoulders, and she couldn’t hide her confusion.


“Then I’ll keep dancing.”


Clyde flicked his long fingers.


Music began to play on the other side of the gallery. It was a solo piano play.


Edith didn’t even notice the performer had been sitting there from the beginning. Her iris was adapted to the sunlight of the overly bright window, so the dark side was not properly visible.


He supported Edith, who was still struggling. With the tip of her feet on top of his, he began to take steps.


“Since we have decided to hold a banquet with the shooting competition, we should also practice dancing, right?”


He moved slowly at first, but gradually accelerated to math with the music.


Holding her in his arms, he walked around the empty gallery with measured footsteps. The court dance was in accordance with the order and there was no disturbance.


However, their dance was not suitable for the imperial banquet.


Of course, her body, which contains Edith’s memories, was able to dance as well. Therefore, she also knew that the dance where they hugged each other was not normal. The court dance was initially supposed to touch only the fingertips like feathers.


“Your majesty, I think we’re too close. If you dance like this at the banquet….”


A thick hand dug into her armpit. He hugged her more and focused on snuggling rather than dancing.


The tip of her shoe, which rested on top of his foot, touched the air.


“Please stay like this for a moment. I’m not feeling better yet.”


A lamentable breath passed by the side of her neck.


He relaxed his arm little by little, and it felt like ice when it slipped in Edith.


The golden eyes glared at her with a dazzling light like a rubber band that pulled her to the limit. Danger warnings were emitted from all over his body.


Clyde has been in a terrible mood all day. Every time Edith was asked about the marriage and congratulated by her fellow attendant, he became more and more displeased. He even vented his anger at someone else unintentionally during work.


Still, he liked it the moment he smelled her body. The swelling in his stomach subsided and peace returned for a while.


He took a long breath, filled his lungs with Edith’s scent, and raised his head.


“Edith is right. We shouldn’t dance like this. Shall we try again?”


After releasing his tightly attached body, he politely extended his hand.


The piano performance resumed. Clyde and Edith took steps as light as a flying bird, overlapping delicate fingertips at a span’s distance.


They danced to a few songs in a row.


He persistently kept an eye on Edith’s every move, and she only looked under Clyde’s chin in embarrassment.


“There must be a teacher in charge of Your Highness’ dance.”


“There used to be. But they stopped teaching because I didn’t hold a banquet for a long time.”


“But I’m sure there’s someone else to be a dancing partner….”


“That’s you, Edith.”


Her gaze, which was stubbornly looking down, went up in confusion. She had to face Clyde, who was staring at her with a sad look.


“A servant in charge of caregiver…. On second thought, I think I made a good name for the position. I can ask you as my dance partner like this.”


The song changed just in time.


This time, it was a dance that had to walk around with wide steps. He made full use of the entire gallery space and moved vigorously.


“Still, it would be better to invite a professional instead of me for dance practice.”


“Edith is good enough. You’re perfect.”


She took quick steps until her skirt fluttered.


One side of the gallery was scorched with sunlight through the ceiling window.


However, the moment she moved to the light, it became bright in front of her eyes.


[☆Emergency announcement☆]


Huh, a notice appeared instead of the original passage?


[Hello, reader.


It’s been a while since I said hello and showed you the following story. I’m sorry to post an announcement like this.]


Goodness, how could a scene like this be seen? Were real-time events unfolding before her eyes?


This article must have been a new announcement. There was no announcement when she fell into this world four years ago. This must have been a recent post.


Could she see the changes in reality from here as well? It was really shocking. It was as surprising as the moment she knew that Edith could twist the original story.


[I’m working hard to write good work that meets the readers’ expectations. But my mind is ahead of it and it doesn’t work out as I want.]


[In particular, I found a number of settings errors. The story is going differently than I intended, so I think I need to revise it a lot.]


What did it mean a setting error? What the hell was the problem?


[Therefore, we’re going to make this work private for the time being. We ask for your generous understanding.]


To what extent were you writing to overturn the original?


She was worried about her fate if the original was changed. Will she be able to continue her life safely and unharmed?


How to get back to reality was also a problem.


Over the years, she has found no hints to connect with reality. She had no choice but to live her life as Edith. However, if the original disappeared in a hopeless situation, the way back might be cut off altogether.


More details seemed to continue at the bottom. She concentrated all her attention on the white light outside the window.


Just before the screen scrolled and she could read a few letters, Clyde’s voice was heard right in her ear.




He stared at Edith, who was suddenly stunned. He waved his hand close up and raised her chin to check the reflex of her pupils.


“Edith, what’s wrong?”




The notice was mixed in the sunlight and slowly disappeared.


Her gaze that was staring out of the window suddenly changed to Clyde and the scene was pitch black. She blinked her eyes.


“It’s… it’s nothing.”


The back of his hand gently touched her pale, dry forehead.


“Why did your body temperature suddenly get cold? I guess I should call the doctor.”


“It was just sunny. It’s really nothing.”


“Let’s go back now. You don’t have to overdo it right away because you have to practice dancing steadily anyway.”


Clyde had to persuade her to go up to the bedroom together so that her refusal meant nothing.


To her embarrassment, he even called one of the imperial physicians.


❋ ❋ ❋


Originally, the imperial physician’s team was on standby 24 hours a day, but as soon as Clyde called, the doctor quickly rushed to the scene. It was so quick that she thought he was waiting nearby.


Edith took the lead and headed to the special room next to the Crown Prince’s bedroom.


The doctor and Clyde glanced at each other behind her back. With the meaning of taking this opportunity to give proper treatment, the Crown Prince glared fiercely.

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