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Author: Lara

– Imperial Calendar Year 588. April 16th. 8:34 in the morning.


Ophelia Bolsheik, the day after one of her infinite regression.


“Ha… haa, haa….”


She was unaware about the fact that knowing something with actually doing it would be so different and painful.


Carried an unconscious adult male was really not something to be done alone.


Ophelia looked down at her trembling hand and then raised her head.


This wasn’t the time for her to be like this.


He would come to his senses soon. Because she didn’t hit the back of his head that hard.


She wrapped his arm that bigger than hers around her shoulder.


He must be carried onto the bed before he came to his senses. If he finds himself lying on the floor after recovering from a hard time and resting for a while…


Ophelia shook her head and clenched her teeth. She even squeezed out her suckling strength.


“Oh … my gosh, I really … I’m just trying … to live. Please, I hope you’re the right answer.”


She held back a curse whilst barely managed to make it to the bed.


She breathed heavily after tossing a figure covered in blood to her clean bed.


“Uh … hah. I’m dying.”


Ophelia paused as she tried to wipe the sweat from her cheek. Her hands and clothes were all covered with blood.


She let out a long … very long sigh as she alternately looked at her red hands and the man who was covered in more blood than her.


“Please, I hope you’re the answer.”


Ophelia kidnapped the Crown Prince by striking the back of his head after slaughtering all the assassins.


He was male protagonist in a fantasy novel that she possessed, whose title she couldn’t even remember.



– Imperial Calendar, Year 588. April 16th. Ten minutes before the Crown Prince wakes up. 12:52 p.m.


How long has it been?


Ophelia was piercingly staring at the Crown Prince’s cheeks.


Contrary to Ophelia’s expectations, the Crown Prince was unconscious for quite some time.


She dragged a chair right next to the bed and had been sitting there for almost an hour, 


She actually had nothing else to do with him, but she was very nervous.


“Should I tie him?”


Her gaze swept through the Crown Prince’s wrists and ankles. Ophelia was worried and contemplating in her mind, and then she shook her head.


“No. If I tie him, it would gotten worse and I wouldn’t be able to avoid death penalty.”


The fact that she kidnapped the Crown Prince itself was enough to make her executed, but Ophelia tried not to think about it as much as possible.


“He’s a human being, so he’ll understand. Yeah. He’s an actual person and not a fiction character.”


She was so anxious that she spoke a lot to herself unnecessarily, yet Ophelia didn’t even notice it.


When the Crown Prince woke up, she had already decided what to say. She spent almost two nights picked the right words.


She swallowed her saliva unconsciously.


It was already decided, but she felt something else wasn’t right and lacking when she stumbled upon her plan.


Just a little … it need a little more refinement….


Ophelia’s thoughts were cut off by a small groan that reached her ears, then she rose from her seat.




She couldn’t have misheard. for she had given all of her attention to the Crown Prince.


Ophelia widened her eyes and leaned forward to put her ear above his mouth.




He woke up! He really woke up!


She has imagined this situation countless times in her head. She kidnapped the crown prince and explained the situation after he came to his senses.


Up until the Crown Prince’s abduction, somehow she managed to do as she had envisioned. Of course, it didn’t go as planned, but it worked out in the end… 


But her mind was in a mess at the thought of talking to the Crown Prince directly.


“Should I tie up? No, forget about that! Fi … first. Firstly….”


Ophelia looked around without knowing what she was muttering, and then climbed on top of the Crown Prince’s stomach.


It was a very sudden decision, but the reason for doing this was clear.


Her strength and skills as an ordinary noble young woman would be difficult to subdue Crown Prince Richard who has fully come to his senses.


Of course, it would be impossible to overpower him even if she was on top of his stomach, but Ophelia could only think this way.


Ophelia licked her lips, which had dried up with tension. Those brief seconds when Richard’s eyelids twitching felt like a thousand years.


“Y-your … Your Highness?”


Finally, Richard’s golden eyes had fully opened. His sight was filled with only Ophelia.


He said nothing to Ophelia, who was looking down at him from his stomach. She just blinked slowly.


When she blinked about four times, Ophelia opened her mouth, unable to overcome the suffocating silence which seemed to squeeze her whole body.


“Your Highness! Your Highness the Crown Prince! Please listen to me first!”


Ophelia flapped her shoulders in surprise at her loud voice.


The grave silence followed.


An unbearable silence fell heavily in the room.


Ophelia suddenly wanted to cry. She had already prepared so many things to say and worked to the bone for today!


Everyone has a plan. [tnote keyword=”Until they get hit in the back of the head”]The phrase is an idiom which carries the same meaning as an idiom ‘stab someone in the back’, where you betray or deceive someone when they least expect it. In this paragraph, Ophelia felt betrayed by the ‘situation’ because her plan is ruined.[/tnote].


Were she going to die again? She would come back when she died anyway.


But if she returns, she would have to kidnap the Crown Prince again, since it started this morning when he was assassinated.


Ophelia’s eyebrows gradually drooped as she recalled this morning riot where she risked her life. Then Richard’s mouth, which she thought had been glued, opened.


“My lady?”


“I’m Ophelia Bolsheik.”


As she answered without a moment to breathe, her gaze drooped down more. For she couldn’t keep her eyes fixed on his glassy golden eyes. 


Another deathly silence fell again. The Crown Prince spoke again as Ophelia’s head was bowed almost to the level a sinner who committed mortal sin.


“Come down.”


“What? No…  that–”


Ophelia pondered on how to say her strange inner feelings that goes like ‘If I go down now, I think you’re going to cut my throat!’ 


As if had read her thoughts, Richard simply answered. “I won’t punish my lady for this, so come down.”




Ophelia was bewildered by such a cool exemption.


‘What’s going on? I haven’t said anything.’


“I said I wouldn’t charged my lady with the crime of kidnapping and confining me here.”


From Ophelia’s point of view, he said something frightening even though he didn’t even raise an eyebrow.


“Therefore, come down now.”


“Oh, yes. I’m sorry. I must have been heavy.”


“Not at all.”


At her quick reply, Ophelia rolled her eyes awkwardly. It was something she had prepared, but she didn’t know what to say when she got an overly decisive answer.


She reflexively rolled over to the right side, escaping from Richard’s firm and hard stomach.


As she went down from the bed, she grabbed the chair with her trembling hands and stood politely with her hands under her belly button.


Without paying any attention to her, Richard slowly raised his body and patted the back of his head.


“My head is fine.”


“Yes… I’ve only hit the back of the head with a little bit. I know how much power I used, it’s not enough to crack the head or not … no, forget it.”


Richard’s eyes, who had been staring at Ophelia, fluttered slightly, then became still again.


As she glanced at him rubbing his blood-stained lips, she carefully picked up a jug of water next to her.


Ophelia, who had placed two cups, poured the same water in front of Richard and looked at him.


“Is that poison?”


“It’s not! I want to tell you to choose whatever you want because there’s no poison in it!”


Ophelia shook her head, she took the two cups in her hands and gulped them down alternately afterwards.


Clear water dripped down from the corners of her lips. Richard stared at her like, soon grabbed one cup of water she had put in her mouth.


Before Ophelia could say anything, he gulped down half the water she had drank in one breath.


Ophelia waved her hand and barely managed to pull away ridiculous thought.


While her blue eyes flickered frantically, Richard spoke with the same calm expression.


“Is there any more obvious poison than what the one the lady just did?


Ophelia only pouted her lips at him, answered quickly by looking at his expression without saying anything.


When Richard emptied another cup of water, Ophelia realized that now was the time to explain her circumstances.


“Your Highness, the reason I have invited you here is because….”


She was so nervous that she blew the already cold water in her hand and took a sip.


“The reason is….”


“You didn’t invite me, you kidnapped me.”


“That … that’s true. But for a reason! I have a reason!”


At Ophelia’s urgent remark, Richard nodded his head very calmly.


“Let’s hear the explanation.”


There was a moment of silence. Ophelia was speechless because she couldn’t keep up with his unexpected and overly calm response.


“My lady?”


“Yes, so there’s a situation! The reason why I kidnapped Your Highness is because I keep going back! Your Highness will die…. No, every time Your Highness die, I return to that time! I will not going back unless Your Highness doesn’t die!”


There was no context in the words, even the subject and object were inaccurate mess.


Ophelia waved her hand and tried to put her words in order. However, no matter how she organized it, she sounded like a crazy person.


The facts themselves were simple and clear.


When the Crown Prince Richard dies, Ophelia would return to the point in time when he dies.


Regardless of the number of times he died. Until he survives!

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