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The owner of the Duchy of Vallois returned after a week.


In that historic moment.


Agasa, who was standing among the buzzing servants, held hands and continued his heroic story.


“I remember a conversation we had in the carriage. The expression that shows His Grace misses Miss Baby… Well, it can’t be helped. Miss Baby is cute.”


And he shrugged his shoulders.




You look at me and wink right away?




Let’s tremble at the cute glance that came up on his numb face.


He said again with a dry expression, “Thank you very much. Miss Baby.” and he greeted me.


That’s how a meal with Dad was suggested.


“I-It looks yummy.”


I smiled awkwardly and sat down.




Cassis was so far away from my seat that I wondered if we could have a conversation.


The purple eyes revealed through the tangled black hair were gazing at the food indifferently.


‘If this is the case, they’re just telling me to eat alone.’


Well, he’s so far away that I feel like I’m eating alone.


Thus I glanced at Dad like a frightened puppy.


‘…What is it?’


The servants standing behind him raised their fists and danced silently.


…Are they cheering for the villain’s daughter now?


‘It’s lousy, but I’m touched.’


As I watched the dance moves that only wanted to receive my heart, something filled my body with tears.


What is certain is that the original story has changed since I returned.


If this happens, I’ll be sorry for being the only one who runs away.


‘… Make Cassis a daughter’s fool?’


Then, in the deep abyss, something crouched.


‘Can I do it?’


As I raised my expectations, the conversations I had in my 100th life passed by.


[She was the female lead of a tragedy, but it’s a case of regressing and fixing her life.]

[Whoa, really? What did she do?]

[She became friends with the villains. Before the main incident happened, she was friendly and kind, so the original story was different.]


Such stories of heroism could be heard in detail from time to time in the soul world.


A story in a fairy tale in which a woman who faced tragedy became happy with her return.


‘…Can I try it too?’


It was then.


[No, Extra Expert! You’re just a guest in this world who has to maintain the original story.]


My heart kept sinking, but the kind voice that didn’t quite suit me shook my conscience.




[What kind of bullshit are you talking about? Don’t you think it’s weird that the Extra Expert has regressed? This is an opportunity. You, too, have received God’s mercy!]



[That’s true.]


[That’s true.]


By the time the angel and demon in my heart fight head to head…


‘If I’m going to wait for a reply to my letter, I’ll have to get close to Dad first.’


As I suddenly came up with an excuse to play the original story, the silently eating Cassis shimmered in my thoughts.


‘…Should I try turning the tragedy to childcare?’


I awkwardly swallowed my dry saliva and cleared my stiff neck.




Purple eyes raised his gaze at the awkward question.


“The steak is dewicious!”




And a raging silence.


He completely ignored me and proceeded with the meal, which I laughed with courtesy.


“It’s an honor to hear that Miss Billishia says it’s delicious.”


“As expected of Sir Higgs’ steak.”


[She was ignored!]

[Miss Baby was ignored.]

[To think that she was ignored!]


The servants’ faces, which had been smiling peacefully on the outside, became stunned.


Although I, the person in charge, didn’t suffer much damage.


Munch, munch.


100 life experiences. The current Billishia.


How many things have I picked up while wandering around the soul world!


‘He’s not good at expressing himself right now, so it won’t show on his face.’


But deep down, he will think that his daughter, who looks just like him, is cute.


I know the type of villain like Cassis.

Pretending over and over, knowing the clichés of the world to some extent, I even felt this situation warm.


“What does Dad like?”



“I like steak and cakes Higgs makes, too.”




“Do you want to try strawberry cake?”




Lisa and Agasa’s faces turned as white as blank pages at the bizarre conversation that was no different from a normal monologue.


‘I have to go on my own.’


Yes, I know what to do with Dad.


I have to be a good daughter.


There was no reaction as expected, so I finally unfolded my secret weapon.


First of all, I pierced a piece of strawberry cake that Higgs had made with a fork.


Then I went down the chair and walked to the seat where Cassis was sitting.




His chin stopped concentrating on the meal at the sound of my lively voice.


It looked like he had given up on a quiet meal, as he couldn’t allow himself to be pulled out this time.


“Dad, Dad.”




Finally, an answer!


The servants behind me and I pressed our lips together to hide our smile.


“This is my favorite.”


As I handed him a piece of cake, the purple eyes that filled my field of vision widened strangely.


“Thiiiis is my favorite.”


Sparkle, sparkle.


You can’t help but to eat it, right?


Your daughter’s arm hurts as she’s holding a fork, Father?


Dis, dis! Dis! If you eat this…”


Suddenly, unicorns announcing the start of the rainbow-colored childcare story were blowing trumpets around meㅡ   


“So what.”




The unicorns who blew the trumpets fell down at the low pitched sound that made the fluff stand out.


Only then did I come to my senses, having returned as a bloody waste.


A slightly irritated Cassis came into my view.


“I said, so what.”


That’s right.


This place isn’t a childcare story, but a tragedy.


In real life, Dad was cold.






As my eyes twirled around in chaos, the servants around me also fell into a panic.


Agasa sighed as he looked at Cassis with a bewildered expression as if it was beyond his imagination.


Lisa, who was chewing on her fingernails next to him, was glaring at Cassis, almost like a laser.


‘Calm down. It was predictable for Cassis to ignore people.’




An ordinary person would have suffocated on the spot, but fortunately I’m on my 100th round of life.


I mean, I’ve been through all sorts of incidents on this floor.


But little by little it started to creep in.


‘Would it hurt if you ate some? I just need a bite.’


Tremble, trembleㅡ   


My arm, which was stretched out into the air, was getting more and more painful.


‘If I’m holding out a fork that slices the cake, it means I want you to accept it!’


A daughter holding out a fork.


A father staring blankly.


A suffocating silence flowed in this situation that seemed like a subtle fight.




It was then.




In the end, the sound of a knight who hadn’t overcome the vicarious shame was heard collapsing.


As if he couldn’t understand why, a question mark floated over Cassis’ insensitive face.


My eyes widened when I sensed the subtle change in expression.


‘Couldn’t it be that he doesn’t know the meaning of my actions?’


“…Why on earth,”


His eyes were fixed on the falling knight, raising his eyebrows after speaking.


Peering at his handsome face, it was clear that he was confused rather than annoyed.


‘Come to think of it, Dad was alone in his previous life.’


Of course, there were times when Vivian was with him, but she wouldn’t have acted like an adult scooping up food for him.


According to my prediction, Cassis didn’t seem to know the basic act of eating something with a fork.


This means that there is a high probability he lacked family bonds when he was young.


‘You’re a real villain, our daddy…’


Half sad. Half embarrassed.


I was looking at him with two mixed feelings.


‘Then I just have to tell him, well.’


“If I hold out a fork like this, I’m asking you to accept it.”


Deciding to coolly cover up the pain from before, I spoke brightly.


Cassis, who had been observing the situation so weakly that others didn’t notice, looked at my fork again.




“Isn’t it time to share what we like?”


“It’s not.”


“…Isn’t it because you wanted to talk to me and do this?”




“…No, then why, with me…”


In the end, like a clam, I shut my mouth.


‘Is it not that he doesn’t know, but he’s pretending not to know?’


Seeing that, my head also hurt.


Dad, who was sitting in the chair, was much taller than, I who was standing, so I had to keep pushing my head.




Then a precious and delicious piece of cake fell to the floor.


“Clean it up.”




“What are you doing. put it away.”


When he gave the order without even stepping out of his chair, the servants hurriedly removed the cake that had fallen on the floor.


…Are you kidding me, father?


As I watched the situation, my fists began to tremble.


This guy just has no manners.


“I gave the most precious and best thing to Dad. But Dad said no!”


‘Ugh, I give up. I give up!’


It was my fault for trying to change Cassis.


“I’m just going to eat alone!”


An aggressive five-year-old’s voice echoed through the dining room.


Having puffed out my cheeks, I turned away from Dad and walked to my seat in a pout.


It was the time when Lisa, who looked at me like the last leaf on such a day, was sullen.


“It just bothers me.”


It was then.


Angry at the urgent low tone, I turned my head.


He, who hadn’t moved since earlier, jumped up from his chair.


“I just had a meal with you because I was bothered.”


Have you finally understood the intent of my question?


But he kept his mouth shut, as if it was strange that he was talking to me right away.


Silence passed for a while.


At that timeㅡ


“… But if I don’t accept it, I think it’ll bother me more.”


The neckline, which seemed to be firmly determined, shook.


Cassis, frowning, leaned toward me and pointed his finger at my mouth.




“The cake. It fell off a bit, but it’s still there.”


‘Oh my, the cake. The cake!’


I was dumbfounded for a moment, but I hurriedly ran up and held out my fork, and he took the cake with his mouth open.


“Delicious, right?”




I guess we’re really family.


It was clear that my habit of munching food came from my father, Cassis.


As the afternoon sun came down, the light penetrated the purple eyes that were reflected through the black hair.


I admired inwardly the way he munched for a long time with a serious attitude.


‘Just by looking at his appearance, he’s definitely the male lead.’


It was then.






“One more cake, please.”




Higgs, who had been putting on a bewildered expression, bowed his head and disappeared.




Like Higgs, I blinked my eyes without knowing why.




‘No way.’


“… Should I eat more?”


Cassis asked as if he was a child who didn’t know how to ride a bike.


He straightened his back, leaning languidly in his chair, waiting for an answer with a stubborn look.


‘Was he originally like this?’




Only then did I feel the value of regressing, shaking my head and smiling.


“This is good enough.”




The amethyst-like eyes that were about to take their eyes off me stopped.


Somehow, it was an expression that my smile reminded him of Vivian.


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