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She glanced at the side desk with a wistful look, and naturally he didn’t notice her complicated inner thoughts at all.


Clyde has come to the trick with a calm face.


It was a psychological battle that could hardly be heard.


“Let’s see, what was today’s list of late-night snacks?”


“N-no, I can’t. If I keep eating… at this rate, I’ll swell up like a ball of a pig.”


“What ball? What beautiful….”


“No, really.”


“Edith is beautiful right now. If you fall out more, you’ll get fine lines around your eyes and your cheeks will be slim.”


Then he reads the list of late-night snacks one by one. As evil as a horned devil.


Even if she didn’t want to listen to it, the food automatically pierced her ears and stuck in her mind. All dishes were tailored to Edith’s taste.


Clyde had animal delicacies like a physical man. After eating meat for dinner, he would only drink water with lime on it. Therefore, Edith was solely responsible for the long, pounding cake, sherbet, and pudding.


When he reached the Lemon Charlotte, just hearing it made her drool, she eventually had to lift the white flag. It was a dessert with cinnamon sprinkled on the bottom with marina biscuits made by Clyde’s chef’s secret recipe.


The taste she knew was scarier, and he added the dish again, which received high praise after tasting it three days ago. This was nothing like Edith’s salivary glands with a chef who made a list of late-night snacks.


“That’s too much, Your Highness. Sooner or later, my belly fat will suddenly swell and split into a net.”


“If you feel resentful, call me Clyde like before. Do you know? I will show mercy and instruct to add a salad that doesn’t make you fat.”


I did as I was told.




It was pretty easy to call that name.


Actually, she imagined adding a salad to the beautiful cake, but anyway, it means that less carbohydrate food would be provided.


The mean guy grinned. Even if he stretched the corners of his mouth without sincerity like that, it was a foul if he got away with it.


“Very good. From now on, call me that when it’s just the two of us.”


“That’s a bit.”


Ugh, he said that. But she couldn’t call the Crown Prince’s name every time.


“That’s a bit, a bit too….”


Was it because she suffered from heavy workloads that she heard a menu full of calories? Edith was just going out. Today’s work ending was also a passing atmosphere, so the end of her sentence has been shortened.


She didn’t know why Clyde welcomed her with such a rosy face as she fell on her desk and gave her despair.


While the Crown Prince’s dinner was being served, Edith came up from a restaurant for palace servants. A sparkling late-night snack was already set on her table in the special room.


How did they know that she didn’t fill up her tummy enough after hearing about Lemon Charlotte?


“The dessert in the restaurant was poor, wasn’t it? I knew it, so I prepared it early today.”


She didn’t even need to hold the fork in her hand.


“Your Highness, my clothes are not going to fit. I’m in a serious condition.”


“Then why don’t you work out with me? I can adjust the training intensity to fit Edith.”


She could not afford to ignore the coveted cake, so she pretended not to eat it and slowly forked it. Her head spinning when she heard his suggestion about physical training.




“Why? You don’t want to move your body because you have gained belly fat?”


He spoke a word that squeezed her heart without hesitation.


In the meantime, Edith had to feel remorse for her belly fat because she couldn’t put down her fork.


“Training… I have to do it.”


“Then let’s go out together from dawn tomorrow.”


“No. That’s too sudden.”


Dawn, as Clyde said, meant when the east was black before the first rooster crowed. He would get up without Edith’s knowledge and come back from exercising. By the time she opened her eyes, he had washed his sweaty body, dried his hair, and lay still in bed from last night as if nothing had happened.


She knew it because Clyde told her that, how could she guess he had morning training by looking at a man lying down in the morning the same way as when he turned off the light in the evening?


“No, Edith can do it.”


“I can’t!”


She shrugged resolutely.


Her past in the real world overlapped. She remembered the past when she cut off expensive PTs because she couldn’t even fill half the number of times.


As expected, I just couldn’t exercise. She couldn’t repeat the shameful past. She brushed her hair violently.


Whether or not he knew what she was thinking, Clyde had a face full of mischief.


“Anyway, Edith seems to have a lot of ambition for success.”


“Eh? Never.”


“I’ve never seen you fool around. Your report is faithful enough to be used without missing a penny. Look at this right now. You’ve written so many pages that I feel sorry I told you to report daily.”


No, what kind of nonsense is that. He always frightened out of one’s wits and scolded her, and now he was complimenting her for being too sincere?


She didn’t need that kind of compliment.


Please don’t change her life’s goals.


She had no aspirations or anything, she just wanted to play around with a pen. She wasn’t happy to hear his word that seemed to give her a promotion sooner or later without knowing how fast it was.


It was hard to get out of sight. 


He seemed satisfied with her, especially in terms of work, so why doesn’t she just keep acting rude?


Okay, she would do that.


“Ah, I don’t know. I’m not going to report anymore.”


“You’re not going to report?”


“It’s too much work. I report to you every day. I’d rather cut off an item.”


He rubbed his smooth chin gently. His drowsy eyes are more frightening.




“Why? Are you going to cut it?”


“You’re right. Every day is too much. Set the report submission frequency as long as Edith can.”


Her eyes twinkle at that suggestion. If she was to decide, of course, the period should be very sparse. Two days? Three days? Is a week too much?


“Really? Then…… Uhm, umm, once every ten days!”


She screamed strongly. Edith was brave.


“Ten days is good.”


“Your Highness…”


She was almost in tears with emotion.


“Are you not calling me Clyde? Then ten days is a little bit.”


“No! Clyde. Your name is very sticky to my mouth.”


It was a moment when the title was quickly sorted out.


He raised his eyebrows coolly. He even smiled as if he sympathized with Edith’s bubbly eyes.


This man, what in the word kind of wind blew him? Was it because her report was useful at the last parliamentary meeting?


However, negotiations for an extension to ten days were not so simple. One condition was added.


“However, if you fail to report, have dinner at my palace.”


“… What?”


“What do you think? Isn’t it fair?”


“I mean to eat dinner.”


Clyde raised his wicked chin and flicked the table with a row of desserts.


“Eat the dessert first. I’m a reasonable Crown Prince.”


A murmur of swear words came out of her mouth.


Obviously, the meaning was having dinner and staying the night here. He was saying he wouldn’t send her home.


Rotten bastard, f*cking bastard.


The direct abusive language didn’t go past through her throat, but she complained with her eyes as she forked her plate. Clyde noticed her feelings and inevitably fixed his gaze on another side.


If that were the case, she would rather ask for a place to live in the palace, but she remembered the time when a subtle and strange atmosphere sometimes floated between them and shook her head.


There was an advantage to being assigned a room if she switched to a maid of honor, but she would get a vacation every quarter. There would be no way out since she would live in Clyde’s palace.


❋ ❋ ❋


Among the Crown Prince’s many bedrooms, the infrequently used next door was where she washed and changed her clothes.


Of course, she couldn’t lie down on an empty bed. Nothing else was allowed except the necessary.


The maids serving Edith were waiting next to the steaming bathtub. She received the skillful care of a person who was far more senior than her and cleaned her body. She used to splash around and play alone at home, but it was difficult here.


The chemise was as elegant as an outdoor dress. It was thanks to the fact that the servant serving the Crown Prince kept the iron rule that she should not show a shabby side until just before she fell asleep.


After drying the hair dry and combing it to make it milky, she could finally be released from the hands of the maids.


The special room had a separate entrance to the outside. The bedroom and the special room were each equipped with a door, and a temporary wall was built between them. However, the door to the special room was locked for a long time. For security or something.


It was unreasonable to lock only the special room door at a time when so many guards were guarding Clyde, but anyway, she has been told.


Edith opened the Crown Prince’s bedroom as casually as her room.


She omitted the procedure to ask if she could enter. In the beginning, it wasn’t a very outgoing atmosphere, and today her judgment was twisted, so she decided to open it firmly.


Then she discovered it.


The back of a naked man.


“Ah, sorry!”


She slammed the door shut with a bang.


Her hand trembled as she unfolded it from the closed door. The scene she saw for a moment was still engraved on her retina.


Clyde was naked with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His broad back was covered with bulging muscles.


It was her, Edith, who saw everything in that brief moment.


That was amazing.


She praised herself for her quick glance and picked her breath. Her pulse was pounding at her fingertips.


With her head stuck in the door, she savored the sudden unexpected situation to the fullest. Clyde, that guy. He really looked like the main character of a romance novel.


Laughter leaked through her widened mouth in the middle of her red face.


It was a coincidence, like a car accident. It wasn’t a bad thing at all because she just saw one scene for a second and came out. So she could remember Clyde’s back purely. It was similar to the feeling of seeing a figure with a piece of cloth underneath in a famous Renaissance painting.


“Come in.”


Clyde’s stern voice was heard from beyond the door. It seemed he was all dressed now.


Entering with a shy cough, she tried to say that she was rude out of courtesy. If she said something about the Crown Prince, she would inevitably be reprimanded, but she thought it probably wouldn’t be the case.


Pretending to be courteous, she glanced over the view of the room.




She had to swallow her breath again at the scene unfolding before her eyes.

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