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Edith planned to meet Adrian using a minor connection as an excuse.


First, she sent a letter to his house expressing her intention to visit. If each of them became known as an academy classmate, it would be an excuse to meet. Fortunately, she got a quick reply.


However, as soon as she opened the thin envelope and Adrian’s letter, the paper shone on itself and hangul letters were written on it.


The original story appeared again in Korean letters written in front of her.


[There are two ways to have a baby in a world where Alpha and Omega exist.]


It was a passage explaining the Omegaverse worldview.


She couldn’t figure out why it was fluttering in her sight out of the blue.


The writing continued.


[First, using propensity. If you received the Alpha’s seeds, an Omega or Beta could get pregnant regardless of gender.]


[Second, using gender. If both the men and women were Omega, women could get pregnant by receiving sperm from men.]


It was natural and common sense


Alpha and Omega populations were small, so they will inevitably be eliminated if they couldn’t find a marriage partner. Therefore, they could conceive according to disposition, but they could have offspring according to gender like in her real world.


In this place where Betas make up 70-80% of the total population, the actual way to start a family was almost a meeting between men and women.


‘Why are you showing me what I already know?’


She was scared for no reason.


As the light faded, Adrian’s polite and welcoming reply was written on the letter paper. The letter said that he wanted to meet as soon as possible and had time right now.


Edith couldn’t control her restlessness as she changed to outdoor clothes.


Just before she went to meet Adrian, the novel’s main bottom, she thought hard about why she read the Omegaverse setting.


Count Raymond residence, where Adrian lived, was much more magnificent and well-decorated than Edith’s house. His rank was lower than her family’s, but his financial resources were solid.


She had heard the rumors that he had succeeded in a good manufacturing industry, it naturally came into her ears as people around her were making a fuss.


As she entered the fancy drawing room, she met Adrian with a cheerful piano sound.


But he wasn’t alone.


There were several Alphas around him, endlessly staring at him like sunflowers wishing for the sun, eager to somehow attract his attention.


A familiar composition and atmosphere. Even at the Academy, the focused on Adrian were always like this.


The main character was seated in the middle, and a decent-looking young man was attached to his left and right. The other Alphas pulled up a single chair and sat close to Adrian.


Because of the Alphas huddled around Adrian, the table next to him looked cumbersome.


Since it was a BL genre, all the people who were courting him were men. And his appearance was worth looking at above a certain level.


She bowed politely.


“Long time no see, Sir Raymond. How have you been?”


The Alphas, who looked like his sunflowers, his petals, stared at her with a displeased expression on their face. It was as if their competitors had increased.


Of course, Edith knew that their competitor was not her. Since Clyde, the best Alpha has already been decided as his companion, she wanted to advise the Alphas, who were uselessly put her on edge, not to give up and find another Omega.


As she smiled outwardly, Edith paid attention to Adrian who had invited her.


With his long, wavy purple hair neatly tied back, he was as neat and beautiful as she had seen at the academy.


Adrian had a thin, elegant neckline that reminded her of an Iris flower.


As soon as he saw her, his pale and thin face was immediately turned bright.


His lips that were not too thick made a small shape, he whispered, chirping in a sweet voice that pierced her ears.


“Edith, that’s too much. What’s with Sir Raymond, it’s like we don’t know each other.”


It was a warm welcome for a relationship that had never been able to have a conversation during school days.


As he rose from his seat with a fresh look, the Alpha that surrounded in all directions fell like falling petals.


She was grateful for the warm welcome, but it was rather awkward because he suddenly expressed his closeness. Edith couldn’t get any closer and crawled far away from the drawing room.




He dropped out from the academy in his final semester because his father passed away. And now he was in a position to lead the Count Raymond.


He may be more often referred to as Sir Raymond these days, but he was only friendly to her.


“It’s been a while since I’ve heard that name. Since we’re friends, could you please call me Adri?”


The corners of his eyes were curved like a crescent moon, it were pretty enough to tickle the hearts of those who saw them. Her heart pounded slightly because it was the first time to witness his smile right in front of her.


However, Adrian only expressed the common affinity he could have as a schoolmate.


According to Adrian’s natural personality, he was a affectionate person. When he ran into someone who looked in a bad condition, he couldn’t just pass it over and help. He was often involved in unexpected events because he couldn’t refuse other people’s requests.


However, since he received a lot of attention from so many people, he seemed to have learned how to distinguish whether they were just trying to flirt or actually needed help. Surprisingly he used to get out of dirty tricks easily.


Thanks to this, he still maintains his pure sensibility, and he was such a fantastic Omega that didn’t waste the position as a main bottom..


Edith said quietly and muttered, “Adri….”


His sky-like eyes narrowed until she couldn’t see them.


She thought that if he smiled this pretty, all women in the world would die, but suddenly she remembered this wasn’t reality. There were quite a few male Omegas who were prettier than females.


Among them, Adrian overwhelmingly showed off his delicate beauty, stimulating even Edith’s protective instinct.


The slender figure swung his skinny legs, closing their distance.


Edith was frozen as if her feet were stuck on the ground.


“I didn’t know there was a meeting. Perhaps I should have chosen another day.”


It was the moment when the Alpha that hordes following him understood.


“No, I was about to end the meeting. Shall we move somewhere else?”


After saying goodbye to those around him kindly, he took the lead and went out.


Compared to Edith’s spacious mansion, this place had a good taste, even if it was a little small for a count’s family. Passing through the central hallway, a terrace with trendy shade appeared. The scenery spread out toward the courtyard was luxurious enough to compare to the palace garden.


“I was surprised to receive your letter, Edith.”


The part about difficulty to contact was mentioned first.


Edith rather confessed that they weren’t close.


“It was a bit out of the blue, wasn’t it?”


However, Adrian was somehow excited. He put his hand on the back of a chair for a while, suggesting a seat under the canopy for her. After she sat down, he continued to stand.


“Honestly, I thought you hated me.”


Adrian’s light beige coat fluttered beside her seated upper body.


It was a little awkward to raise her head and look up.


It was tense and awkward.


A voice that had been heard from a little distance approached her softly.


With her nerves on edge, she could feel him leaning on her back and bringing his lips to near her ears.


“It was difficult to get close…. I think I was the only one who was upset because I wanted to meet you like this.”


“What do you mean that I hate you?”


She didn’t have that kind of connection.


Aah, you don’t seem to remember–”


There was a hint of disappointment in the exclamation that was uttered unintentionally.


She didn’t expect Adrian, who always receives attention from others and lives at the center of the topic, would show this kind attitude.


He was always with his friend or Alphas who confessed their love. There was no room for Edith to approach, and there was no intention of doing so anyway.


So she thought he would only remember her as an academy classmate, but now that she talked to him, it felt very different.


That didn’t mean Adrian stuck to her side and flirted awkwardly. His actions and tone didn’t cross the kindness’ line.


It was difficult to misunderstand whether he was approaching her as the opposite gender for a reason. Edith has seen countless Alphas who had vain dreams around him. 


“We also took 「The History of Lagrand Empire」course. Other than that, there were more overlapping subjects in first and second year.”


Uh… that’s right.”


She couldn’t believe he even remembered the subject.


That was unexpected. She wasn’t the only one who was conscious.


“Do you remember when I sat next to you in class?”


Edith shook her head. Actually, she remembered it because it was an awkward experience.


Adrian suddenly came and sat next to her in a long side desk that several people could sit. It was so burdensome that there was a beautiful omega glowed within a step.


She pretended not to know what was going on, and she only glanced back at him briefly.


Immediately, her gaze encountered the blue eyes that was staring at her.


“I was thinking about how I’m going to talk to you. I decided to sit next to you on purpose, and then you went to the bathroom.”


She couldn’t turn her gaze once entangled with him.


She was caught in a trap while trying to sneak a look at the atmosphere.


“Did… I?”


On the outside, she pretended not to know.


“When you got back, you moved. You sat in the front seat where you could see the spit when the professor spoke enthusiastically. A place where no one sits.”


She tilted her head and tried to trace her memory, in hope that her pretense wouldn’t be awkward.


He expressed his shyness like a rejected schoolboy.


“So I couldn’t pretend to know anymore.”


It was difficult to dismiss the friendliness that was implied to me beyond expectation.


It was hard to keep a distance from Adrian here because she insisted that she didn’t avoid Adrian in the past. Besides, she came to visit on her own accord today.


“I don’t remember. I’m sorry if I did. It was probably a coincidence.”


He doubt it. Adrian rubbed his ears awkwardly.


“I guess I was the only one who cared. I wanted to talk to Edith, so I tried similar things like that a few time. But I failed every time….”


He recounted his past experiences.


When they crossed into each other at a school festival without a hitch.


When Adrian appeared on the library’s rare bookshelf and she finished choosing the book in time.


Surprisingly he remembered a lot of the past in detail.


It was true that Edith avoided the main bottom as much as possible, but she couldn’t recollect all the memories he recalled. Adrian rather remembered her more.


Perhaps it was because of his thoughtful and meticulous personality. The past that only one person could remembers touched her heart unknowingly.


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  1. Girl was openly avoiding him and thought he wouldn’t notice 😭