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She couldn’t close the door when he told her to come in.


Edith distracted her helpless gaze. In the end, she traced the man’s slick, bare skin with her eyes.


He looked very casual wearing only his bottoms. He walked barefoot on the carpet, wrapping his ankles with clothes that fit his lower body. The sharp spine and tendon of his feet were strangely sensuous.


He hung a coat on his wrist. His large hand slid through the sleeve of the white silk.


His chest, as broad as a rocky mountain, raised his thick muscles every time he moved.


The clothes stretched along Clyde’s sensual back and waist as the jacket draped over his arms. His pointed elbows were thin and angled. Even the arms with the blue veins were sensational.


To the extent she could vaguely imagine what he would do in bed with those forearms.


She couldn’t take her eyes off it. Edith stopped like a scarecrow at the door with her surprised round eyes.


“Why are you doing that?”


He tilted his head lightly. It was towards the bed.


Her unstoppable heart was about to explode at any moment. From the tip of his blue hair to the toenails of his bare feet, the scene of a naughty man waiting in front of the bed….


“Ah, yes.”


However, Edith had to pull herself together and close her mouth.


She bowed her head deeply and turned to the opposite corner of the room, trying to hide her admiration of his naked body. Just in time, a group of servants came out of the bathroom and dressing room. It looked like they had just finished cleaning up.


Clyde shook his hand lightly. The servants left the bedroom after giving a silent bow. As soon as they realized that there were more people outside of us in one space, there were just the two of them again.


However, the interior has changed a lot since then.


“Wow, it’s a bed.”


There is another bed of similar size next to the original bed. A drapery was hanging from the wall due to construction for a long time, and it was made by digging a large wall there.


The new bed was built against the wall and the structure was lowered from it. Although it was less dignified than the Crown Prince’s bed with an elegant canopy on the golden pillar, the soft and comfortable-looking mattress stood out for its functionality at a glance.


“The construction work until now was for making the bed.”


Surprised, she turned around and pressed the seat.


“It wasn’t made as useful as I thought it would be. It takes several servants to raise and lower it.”


It seemed that it took a long time to prepare dinner to unload that.


Clyde was washing up late as usual, and by the time she returned, he had not yet dressed up. As a result, she happened to see the feast of his bare skin.


“It’s understandable since it’s huge.”


“I hope it’s not too inconvenient.”


“Did you make it because of me?”


“Then would I lie down on both sides by myself? My body is one.”


Her face turned white as soon as she heard what she felt was a definite answer. Did it mean that she should not go home at all since he even set up a bed?


“I’m going home. I’m definitely going to leave work on time tomorrow.”


“Yeah, I’ll also cheer for Edith to leave work on time.”


“I mean it.”


She retorted frankly.


“I know how you feel. But you have to be prepared for the time when it gets late. I can’t promise how long you’ll sleep on the couch.”




She tried to argue that it was because he didn’t let her go, but she held it back because she couldn’t cross the line.


Last time, Clyde would put Edith in bed and she was used to using the couch.


It was also because she freaked out the day she woke up. He seemed to be careful not to wake Edith up early in the morning.


Sometimes, after returning from physical training, he lay his head briefly beside her. She was sorry every time. It was like driving away Clyde, the Crown Prince.


“Do you want another cup of tea and go to bed? Or should I turn off the light?”


Still, she wasn’t happy with the new bed.


She glared at him.


Even though he said he was cheering for her to leave work on time, there was no sign of letting her go at all, whether it was his behavior or his atmosphere. She was being urged to give up in many ways. The message to just live here was clear.


“I want to go to bed early.”


Clyde shrugged his shoulders with ease and turned off the lights in the room one by one.


As darkness fell, Edith climbed into bed. Her eyes, which had not yet adapted to the dark, turned the surroundings black. 


A crunching, scraping sound came from her knees and hands. However, there was another disparate friction sound.


What on earth is that?




A large body collided with her.




A large, strong forearm wrapped around her waist, taking her breath in surprise. The elasticity of her new mattress was not accustomed to her body, and her body leaned sideways helplessly because she couldn’t resist the bouncing force.


Another’s elongated body overlapped over her with a heavyweight.


His body temperature that touched the side was hot.


She was startled and let out her brief scream. Her breath met and his bewildering sighs poured into each other. Tangled with sheets and blankets, Clyde’s hot wind flowed through her ears.


“Why is Edith coming up here?”


Edith’s chest also vibrated whenever he spoke as her body weight was added to his military physique.


Her pressed neckline would have turned red. It was hidden in the dark and he wouldn’t be able to see it.


“Isn’t this my bed?”


“What are you talking about? Edith sleeps in the next bed. You always slept there.”


“But it’s a space for the Crown Prince.”


“Now it’s new.”


She felt a slow touch on her hair next to her ear.


She’s going to lose her mind. It was almost as if a sweet voice was emitted and pressed upwards, and even her head was touched.


“If you want to sleep in the new bed…. You’ll have to compete with me, okay?”


Clyde expressed his intention to defend the bed. If she insisted on sleeping here, soon he would tell them to put on the same blanket.


“No, I’ll get out of it.”


She had no choice but to step down without hesitation.


Edith shook her body to get up. But he didn’t step aside.


The pelvis loosened for a while and was soon buried deep.


Clyde lay there for a long time and she had a hard time knowing what state he was in. The only thing in the darkness was the sound of breath like an animal floating warmly surrounded by disheveled hair.


“… Why?”


“Wait a moment.”


He stopped breathing. Instead of blocking the wind flowing by her ear, the heat enveloped her whole body more gently.


The silence was heavy.


It was much heavier than Clyde’s bulging abs and long bones protruding like square gravel.


Darkness ate up all kinds of grievances and complaints. She felt overwhelmed by being overly trusted and her will to whine about going home.


She wondered what he felt. Why was he holding her?


“That’s enough.”


By the time all kinds of delusions confused her, his heavy net body slowly left.


Edith got up her warm back and barely managed to move onto the next bed.


Without time to untie the curtain tied to the bedpost, she dug into the bed and pulled the blanket over her head.


She couldn’t stop feeling the excitement of what he had done. It was all Clyde’s fault. She couldn’t believe he was such a bad boss who kept her up all night. Due to the strict authority of the imperial family, it is not easy to give up or even disobey.


She had to press down under the blanket to calm down and figure out the feeling that was hard to describe.


“Earlier, the examination….”


A harsh, hoarse voice could be heard from the side.




“It would be better to follow the doctor’s advice. He is one of the best in this empire.”


“I know.”


“I was surprised to hear that Edith was a rare case.”


“That’s why I’ve been living as a Beta all this time. Because that was natural.”


She couldn’t talk about novels here. It was also difficult to confess that the story was changing. She acted as if she had just encountered a purely new change.


“Still, you should have been diagnosed earlier.”


“… Yes. I guess I should have been so.”


She didn’t mention the story of not having a single penny of pocket money. There was no need to mention the past when she had only been off campus after entering the academy.


She couldn’t tell Clyde, the main character of the novel, that she wandered the classrooms, the library, and the dormitory and struggled to try to learn the culture of an unfamiliar world,


“Anyway, Clyde.”


Called by name, he responded a little late. As if mulling over her name.


“… Yeah.”


“What was that talk about earlier?”


“What are you talking about?”


She traced her memory, and put the new vocabulary on the tip of her tongue.


“Pheromone shower?”


Suddenly the bed next to her became silent. The conversation they had been having was also cut off.


It was suspicious that he closed his mouth first, unlike a man who always enjoyed flirting with her. It was quite different from Clyde, who was often good at childish pranks and was delightedly watching Edith suffer.


She wondered if it had a bad meaning.


It was a talk related to treatment. Was it an unusual way? Any folk remedies or something?


“Why? What is a pheromone shower?”


At her repeated question, he turned his body toward her. Now that her eyes were accustomed to the darkness, she noticed some silhouettes.


“That… will you do it if you can?”


“I’ll decide whether to let you know or not.”


“If you want to do it, do it with me. Not another guy.”


It was as if the rims were ringing without revealing the identity.


Staring at the shining golden eye from a distance, she wondered what else this man was up to again.


“The pheromone shower.”


After waiting long enough for the rice to burn, Clyde finally murmured softly.


“It’s like covering all over your body with paired pheromones.”


“What do you mean covering? Pheromones are not liquid. It’s just a fragrant gas at best of all.”


Pheromones are both power and charm to seduce the opponent. The smell of Alpha and Omega entices each other with their unique scent as a weapon. In addition, only the dominant Alpha has the power to coerce others.


It was just that, she couldn’t take a shower with so few pheromones that she won’t get smeared.


Was there any way to cover the whole body with pheromones? What was it that Edith, a stranger to this world, didn’t know and that the doctor and Clyde knew?


A long silence passed again.


Breaking through the silence, she heard a sweet and thick voice and raised her ears.


“I’m covering your whole body with my pheromones.”


The omega diagnosis hasn’t been made yet, but he said:


“You and I are going to get rid of the cumbersome clothes.”




“Not from a distance like now, but come into contact.”

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