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“…Ah, ah…”


I was going to say hello when we met.


‘It looks like he was lying on the death row.’


My mouth, which had opened with curiosity, hardened as if I had been struck by electricity.


His bloodstained appearance reminded me of Cassis from my previous life, who died on the death row.


“… I didn’t expect Miss Baby to wake up this early. It looks like you’ve come running here to see His Grace. Ha. Ha.”


Agasa glanced at me and laughed mechanically.


He gave me a quick refreshing laugh, as if he thought I would be scared to see Cassis.


Most people were shocked by Cassis’ appearance.


‘I expected it, but it’s worse in person.’


In my last life, as soon as I entered the castle, I was immediately moved to an annex.


But in this life, it was the first time I saw Cassis like this in my castle because of a doctor who was worried about my ‘psychological stability’.


During those two months out, he must have been looking for a way to save Mom.


Witches. Alchemists. Illegal magicians.


Whenever their attempts failed, he would have mercilessly slashed to death for the crime of making him have expectations.


The rough skin that he got.


Drip, drip.


Red blood stains dripping from hard fingertips.


Even the slight tremors of his hands were covered in blood.


The purple eyes that met me for a moment were puffy as if he had fallen asleep crying every night.


“You’ve shown her something inappropriate.”


“Your Grace.”


“It’s fine. Seeing that expression right now, first, I think it’ll be better if I’m not here.”


I’ll have to get going, then.


It was when he, who had been staring at me who was exhaustedly settled down, was about to take his gaze off and go back..




When my mouth finally opened, I brought out the word that I couldn’t say earlier because I was stiffened.


Only then did Cassis stop walking.




I tried to ignore the sounds of the servants behind my back.


Cassis turned his head and looked at me.


Seeing the quiet, subdued purple eyes slightly shook, it seemed that he also didn’t understand why I called him without fear.


‘But it wasn’t because I was afraid that I was hardened.’


To be exact, I was embarrassed.


I got used to the role of the villain’s daughter, so I naturally became fierce and lonely.


Of all things, I lost Vivian in this life too.


As you, who lost Vivian, are my dad.


So, I pretended to be calm and judge rationally.


Deep down, I treat him as the most pitiful person in the world.




My gaze, which met the purple eyes, fell naturally.


When I was alone with him, there was nothing to say, that’s why I wiggled my innocent fingers.


‘…Cassis was also struggling with the loss of Mom.’


His image reflected in my eyes was more of a pitiful person than a villain.


If only the blood stains were removed from his body, Cassis would have looked like a child who had fallen alone in an unfamiliar world.


The day I was born as Billishia.


Like me, who rejected people according to my role and was left alone.


“You have to eat on time.”


In the end, all I wanted to say to him, who looked sick, was this.


A heavy silence passed.


The servants and knights who were around seemed to stop breathing.


However, there was still no reaction from those insensitive purple eyes.


‘I must be a nuisance.’


Or maybe he’s still thinking about Vivian in those cold eyes.


[Princess Billishiaaaa!]


As I bit my lower lip in embarrassment, I could hear Lisa’s cries behind my back.


Yet I already knew that the water was spilled.


I got up the courage again.


“Mom said that I shouldn’t skip my meals. She’ll be worried because I’ll get sick if I don’t.”




That was then.


He, who was unresponsive, had his eyes narrowed at the word ‘Vivian’.


By the time Agasa, who didn’t notice such a change, finally moved toward us.


“I’ll only eat bread. Then.”


An answer came out of his heavy mouth.


Surprised by his meal proposal for the first time, the servants gave a different meaning of gasps.


“Y-Your Grace. If so, then…”


“Only prepare bread for me. Give the baby what she normally eats.”


As if in disbelief, Agasa covered his mouth with both hands, and Cassis frowned at the adorable appearance.


“Baby. What are you doing.”




My body was trembling because of the tension.


Cassis, who was about to pass by me, reluctantly stopped.


“We have to eat.”


He still lifted me up like a young beast and walked to the dining room.




“…Wow, it’s crazy.”


I unconsciously expressed my admiration for the feast.


Chef Higgs’ sincerity was revealed in the food when the news that the family was eating for the first time in five years.


All around me were full of savory feasts.


Yet across the long table.


In front of Cassis, who was sitting far away, there was only bread and simple soup as he ordered.


“Thank you for the meal.”


Dad said nothing.


As expected, the meal proceeded quietly.


Chew, chew.


First, I’ll eat a steak that was nearby and eat it diligently.




Close your eyes and savor the taste.


This time, I was eating grilled corn sprinkled with lemon sauce, and I felt a gaze from the other side.


“I don’t think Vivian will be worried by the way you eat.”


Cassis must have also participated in this meal because of Vivian.


When he saw me eating and thought about Mom.


“I listen to Mom well.”


I asked while munching.


“Doesn’t Daddy eat?”


“I eat.”


However, contrary to the answer, he didn’t even hold the fork, and was leaning back on the chair.




“Right now.”


“Right now when?”


I asked him persistently with my eyes twinkling.




Cassis answered silently, as if he decided that there was no need to continue the conversation.


If he thinks about Mom like that, he should eat some!


‘In that case, what is the difference between eating and not eating?’


About the time when my unbearable eyes gradually turn into triangles.


“Haha. Thank you for coming to the dining room.”


Higgs, who was in charge of the dining room, hurriedly approached and raised the mood.


Tch, I muttered while chewing food.


“…Mom said if I left any food, I would be a pwig.




That was then.




He, who was eating bread without focus, had his shoulders stiffened again as if he was in trouble.


‘Oh my.’


The corners of my lips, who had been staring at him, slowly rose.


‘I get it. How to deal with Dad.’


“Mom hates leaving food behind.”




“If she saw this, she would be sad. She’d hit you. She’ll be so worried.”


Does this work?


But to see if it really worked, I could see a subtle tension on his face whenever he heard the sound of ‘Mom’.


I blinked innocent eyes and continued talking about Mom.


“If you do that, Mom…”




At that timeㅡ


The purple eyes, that didn’t know what to do, twitched and sank coolly.


‘Gasp, was too much, I wonder.’


When that gaze hardened all over, the servants who had been cheering me on inwardly bowed their heads quickly.


One verse is enough for both emotion and embarrassment.


I slowly turned my head to avoid his suddenly frightening expression, and Lisa’s eyes met with mine.


‘Lisa, why are you looking at me like the last leaf?’


“…How did Vivian say you would be a pwig?”


I was making eye contact with Lisa and not sure what to do.


A quiet low-pitched sound from behind me pierced my ears.




It was an unexpected word.




The faces of the servants who had bowed their heads changed again.


It was less than 30 minutes after the meal was served.


The lives of the people of Vallois Castle were changing rapidly in response to the slight change in Cassis’ expression.


“L-Like this…”


‘Did he guess the word for me considering I’m 5 years old?’


As I turned my head, I was met with a gaze that was unexpectedly relieved of cold.


Fortunately, Cassis didn’t seem to be sad or anything like that about Mom.


He just seemed a little curious about Mom, who wasn’t there.


“She stretched my cheeks bigger. She told me that every time I leave food behind, I lose precious cheeks here.”


Mom called my plump cheeks, bread.


So to keep these cheeks healthy, she said I need to keep eating bread.


“Looking at you eating, you won’t lose your cheeks. Vivian will be at peace.”


Lisa seemed to agree with those words, and turned her head to laugh.


Even the knight, who looked at the slightly relaxed atmosphere, smiled.




The moment he took his eerie eyes off me, the air froze again.


Dad had a knack for turning the air around him into a frost by the time laughter rose around him.


As if he believed his misfortune was only for Mom.


“Then eat it all. Don’t leave a single bite.”


At that moment, Cassis, whose mouth hadn’t touched the bread, stood up.


He disappeared from the dining room without saying goodbye to the servants.


‘You mean when it cools down like this, you’re going out again?’


“Dad must be mad.”


I wanted Dad to take an interest in me, did I get caught, after all?


I trembled and worried.


However, for some reason, Lisa, who had been staring at the table across the street, hesitated and walked to the seat where Dad was sitting.


“It’s not that he’s mad… He ate all the food.”




“He ate all the food. Higgs! Did you see this?”


The surprised servants murmured.


In the meantime, Higgs, who frowned in emotion, was wiping away tears.


‘That’s what changed?’


As I lifted my head tremblingly, Higgs grabbed my hand as if he had experienced a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular scene.


“I saw it with my own eyes! This is all thanks to the Princess!”




He looks just like the same villain to me.


But seeing Higgs weeping tears of joy made it clear that it wasn’t sugar-coated.


I stared at the empty seat Cassis had left.


Checking the white plate that was emptied of breadcrumbs, it was clear that his meal was done properly.


“…Yep. Even the villain must eat well to become a villain.”


“Yes, Princess?”




I shook my head at Lisa’s question.


‘People live by the heart of bread. The sender of the letter would be satisfied with this, right?’


First, that’s a relief.


It was really surprising that Cassis had a meal with me, but if the servants show interest in me through this opportunity, it’ll be advantageous for me.


[Then eat it all. Don’t leave a single bite.]


Chew, chew.


I remembered Dad’s advice and ate the food as he said.


It was at this time that Cassis began to change.


Until then, I had no idea what kind of stir this short meal would bring.


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