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The bedroom where the emperor lay was dark, and there was a bed inside covered with drapery.


The atmosphere was relatively calm thanks to the subtle incense burning and open windows. There was no courtesan inside, just the two of them alone. The emperor’s palace was completely in Clyde’s hands.


In the tightly closed bedroom, he said nothing to his father. He just stared out the window and was lost in thought.


It wasn’t until he was about to return that he glanced inside the curtain to ensure the situation remained unchanged as he had arranged.


The embalmed, parched corpse was covered in a white cloth.


He lifted the cloth and saw his father’s body was intact before withdrawing. It was perfectly cleaned, and even the dark brown surface was the same as he checked last week.


He’d always left without a word but wanted to say something to the body today. Perhaps it was because he was thrilled to have found Edith as his strong ally.


“One day, when I can fully reach my power, I will take Your Majesty to a place for your eternal rest.”


He thought he could overcome the current situation if his position were firmly established through the shooting competition. He could announce that the emperor had passed away and eagerly awaited the day he would ascend to the throne without any external pressure. 


His father died too early. Clyde couldn’t even talk to the powerful aristocrats at that time. His father didn’t even last three months after the assassination.


Rather than sadness, the reality in front of him was harsh. At the crossroads of whether to collapse or concealment, Clyde had no choice but to make a tough decision.


“I’ll take my leave, Your Majesty. I’ll visit again next time.”


He lowered the curtain and turned his back on the mummified body.


The most important thing in the emperor’s palace was to keep their mouth shut. He met the courtiers who knew the situation and listened to the current situation. Clyde stopped by every week to go through this process. 


Among them, he also talked with those who resembled the emperor. He was a courtier whose purpose was to be sent out to outside events when it was essential. The courtier’s face was slightly different from his father’s, but he could be almost indistinguishable from a few steps apart when he dressed up.


Clyde’s weekly schedule was thus concluded in the emperor’s palace, which was quiet as a crypt.


❋ ❋ ❋


[☆Additional notice☆]


[Hello, readers. The writer is back. In the meantime, I have been ambitiously reorganized my work. Please enjoy the story.]


Oh, thank goodness. She was apprehensive about the original story being turned private. In the last announcement, the writer said that she would fix the settings and make a lot of modifications, so she wondered how much had changed.


Edith read the announcement written in Hangul in the bed canopy when she slipped into the bed earlier than usual.


Her bright eyes followed the original work’s notice because she couldn’t sleep.


[His steps were heavy as he turned around, leaving Adrian behind]


[As he turned the corner with his attendant, Edith, he heard an urgent sound of shoes in the distance: it was him. Adrian’s feet flew lightly as if they had not touched the ground, and he fell into his arms.]


Huh? She saw this scene somewhere.


[“Can you spare me some time? I have something to tell you.”]


[“Adrian, I don’t want to part with you either. What should I do?]


[“Your Highness….”]


This happened when Adrian stopped by the palace a few days ago from Clyde’s point of view.


She couldn’t believe the newly released story contained what had happened at that time. Goddess, how can this be!


There is a clear difference between the content she has seen before and this one. The original work she saw four years ago is later based on Edith’s time and could help her anticipate and deal with what may unfold in the future.


But this episode is a thing of the past. An event one has already experienced.


The next episode’s story is equally useless from Edith’s point of view if past events are used.


Hold on… she notices a light difference when she looks at it again.


Adrian and Clyde said something similar, although she didn’t remember it exactly.


But what’s with this strange feeling that is the same but different?


[Clyde wanted to kiss Adrian’s eyes. He would undoubtedly have done so if he hadn’t eyes around him.]


[Instead, Adrian wrapped his raised arm around his neck. Exhilarated by the Omega’s scent, which reminded him of the iris flower, his tumultuous senses were finally satiated.] 


It’s different! It’s definitely different!


She could clearly pinpoint the difference in this passage.


The two are posing as fake lovers. Clyde couldn’t have felt excited for Adrian. The passage in the original work is not accurate.


It was difficult to presume that their emotions had changed invisibly. Just yesterday, Clyde grumbled when Edith briefly talked about Adrian.


‘What the hell’s going on?’


Is it parallelism or something like that?


Clyde and Adrian in the other world are as sweet as the original, but are not like that in this world?


‘From my keen intuition, it’s as if someone from the side wrote it down.’


If she thinks about it under the premise that this world is the same as the original, that passage is terribly strange. The writer cannot be unaware of the character’s psychology, but the writer got it wrong.


When Clyde acted in a show-off manner that day, it was almost as if a spy had seen them and written about what he saw. The passage gives the impression that it was written by a spectator rather than the world’s creator. 


The writer didn’t see the whole thing and just saw some of it.


Did the writer not see the moment when Adrian was with Edith?


That’s impossible!


Everything was ridiculous, and the hologram floating in front of her made no sense either.


[“I’ll see you tomorrow, Adrian. As early as possible.”]


[Clyde’s heart collapsed as he faced Adrian’s watery eyes because he felt sad about the brief farewell. He had become determined again. He wouldn’t let obstacles stand in the way of welcoming him as the Crown Prince….]


The passage written in Hangul gradually disappeared. There seems to be much to discover, but it’s already over. 


Edith stared blankly at the air. Even though she knew it was useless, she acted foolishly out of regret. How will the next story unfold? She had no choice but to wait for the original passage even though she was curious. She also didn’t know when and how it would appear.


Tossing and turning her body in the bed, she had a lot of thoughts and couldn’t sleep. 


After a long time, she managed to return home today, so there was no one next to her.


Edith made a strong request to Clyde earlier. She insisted all she needed to do was practice for the shooting competition, so staying in the special room was unnecessary. He was forced to let her go because he couldn’t find anything else to refute.


Perhaps she may be able to return home early at this rate. He promised she only had to practice shooting, except for performing external official duties.


She pulled the worn-out blanket to her chin and forced herself to sleep. All she has to do is go to the shooting range in time for the morning training. Edith asked several maids to wake her early and ensure the clock was on time.


It might be because the bed had changed or she had just read the original novel. Edith had been thinking about all sorts of things and fell asleep much later than in the Crown Prince’s bed.


❋ ❋ ❋


“Sir Ketzmorris?”


A young man’s voice resonated beautifully in the bedroom of an unmarried woman.


“Sir, do you know what time it is?”


He called Edith with an unfamiliar title for a long time and became irritated.


The pat on her shoulder felt familiar. She greeted the morning with this touch yesterday and the day before.




“You won’t get up? You’ll be late for your schedule.”


The man’s grip on her hand was strangely strong. It was as if the simmering feeling of resentment channeled through the firm grasp on her hand.


She realized this was a different bed from yesterday when the rough blanket scratched her neck. She fell asleep at home after a long time.


But why is that man here?




Clyde was dressed in uniform and appeared to have just returned from early morning training. He raised one eyebrow to express his displeasure.


“You didn’t come no matter how long I waited.”


“Gasp! What time is it now?”


“It’s been a while since the sun rose. Even if you go out right now, you’ll be late for the meeting schedule.”


The restless maids could be seen over his shoulder. She didn’t know if they overslept or couldn’t wake her up. Anyway, it was clear that she was late.


“Oh my….”


She suddenly sprang up.


Clyde leaned against the door whilst she hurriedly prepared for the morning. The tips of his fingers patted his folded forearms, urging her silently. As soon as she got out of the dressing room after changing her clothes, he nodded and signaled their departure.


“I’ve been waiting all morning at the shooting range.”


“I’m sorry.”


“There’s still plenty of time before the shooting competition, but Edith has just started holding a gun and isn’t in a position to be relaxed.”




“I’ve been anxious from the moment you said you would come to the shooting range from Ketzmorris mansion, which is far from the palace. It’s going to take a lot of time to come.”




Although the palace was not very far from Pillar of the Earth Hill, Edith had to shut up like a honeyed mute [1] . What would a sinner who stood up the Crown Prince say? 


“Leave it to me instead if you think you can’t get up.”


Sure enough, he knew this would come up.


“I’ll never be late tomorrow.”


“No, don’t overdo it. Sleep comfortably in my room, let’s get up and move together.”


Clyde’s horse rode ahead. There was no time to argue on the way to the palace. 


After successfully returning home for only one day, Edith returned to the pit of her workplace. 


❋ ❋ ❋


Edith’s sample test results came out.


While waiting for the doctor, she felt troubled. She couldn’t figure out why her disposition had changed. 


All she could have assumed arose from the fact she was from another world and had become Edith.


Many events were taking place around her carried out differently from the original. Given similarities, the reason why she was suspected to be an Omega and even had a temperament test was because there was another entity in the body? 


But this was just a baseless conjecture. Omega temperament is a physical trait, and a change in the soul wouldn’t change the body.

  • 1. A mute who ate honey means a person who can not say what they want or thinks.
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  1. Ah, I’m so curious! What’s the novel updates that she sees and when does she realize she’s an omega?!