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Adrian was busy keeping his eyes on hers, worrying about her reddish complexion.


“It’s not just for Edith’s sake that I step forward as His Highness’ Omega lover. It’s also beneficial for me.”


“Still, it’s too much for you to do that.”


“No, I’m serious… from now on, I will be able to receive full support from the imperial family for business. And I will no longer be excluded from the social circle that revolves around aristocrats.”


Because of his ethnic background, he couldn’t fit in with the aristocracy. Technically speaking, it was neither exactly in relations nor not. Even though he was an aristocrat with a count title, he wasn’t treated as such.


“Adrian, you’re probably going to suffer a lot.”


“I’m used to being bothered by others. You also know that. People always surround me.”


“Are your followers the same as those who will bite you?”


“There are still so many people who find fault within it. Edith must not have seen it very closely.”


“I think everyone just says you’re pretty.”


“Not at all. I’m used to being insulted and hurt. It’s a process that we’re going through elsewhere anyway, but I don’t feel resentful if I get hit while doing a big business.”


It was impossible to dissuade Adrian who had a clear will. Edith couldn’t do anything about it even though it sounded like an excuse to pretend to be the Crown Prince’s partner because he needed it for his business.


Adrian, whom she had been trying to keep a distance all along, suddenly felt like he was seeping into her.


❋ ❋ ❋


Rumors about Adrian having a special relationship with the Crown Prince circulated for days.


A sunny day was selected and a seat was prepared on the open terrace. It was a spot that could be easily seen by others. The Crown Prince carefully arranged it and Adrian dressed up as splendidly as he could.


After clearing the surroundings, they drank tea closely.


Whenever the servants served refreshments, Adrian secretly shed Omega’s pheromones toward Clyde. He acted as if he had been giving the scent of seduction all along. Clyde also released a piercingly sharp Alpha pheromone in response.


The Crown Prince’s scent was like a beast. It was a scent that naturally evoked obedience.


“Your Highness, the scent is too strong. It’s hard for me to handle.”


“It’s not a big deal. I’m sure you’ve been wielding Alphas.”


He saw a palace servant staggering on his knees as he pushed the serving car away. That servant looked like a weak Alpha.


“Not at all. I pride myself on being a chaste Omega.”


Adrian had a serious look on his face for no reason.


No matter how he was determined to be taken advantage of, the title of the Crown Prince’s lover was a heavy burden for him as well. It definitely would become an obstacle when he started a family with someone else later.


He hoped that what he told Edith in advance would work. Please don’t misunderstand him.


Adrian was always smiling. However, the conversation for the exhibition smile was bleak. After boringly repeating the weather story, the topic fell. Neither did the Crown Prince want to bring up sensitive matters.


“Sir, should we end it for today?”


He felt relieved to get up after finishing a very long tea time.


“Should I come back tomorrow?”


“It would be good.”


“I’ll spare you plenty of free time like today.”


“Ah, and tell the chief attendant if you need anything else.”


Adrian only lowered his eyes without saying a word. The price for helping the Crown Prince move forward would be dealt with in the line of the vassal without having to ask it directly.


He was aware of that. The Crown Prince didn’t make this kind of fabrication simply for Edith’s privacy.


These days, rumors of a feud between the imperial family and the old aristocracy were formidable. His willingness to use emerging forces was also clear. Adrian and the groups of businessmen and traders tried to intervene somehow. Edith, who had a high title but didn’t fit into the aristocratic side, naturally fell into the eyes of the Crown Prince.


Besides, she’s smart. The situation in which the Crown Prince was holding her was understandable to some extent.


“Your Highness, I’ll see you off on your way.”


Two men came out of the terrace and met Edith. She was approaching from across the hallway with another servant.




Adrian was unable to react quickly and let out a dazed sigh. Knowing that his attitude wouldn’t help, he just couldn’t get better.


Being passive won’t leave any good impression on Edith. She hates him even if he doesn’t, but he’s slow to react, let alone make up for his shortcomings.


She indeed hates him. It was like that no matter how many times he looked at it. Even if it weren’t like that, at the least he would make her uncomfortable.


So it broke his heart.


It was difficult to take on the challenge hastily.


In contrast to Adrian who lagged behind and stared at her faintly, Clyde strode and showed his presence with his whole body.


Edith had a brief conversation with the Crown Prince first before recognizing Adrian.


“Adri, you were still here.”


She was clutching things today as well. A booklet the size of the palm of her hand was loaded with sheets of paper. Some of the sheets looked like they were about to fall off at any moment.


“Edith, how did you get here in time?”


“Your Highness has called me saying that you have left your seat.”


It seemed she had been called just in time with the end of tea time.


Adrian felt very sorry for her looking busy. The Crown Prince is too much. How could he call Edith right away without giving her enough rest?


Clyde approached her and snatched what was in her hand. Then he took the messy papers out of the booklet and organized them neatly. After making the corners square, he put them back in the book and held it in his hand.


Clyde did what Adrian wanted to do.


Clyde tilted his head towards her.


“Edith, let’s go up.”




“Adrian, take this servant’s guidance and return home safely.”


The servant was well acquainted with Adrian. The servant who came with Edith was also an old friend of Adrian.


As he watched the Crown Prince and Edith move away side by side, Adrian felt a sense of emptiness in his stomach.


He couldn’t take his eyes off her even though he didn’t want to see her with another guy.


The servant said something to Adrian’s ear after a long time. He couldn’t hear it at first, but after a few repetitions, he understood that it meant for him to go.


“Wait. Let me see it off a little more.”


In the eyes of the servants who come and go, Adrian seems to be chasing his lover Clyde with a distant look.


The servant, who had been hanging out with Adrian since academy days, was well aware of his hidden feelings. He and his close friends have all witnessed it. For years Adrian has been hovering around Edith.


“Adrian, isn’t it time to stop?”


He clenched his fists between the hem of his robe and secretly soothed his sore stomach.


“What do you mean to stop? This is only the beginning.”


“Did it really start? Isn’t it still one-sided?”


“Edith contacted me directly the other day and came to see me. I thought she was trying to set me up with the Crown Prince… but what does it mean? It means Edith thought of me.”


He remembered the day when he acted coy with all his might. He intentionally rolled up his clothes and sat nearby to seduce her.


It seemed like the opportunity would never come again unless it were that moment. So he even talked about crossing the line. He told her she could come to his house anytime. He actively expressed his intentions to welcome her anytime if it was Edith, day or night.


Edith wouldn’t know. How embarrassed he was to say such words and act like that.


It was the only time he was struggling to look good to someone.


The servant looked at Adrian who didn’t want to leave and put on a tired expression.


“What do you like about her so much?”


“What I like is….”


After a moment of thought, he soon began to talk.


“I’m not sure. It’s been so long that I can’t remember. I think it just came naturally.”


Was it because she was alone among the people who were being enticed by him. Was it because he was impressed by how she came down the library stairs. Perhaps it was because the gap between locations in the classroom was marvelous every time.


Then a memory suddenly came to mind. What Edith thinks of him.


She had talked about it several times. Did she say there were a lot of people around him? She was also called it a follower.


This word first came from the kind of people who slandered Adrian. It was such a common saying that even his friends would joke around saying he was a follower without hesitation.


Of course, there were a steady number of people who approached rationally. No matter how much he cut it out, it kept coming back, so he was used to refusing confession.


“Does Edith think I’m a flirt?”


The servant took his words meant for himself.


“Of course, it was like that.”


“Are you sure?”


“Even you think so. Who would think that an Omega wrapped around an Alpha is pure?”


Even the servant who accepted Adrian’s gloomy mood was Alpha. So even if Edith thought of him that way, he had nothing to say.


“No, it’s not.”


“You’re the only one who knows it’s not. Edith wouldn’t know.”


“I’m really not a flirt.”


He was choked up with anger.


The pain that had been pressed down simmered from the inside and heated up.


In an instant, an unbearable passion struck.


Edith had just turned the corner at the end of the hallway. As she dragged her heel as if she were tired of her daily life, she was already out of Adrian’s sight.


It was unbearable.


The feelings that he had holding well were about to be revealed. His body was telling him that he couldn’t hold back any longer.


A raging waterfall poured out, moving the wandering bridge at will. Before he knew it, Adrian was running. He chased after her without a doubt in the solemn Crown Prince’s palace hallway.


In fact, he didn’t want to make excuses that he wasn’t a flirt. No matter how much he pressed it down, some words overflowed.


There was something he wanted to say.


‘I’m tired of hovering around. I want to approach you, so please don’t avoid me.’


His hot eyes cooled off by the wind while he ran. He consciously straightened his furrowed eyebrows.


Even the moment when anger and passion were mixed was due to the obsession that she should not hate him.


“Excuse me….”


He held onto the pillar in the corner and turned in the direction Edith had gone.

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