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Author: lipzoldyck


As I lay down to sleep, someone knocked on the door.


There are only three people allowed to walk around the mansion at this time. Among them, there is only one human who has the manners to knock on others’ visits.


I spoke out the door.


“Are you Duke Schlager?”




A low-pitched voice like a wind instrument.


My prediction was correct.


The man standing in front of my room was named Latigre Ult Schlager. The Duke of Schlager and the Margrave of the Flogel border area.


Unofficially, a hound that lost its owner, a reaper riding a war horse…


As for nicknames, there were no limits.


Most of them are nicknames that smell like blood, and it’s true. But in front of me, he’s a little different.


The Duke’s heavy voice became sharp.


“But Sol, do you think the name Duke is valid now?”


“Ah, no. Father.”




The Duke’s voice softened as if he had finally succeeded.


“Can I come in?”


“Yes, it’s fine.”


I got up out of bed. For a 10-year-old kid, the blanket was too big and soft


Soon, the door opened.


Myㅡto be exact, the girl I possessed’s stepfather, Latigre, appeared. Although he’s over forty, at first glance, he’s a handsome man who only looks like he’s in his early to mid 30s.


The blue eyes between the silver hair that were unrealistic like snow piled up turned towards me. The iris around the pupil gradually changed like a stormy wave.


…Because the Duke is no ordinary human.


The main villain in the romance-fantasy [To Save You] and the son of a bitch who killed his stepdaughter.


I asked in a trembling voice.


“Father, what is it?”


“I came to read you a book.”


“Yes? Why a book?”


“Why? Didn’t I say it in front of people today? I read you a book every night.”


Yes, it was like that. In front of people, ‘Duke Schlager is a sweet daughter’s fool. He’s definitely not a cold-blooded villain!’


It was my idea.


“Father. You don’t really need to read it, right? Wouldn’t people believe it just by saying it? Who would even come into bed in the middle of the night?”


“Words can leak from the maids. And someone might suddenly ask you, ‘What book did the Duke read to you yesterday?’


I don’t think there is a person who’s that free.


Besides, if he reads a book with that scary face, it’s like a nightmare!


While I couldn’t even refuse his proposal, the Duke sat down on the edge of the bed and opened a book.


It wasn’t a children’s book for a 10-year-old.


[For Efficient Territory Management – Controlling Criminals]


It was hopeless. At all.




“I’ll read it slowly. You can fall asleep anytime, my daughter.”


Those lines were gentle, but the Duke’s sparkling eyes were too burdensome. Save me.


Whether I was scared or not. He started reading the book.


“Once upon a time, there was a small rural village. The lord was too far away, so when something bad happened, the villagers asked the village chief to make a decision.”


His voice is sharp, yet his tone is friendly. Is he trying to read it at a child’s level?


“Then one day. A human hand came out of the field.”




“Someone hid the body… No, I think they were trying to play hide-and-seek.”


Even the analogy was hopeless, Duke!


“Father. Stop! I want to stop listening to it!”


“Hmm? Is the story boring? There’s still a long way to go.”


“It’s scary!”


The Duke didn’t seem to understand


I quickly explained.


“This is a very difficult book for a 10-year-old. Besides, it’s a story about a person dying. If other people hear it, they will be startled, saying, ‘After all, the Duke was a scary person!’


“Hmm… So which book will be good for you?”


“Aren’t there children’s books at home?”




You have some children at home but no children’s books? Even the youngest older brother isn’t much older than me!


When I was dumbfounded, the Duke narrowed his forehead and said.


“I don’t allow false stories to the children of the Schlager family. Even if there’s a lesson behind it.”




“Alright, I’ll read it again. A corpse came out of the field, so it’s necessary  to report to the lord. The residents of the territory were afraid that the farming would be stopped, so they kept it silent. In this case, what the lord has to do isㅡ”




“…Are you listening, Sol?”




Once I nodded my head. The Duke suddenly stood up.




“You don’t seem to understand at all. If I keep reading, I will be the only one wasting my time.”


“I-I’m sorry! I’ll hear you again, Dad! No, Fatherㅡ”


I tried to grab his collar. But the arms of a 10-year-old child couldn’t reach there.




The Duke immediately kicked the door away. W-What should I do? Did I not manage my facial expressions properly? I’m afraid I’m going crazy


Is he going to come with a book like [How to Raise a Good Child – About Corporal Punishment] later?


I got down from the bed and peered into the hallway with the intention of kneeling in front of the Duke if I could.




The Duke caught a servant passing by in the hallway and was talking nonsense that was different from what I expected.


“Anyone, go down to the village right now and buy as many children’s books as you can.”




“Also, make sure that there is not a single book in stock left in the bookstore.”


It was time for the bookstore to close. Obviously, breaking the door would mean waking up the bookstore owner.


The servants didn’t really care about that part.


“If there’s no stock left, Sir. Are you saying that if they have ten copies of the same book, I should buy them all?”


“Of course. If my daughter can’t pick out a book that is precious to her right now and read it, shouldn’t I have to make the book she’s reading even more precious?”


“…I will do as you command.”


What kind of nonsense is this?


Of course, the servant didn’t ask the Duke. Soon the servants rode their horses down the duchy’s hill.


…It’s driving me crazy. What kind of trouble is this? I’m sure books aren’t very common in this era.


Besides, there is another problem.


I can’t sleep until the Duke buys me a book? This child’s body should sleep at nine o’clock at night!


The Duke went down to the front door to check the books as soon as they arrived.


The situation in front of my door just became quiet.


Without missing the opportunity, several boys stood in front of the door. Those were the two half-brothers of the girl I possessed.


Among them, Benén, the second older brother who resembles a fox, said with a smile.


“Gosh, Father, is he really going to make the youngest daughter stay up all night?”


“I know, right…”


“Although the ‘Daughter’s Fool Play’ you made helped a lot in the business. I’m saying that in front of you, he’s acting so unusual.”


Despite being a 15-year-old boy, his behavior is surprisingly mature. Sometimes even cheeky.


But contrary to his tone of voice, Benén immediately knelt down in front of me and said. A wink is a bonus.


“Is it my turn this time? Brother will put you to bed. Which one do you like better, warm milk or piggyback?”


“I don’t need it all…”


“But the ‘Sister’s Fool Brother’ has to fall like this.”


“You don’t have to do it at night!”


I told the Duke to keep the concept of ‘Daughter’s Fool’ in front of others in order to get rid of the notoriety of the Duke, who is reputed to be cold-blooded.


Of course, the same goes for his sons who resemble their father.


The second one, the brother, Benén, impersonated a ‘Sister’s Fool’. It was because he seemed to need a bit of a foolish side.


But he doesn’t have to do this at home!


Benén grunted and stood up.


But I still have one last mountain left.


If I look next to me, the third one, the brother who had been chasing Benén, was kneeling on one of his knees. The youngest brother who is two years older than the body I possessed. Also, the male protagonist of this ‘web novel’.


Elber Olt Schlager.


Like a kitten trying to defend its territory, he said in a sharp voice.


“I-I didn’t come here just to play with you!”




Having said that, Elber had a bunch of dolls in his arms.


I didn’t want to answer anything, so I turned my head away. But he looked at me and asked.


“…Is this the ‘Tsundere Brat Brother’ you were talking about? Did I do it right?”


“Go to sleep.”


“What’s the problem! I will do better next time!”


While I was tired of struggling with my clingy brothers. Down there, I heard the sound of the servants stealing books… No, getting books.


It seemed the night was far from over.


Soon, the Duke stood in front of my room, holding the children’s book that he had chosen in his arms. Two sons were standing in front of him.


“You guys, what are you doing here?”


Benén answered the Duke’s question first.


“I’m here to take care of the poor youngest daughter that Father has abandoned.”


“Now that I’m back, you go to sleep.”


“But, Father. My sister just asked me to heat up the milk. Right, Sol?”


I didn’t ask for it!


Elber was crying next to me


“Father… I… Actually, I want to play with Sol… I don’t know what to do…”


“Elber, don’t cry over such a thing.”


“How mean. Brother and Father are in charge of the easy ones, but I had the most difficult one…! Sol, can’t I change my concept even now…?”


The cold eyes of the Duke, Benén’s laughter but with eyes consisted of a subtle threat of ‘Answer that I’m right’, and Elber’s eyes full of tears turned to me.


The most difficult one right now is me!


…How did it become like this?


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