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Edith stepped in even though she didn’t know what was going on.


“Your Highness, I’m sorry but meeting friends is also important privacy for me. I’ll just have a word.”


What kind of relationship are you two in? She didn’t know if it was good or bad.


“Don’t be too late, Edith.”


Clyde reluctantly gave permission and disappeared with the other servants.


Adrian grabbed her sleeve and led her to the deserted balcony. No one wandered in the hallway in front of the drawing room after the meeting at the Crown Prince’s place.


As the wind blew outside, Adrian’s chest lifted as he took a deep breath.


He tied a knot behind her back to tidy up her hair. She would rather untie the knot when the fluttering strands couldn’t be organized. Perhaps it has been frustrating for her, but the hand that ran down her hair from the top of her head was refreshing.


“Adri, did you have a hard time because Your Highness called you separately?”


The blue eyes that had headed to the garden where the sun had set slowly descended on Edith.


Adrian, who looked exhausted, was also dazzling. He was refreshing in the morning but felt a bit soft in the late afternoon. His faintly shaking shoulders leaned toward Edith.


They crossed their hands on the railing with their hips draped.


“It’s harder for you.”


Adrian took her hand and wrapped it around his. The corners of his slightly curved eyebrows were strange. Late in the day, he was particularly charming. He seemed to send a message asking her to come to him.


“Edith, I wanted to get closer to you slowly, but I don’t have the chance.”


“There’s nothing we can do because we’re busy at work.”


“I don’t know why it’s so complicated. I just want to do this with you.”


Edith’s cheek was pulled closer to the lips that were whispering out his complaints.


He slowly lowered his head like a fairy in a fairy tale. His soft lips were gently loosened.


The flowing purple hair stopped just within a distance that Edith could reach if she turned a little. Adrian fixed his clear eyes and waited for her to approach.


Even a single blink of an eye or even a little force on the hand he held seemed would be accepted as a sign of permission to him.


“I want to get closer to Edith.”


The gentle smile was dazzling. The lovely curved corners of his mouth were full of temptation, keeping her from taking her eyes off him. 


“Adrian, we’re not like that.”


When she turned her head away from his pretty lips, she had to exercise superhuman patience.


He didn’t loosen his grip.


“In such a relationship….”


He couldn’t hide his disappointment with his unfinished words.


“I’ve never managed to draw a line between myself and Edith.”


Such a beauty approached actively, but her heart to push him away wasn’t easy either.


Did she have no desire to build a good relationship with someone like him? She wanted to meet a good-looking and cool person and do stuff like that. But Adrian is too burdensome. Edith wasn’t comfortable with his description of society’s most popular person and the countless attention that followed him.


In addition, Adrian is the main bottom in the original.


Edith was still unsure. Is there any change in the day when the empire falls?


If the love line changed, there might be no one to stop the bloody purge. Someone else might not be able to replace Adrian’s role. Maybe Edith or another Omega could fail in Adrian’s role.


Would she want to hold Adrian in her arms if this anxiety and danger disappeared?


Well… maybe she could broaden her thinking.


Anyway, he’s the owner of the beauty that automatically makes the heart beat.


He was still amiable after all the sad words.


“Edith, I heard you had a temperament test?”


Instead of loosening her jaw, he clasped his hands between them.


“Did Your Highness tell you that? I thought you would have an important secret talk, but why did you talk about me…?”


“I was called because of you.”


She looked to the side with a puzzled look in her eyes.


“I was worried that Your Highness might explain it to you differently. That’s why I asked for a time to talk to you right after I had a private conversation with him.”


“What’s going on?”


Adrian was easily seen unraveling in front of Edith. He treated her comfortably now just like last time.


He unbuttoned one of the shirt buttons strangling him and gently touched his neckline.


“I’ve heard from outside the palace that you have an important duty. It seems that there are nobles who keep you in check.”


“Well, my opinion is a bit harsh.”


It was terrifying that Clyde used it without hesitation.


Edith spent almost 24 hours a day with him, leaving no room for outside pressure. However, the nobles attending the parliamentary meeting certainly had room to dislike the Crown Prince’s aide.


If it got into Adrian’s ear, the atmosphere was already like that. What if she gets assassinated while going around?


“Are those people around you regarded me as His Highness’ right arm?”


“That’s right.”


“But I’m only a servant. It hasn’t been long since I was appointed.”


“Your Highness told me you were unaware, and that’s true.”


Adrian looked at her with mournful eyes. She hoped he didn’t show that face. It was so shiny that her heart was pounding.


“You’ve always been like that. You’re very smart and have good grades, but you’re sloppy in the wrong place.”




“It’s not the first time you’ve dropped lecture notes. It was almost a routine for you to lose writing equipment.”


“How can you….”


She had enjoyed academy life far away from Adrian, but when did he see her drop things? She had noticed only half of his attempts to talk to her, so maybe they were not as far apart as she remembered.


Recalling with a faint look, he was as pure as an iris flower. His hand and shoulder that rubbed her were both burdensome and thrilling.


“I had other friends to deliver what you left behind several times. I thought you wouldn’t like it if I stepped up.”


“Did you? It’s late but thank you.”


“I even have one of your notes.”


“What? No, why?”


“It must have been the beginning of the semester. I took what you left behind, so I was wondering when I should deliver it to you. But you found out what you lost first. Do you know what it was like?”




I barely remembered. Her face showed her embarrassment as she could predict what Adrian would say next.


“That’s right, Edith. You wrote it back in a new note on the spot. I remember how many pages there were. It wasn’t even an easy subject.”


“I’m a little clumsy. It’s embarrassing to hear about the past.”


“Embarrassment… that was the key point that made the academy perfect top student Edith more humane.”


“That’s a little too much compliment.”


“No, I’m telling you. There aren’t many kids who envy you. I’m sure you have a friend who takes care of you.”


Her tense hands began to sweat. Edith twisted her wrists stealthily because she didn’t want him to see her sticky palms. Adrian’s empty hand dropped on his thigh.


He cast a distant glance over the garden.


Somehow it was hard to get up from her seat. Maybe it was because she realized something she didn’t know before. It felt nostalgic to hear the memories that Adrian had kept alone for years.


“Edith, you’re still the same now. You need someone to support your outstanding talent.”


“There are a lot of people in the palace anyway. There are plenty of servants who want to do some little work.”


“But you work as the Crown Prince’s servant. Edith is not helping others, you need to take the lead and get support from others. That’s how you shine.”


“Thanks for the words, but it’s not up to me….”


While denying it completely, there was a part that was stabbed by Adrian’s words inside.


That’s what she was doing these days. If Clyde hadn’t been standing in front of her desk and taking it, she would have often spilled and lost it.


Clyde was usually in charge of cleaning the special room. Edith couldn’t even keep her desk tidy, so he would clean up the crumbling files for her every time. She has never been criticized for not being good at organizing, but in reality he did it anyway.


Adrian’s words came out soon after and his words were unexpected.


“Edith, if you’re going to play the role of the Crown Prince’s right hand, you have to be prepared.”


“It’s a bit scary if I have to be prepared for it.”


“It can’t be helped. His Highness intends to use you very actively.”




“From now on, you’ll be under external pressure and there may be a physical danger. That’s why I want to help. I told His Highness I would help you.”


Adrian ruffled his hair and picked his words slowly. A soft voice flowed as clear as music.


“I hope you don’t misunderstand me. For the time being, I… I’ll be His Highness lover.”


“A lover?”


“It’s a strategy to distract attention. It’s not really a deep relationship.”


He felt embarrassed. Edith was at a loss on how to take this offer.


In addition, according to this flow, it appeared that Adrian and Clyde were dating. It would be closer to the original.


Would they end up getting married after hating each other? The possibility couldn’t be ruled out. But the process was completely different from what Edith had read.


It seemed the meeting she had pushed for two years was the turning point.


She had been thinking about it, but the biggest twist seemed to be herself. There was nowhere in the novel that Adrian was interested in Edith at the academy.


“Adrian, it is a heartfelt congratulations for you to become close to His Highness. But I’m so sorry if you disguise yourself because of me.”


“You don’t have to be sorry. This is an important matter. Even if you stay as a Beta, someone will show up to keep you in check, but if you become an Omega, you’ll be under fire.”


She couldn’t find a word to answer immediately. It was quite a reasonable guess given the current situation.


“I heard you work in the Crown Prince’s private room. You and his Highness are alone in the office.”


“Because HIs Highness insists.”


“It will be louder if His Highness strongly demands it.”


It was a strange position as a service attendant, and it might be quiet just because it had not been long since it started.


An Omega attendant lives in a private room next to the bedroom. It was the perfect prey for the aristocrats who were desperate to catch the Crown Prince’s flaws.

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