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She wondered if he heard the loud sigh.


Edith held her breath like stagnant water after lowering her raised chest. His muffled noise pierced her ears.


The crunching sound of a pillow and the sound of a long body crouching.


“To be exact.”


Her hair stood on end while she concentrated on her hearing.


“In one bed.”


Just as the high water flowed down, he was naturally reminded of a heated moment with him.


“The other Alpha puts pheromones on each other’s bodies to the point where they can’t even think of approaching them. Even after a few days pass, my pheromones will flow from you.”


A heavy, large body and a hot body temperature.


The breath of an animal.


“It’s a sacred ritual that completely possesses each other.”


Why did it remind her of a moment she had never experienced before?


She wondered whether his scent smells like an illusion.


That was wrong. Clyde was extremely possessing. She needs to pull herself together. Snap out of it.


“We should go to sleep now.”




“If you’ve heard it all.”


She couldn’t move a muscle.


He whispered softly a few steps away, but her mood fluctuated strangely. Without realizing what this feeling was, her body hidden under the blanket trembled as if it were burning.


The sleepless night continued for a long time.


❋ ❋ ❋


< Chapter 4. Omega’s Scent >


In addition to the National Assembly meeting held every ten days, the Crown Prince’s work was too much for Edith to follow.


Knowing that Clyde’s steel stamina was due to early morning training, Edith couldn’t follow the exercise hastily. She used to succeed in getting him to go alone every time thanks to the duvet being tucked away.


However, her exhausted body that followed the Crown Prince was almost on the verge of collapse.


Edith’s report was also cited at the parliamentary session. In an atmosphere where she couldn’t allow even a brief slack, she wrote down various remarks she heard and transcribed them into her notes.


‘Damn it. Maybe Clyde is right. I guess I’m the type of person who can’t stand still.’


He named it a desire to succeed, but she couldn’t stand being nosy when she saw it.


She couldn’t stand it at all in a situation when the story was clear to her eyes. Some aristocrats clearly noticed signs of threatening the imperial power, but they couldn’t leave their flinching fingers alone.


In preparation for the National Assembly meeting, She heated up her little brain about what opinions she should present. As a result, she was knocked down in the first round.


“Your Highness…”


Clyde stopped his stride.




“T-together…. no, go alone.”


“Do you want me to piggyback you?”


“No, no.”


She barely caught up with Clyde, panting on her knees.


“We’re almost there. The meeting is here.”


The drawing room suitable for the small gatherings was wide open.


People who had been waiting inside stood up to greet the Crown Prince. Edith, who was exhausted and had to act as the Crown Prince’s main servant, only hoped that Clyde would be seated quickly.


Long formal greetings were exchanged. While she was lowering her eyes, a familiar voice reached her ear.


“It’s an honor to see you again.”


Edith raised her head. Adrian shines brightly among the five visitors.


“Thank you for accepting my invitation, Lord Raymond.”


“It’s an honor.”


Adrian responded to the Crown Prince only in his mouth, his gaze fixed on Edith behind him.


It was a subtle angle, so the difference was not noticeable to others. Clyde was probably the only one who noticed that Adrian was actually looking at Edith.


Edith had to wait close by at the Crown Prince’s command. She sat in an auxiliary chair, a little away from the round table. Coincidentally, Adrian’s seat was the opposite of Clyde’s. Every time he spoke to the Crown Prince, he made eye contact with Edith.


Adrian smiling brightly and he was still beautiful.


Clyde knew the smile wasn’t directed at him. But he pretended not to know. Except when dealing with Edith, the Crown Prince’s atmosphere was generally bleak, so no one thought it was strange even if he stiffened his chin while chatting.


“I understand that you are close to each other. On the contrary, I’ll be the most awkward one, right?”


Adrian, who was in contact with Clyde, replied.


“Please don’t talk like that. I often meet with Jerion and Smith in private, but meeting Your Highness is much more meaningful.”


“I also want to create opportunities to be with you more often.”


“If you invite me, I’ll come running anytime.”


“I’m sure you will, right?”


Clyde recited lowly with a face that was hard to understand.


Attendees of this meeting were those who ran large-scale businesses. They were also mostly commoners. It was the exact opposite of the people he met at the National Assembly meeting a little while ago.


In many cases, the aristocratic class often viewed emerging commerce and industry with unfavorable eyes. On the other hand, from the Crown Prince’s perspective, those who grew up quickly while paying a lot of taxes were not bad. Among the documents on the bookshelf in the special room, the star label that Edith had to write the report first was about commerce and industry.


“Are you the only one with the title Lord Raymond?”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“The rest of you will feel uncomfortable attending the upcoming imperial event.”


Of course, everyone comes to the banquet using a wide range of personal connections. However, they only followed as partners or acquaintances of the invited nobles.


“I want to make it clear on this occasion. I will make sure the merchant association’s owners who are highly contributing to the empire are officially invited to the event.”


The owner of the Jerion Company, who was listening next to him, bowed his head.


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


“The times are changing, so I think your treatment should change. It would be nice to have regular meetings like this, mainly for those who are pioneering new businesses. I also want to hear about the changing circumstances outside.”


A regular meeting between businessmen at the Imperial Palace. This was an extraordinary privilege.


“Are you really going to do that? It’s an honor, Your Highness!”


The owner of Jerion Company understood the meaning and was greatly moved.


However, Edith, who wrote this on a memo, couldn’t stop worrying. By all accounts, Clyde’s move was a little freful. The aristocracy’s power was still formidable, but there were hints of antagonizing too openly.


There was also a possibility that this would lead to a bloody purge in the future. This was because the romance flow of the original novel was distorted, but the story flow remained unchanged.


She probably felt anxious. If this continues, the future of the empire would unfold bleak.


As a Crown Prince, Clyde was right to judge, but he was too radical. Being so close, the danger was clearly visible.


Edith wondered if she should point this out to him. While she was doing her job, her eyes to see the whole things began to grow.


There was no sound coming out of her mouth. She wanted to say something when they left and the two of them were alone.


‘I shouldn’t have been nosy again. If Clyde had a big fight with the nobles, it would be hard for me to keep even one stone’s throw.’


While hesitating on a part of her mind, she kept silent to concentrate on the meeting first.


While the conversation was going on for a while, Clyde looked at Adrian and spoke.


“Lord Raymond, see me later separately.”


Because he said it in a calm tone, it was hard to notice why the two of them wanted to see each other separately.


But Edith was the only one who didn’t know, the other participants seemed to understand immediately. Everyone responded with a tone full of joy.


“Your Highness, that’s a wise idea. I’m not saying this because I’m very close with Lord Raymond, but actually, Sir Raymond is a very superior Omega. He’s personality also great.”


“That’s right. Even if you keep him by Your Highness’ side, he will not be inferior at all.”


“I heard that his reputations are not bad in the social circle. Lord Raymond is confident on being outstanding enough to overcome his origins.”


Adrian, who was busy glancing at Edith over the teacup, looked up in surprise at the atmosphere of actively recommending him.


“When you say things like that, I’m embarrassed. I’m honored with just meeting Your Highness like this.”


After ending the meeting in the drawing room, Clyde moved with Adrian only. No one was taken there.


Edith was a little perplexed when he told her to rest. This has been extremely rare.


Her curiosity grew when she was left alone. It bothered her why Clyde wanted to see only Adrian separately.


And she also reflected on Adrian’s reaction in my mind. Was it just out of politeness to say that he was honored? Perhaps it was.


Edith couldn’t relax and kept snooping around their room.


The secret conversation between the two continued for a long time.


Dinner was almost ready and she went down after being called, there was Clyde in the hallway. He stood with Adrian in the corner and had a private conversation.


The distance between the two men was extremely close. She didn’t know what they were talking about in a whisper.


Adrian, who showed his side face, bowed his head at Clyde’s whisper. His long purple hair was disheveled. A few stray strands of his hair fluttered across Adrian’s slender cheeks.


The servants who were with Edith gave a small exclamation.


“It seems that Your Majesty is finally going to have an Omega partner by his side by side.”


“An Omega partner?”


“The atmosphere is very nice. An Omega was never allowed to come that close.”


Feeling the presence, Clyde turned around. As always, it was an expression that didn’t reveal what he was thinking.


The two approached shoulder-to-shoulder, but Edith felt indescribably mysterious feelings. The Crown Prince didn’t take the lead and walked next to Adrian. What did they talk about to show such a different side of them?


Adrian paused and asked Clyde.


“Your Highness, may I borrow a little bit of Edith’s time?”


“That’s difficult. Edith has something to do with me.”


“It will take a moment.”


“Then talk next to me.”


The two men were in a pollen-fluttering mood just a moment ago, but Clyde listened to Adrian’s request and stared at him for a moment.

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