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Edith was at her wit’s end, she had to cut down the towers of the papers at one time after another, and she managed to keep her shaky pupils in line with the reports. She was in a hurry, dozens of people were waiting in the next room.


As soon as she barely read and skimmed it, he drew attention by snapping his fingers.


“Now report to me. I’ll give you three minutes.”


The smallest hourglass was overturned with a time limit that was so terrifying that [tnote keyword=”she had pain in the back of her head”]The words meaning might be a real pain, but mostly it is a pain when you get angry or shocked by an unpleasant situation.[/tnote].


Three minutes? He must be joking now.


On the one hand, her heart was full of heat. But now, she regrets every minute and second.


There was no time to relax.


She spoke in a stuttering tone.


“We have received several complaints about the standing army’s maintenance costs being too high. It was not in wartime, but there was an opinion about whether it was necessary, and there were also opinions about who could dare challenge the imperial family’s authority.”


“Go on.”


“On the other hand, only one article advocated the standing army. Count Katinez said that it was necessary to strengthen the imperial power. He proposed that the estate’s size and property taxed on the aristocracy should be investigated in detail….”


“Okay, stop.”


He looked like a creature that had just fallen from heaven, but what he did was very merciless.


She didn’t like it.


Now that she thought about it, Clyde’s tone of speech became shorter as if they were close.


The way he looked up and down was unusual. She felt a shiver in her face, shoulders, and hands that were getting attention.


The appearance of the main male top was very burdensome, and she was worried about whether the documents were organized and explained properly.


It would have been bad to see him cut off the explanation without filling in three minutes.


In other words, it might be better off not explaining. She would still be scolded a little and kicked out.


Right, why did the idea just come to mind now?


Clyde was so aggressive that she thought she had to get it done quickly.


Edith’s fingers twitched as she gathered hands in front of her navel.


He had an unknown expression on his face, but he smiled when he stopped his gaze at her finger, which showed nervousness.


He rang a small bell on his desk, and a servant came in.


“Did you call me, Your Highness?”


“Sir Ketzmorris, the new clerk, has passed my examination. I think she’ll be quite useful.”


The gray-haired Grand Chamberlain looked at Edith from the side and slightly admired her.


“Oh, someone who passed Your Highness’ examination has finally appeared. Congratulation on finding a competent person.”


“The department that she originally applied to wasn’t in our palace, but you should come forward and deal with it. We can’t let her taken away, right?”


“Of course. I’ll take care of it immediately.”


What’s going on right now?


An exam?


Was it a test where you put in a ridiculous amount of paperwork and set a time limit?


“Sir Ketzmorris.”


Feeling so absurd, she couldn’t answer his call but only clenched her mouth awkwardly.


Clyde hurriedly approached her without giving him a chance to calm down. Then he shoved his handsome face right in front of Edith’s nose.


While the curved features showed off his charm, the deep epicanthal fold gave off a mysterious atmosphere in particular.




Her mind was blown.


“What? Yes!”


“From today on, you will go back and forth between my office and a special room to help with my work.”


This man’s face didn’t clear up everything.


In another sense, her mind was confused again.


If he was the main top, he should show his charm to the bottom. Why was he like this to her?


Although it was the main plot of the entire novel, her butt was slammed, he roasted her with documents, and now it was getting to the point where it was difficult to change the department. Due to the main character’s dazzling gaze, Edith had to close her eyes by force.


Come to think of it, she seemed to have heard another ominous remark. There was a part of Clyde’s new instructions that Edith couldn’t imagine.


“A spe–cial room?”


She wondered because it was an ambiguous room name, and he gave a clear confirmation.


“It’s a room adjacent to the bedroom.”


Her pupils shook aimlessly like dry weeds on a windy winter day.


So, did that mean that the room adjacent to Clyde’s bedroom became her workspace?


Did that make sense? The crown prince was talking so much nonsense.


“No, I–”


Just as she was about to confirm it, he opened his mouth first.


“The room’s size will be smaller than the department you wanted. I hope you will consider it a part of your work even if it is a bit inconvenient.”


Suddenly, she was reminded of a part of the novel that appeared like a club light.


‘I always had Edith by my side.’


That was what he said.


She was someone he always had on his side, just like the context.


She had a strong feeling that it was too difficult to escape from the evil beast.


❋ ❋ ❋


As she left the Crown Prince’s office, another attendant led her to the special room. That person glanced at Edith who was following him over and over again.


“Why? Is there something wrong?”


With a curious expression, the servant gave a small note.


“I was amazed by sir Ketzmorris. I can’t believe you passed the exam.”


“What? Ah, somehow, I got into trouble.”


“What do you mean you’re in trouble? No one has ever crossed the tough threshold of His Highness.”


The servant grumbled to himself as if he also had had experience with it. Throwing out reports you’ve never seen before, summarizing and briefing it, all in front of the divine His Highness’ eyes.


“Well, my mouth was frozen.”


“If you’re unlucky enough to catch the eye of His Highness among new officials, you will be tested in that way.”


“Is that so?”


Edith scratched the tip of her ear to hide her embarrassment.


To say that the private room would be narrow was a lie. It meant that the area was small compared to the Ministry of Government Affairs’ office, where many people work closely like a factory.


The atmosphere was similar to the bedroom where Clyde sleeps, and the interior was designed to match the imperial family’s dignity, so it was no longer a comparison to the general office.


She could hold on to her worries that it would be inconvenient to stay, but she was worried it was too close to the Crown Prince’s bedroom.


The boundary between the bedroom and the special room was a wall surrounded only half of it. There were no doors and no curtains to cover.


On the desk in the special room, quite a few documents seemed to have been reviewed. She wondered if Clyde was doing the rest of the work here before went to sleep.


‘Something like this…. It feels like the Crown Prince’s personal assistant.’


It was still difficult to determine whether the unexpected test opened the way to success or a great disaster.


Edith tried to avoid him because there were so many incidents and accidents around Clyde in the original story. Of course, the direct subordinates under him suffered ignorantly.


But it wasn’t all about the hard feeling.


The problem was that the original work was only serialized for free up to 25 episodes.


Only ‘a period’ of the final battle was released.


Perhaps the author planned to write a complete story of the work and publish it as a paid series.


In real life, she loaded the web and waited for the publication announcement, but there was no news for months.


So Edith’s information was only 25 episodes and an introduction. It was written there that Clyde would become a tyrant, so she believed it to be so, but she didn’t know what kind of upheaval it would actually be.


Amid speculation and ominousness, at least Edith had read it, so there was something certain. It was the point that Clyde, the main top, would meet Adrian, the main bottom, and was revived.


This was the novel’s big flow, so she thought it probably wouldn’t change.


‘Isn’t it the law that the world’s strongest dominant Alpha needs the right Omega?’


Unlike her real world, this place had the nature of Alpha and Omega.


The basic criteria for distinguishing people were Alpha, Omega, and Beta.


This was more important than gender, so it became a unit for making a family and giving birth to a child, and it was also the basis for maintaining a class-based society of dominance and submissiveness.


Each propensity wasn’t superior to either, but merely different. Alpha excels in strength and logic, Omega has excellent leadership and sociability, and Beta has excellent cooperation and assimilation.


In addition, very few of the Alpha and Omega were especially had strong nature and therefore referred to as dominance.


Because dominant Alpha and Omega mainly follow the bloodline, so-called ‘great parents’ often have great children. They soon became the ruling power and established themselves as the highest aristocrats and royalty.


Crown Prince Clyde was at the pinnacle.


This man showed off his extraordinary dominant Alpha nature. Others praised him as a natural talent, but he was the number one character to avoid in Edith’s eyes.


To avoid the risk of overwork in his shadow, she had to attach Adrian as soon as possible.


Her goal was to work less and live on her salary.


‘By the way, it’s still a long time before Adrian, the main bottom, meets Clyde…. What should I do with this?’


Clyde, one year older than Edith, was now 21 years old. There were two years left before the romance began.


In the meantime, Edith has been promoted from a low-level clerk to the chief clerk through high-speed promotion and then becomes Clyde’s close aide.


This means that she has to roll under Clyde for two years.


‘Shall I change the time period?’


There was no need to make hasty decisions on the previous phenomenon.


It didn’t matter if she tried another way.


If it failed, she would stop, if it went well, that was good.


She thought she would get a migraine because she had been thinking about it too much.


Lunch at the Crown Prince’s Palace was, of course, delicious. Edith has a personality that gets angry when she is hungry, so she whispered that she should eat at least.


After she ate like an eating show creator, she decided to stop thinking about complicated thoughts.


She couldn’t find anything to do because she couldn’t touch Clyde’s desk without permission. She pulled an assistant chair to the side table, sat down, dozed off, and eventually fell asleep.


Perhaps because she had been so nervous in an unfamiliar environment since early morning, she was completely sound asleep. She didn’t notice any signs of Clyde’s appearance and didn’t hear him approaching while stepping on a thick carpet.

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