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‘Ah. Back then, I prophesied that they would return in a month.’


The unbelievable situation soon returned to resignation.


Cotton-candy-like pink hair fluttered down the sky.


But I wasn’t paying much attention because of the shock I had just received.


“The black hair looks like dust.”




Now it’s a quarrel, suddenly.


It was then that I raised my head.


“I know. I thought she would have pink hair like us, but her hair is black.”


“Even her eyes are ominous purple.”


They were the same as if they were clones.


Fair skin like porcelain.


Pink hair fluttering in the wind resembled flower petals fluttering in the sky.


They were bloodstains who looked exactly like Mom.


Maybe the guy who called me dust is Kai.


The one who was smiling next to him must be Bian.


I was lying awkwardly, and I got up from my seat with a tap on my butt.


“Looks like a ball of fur that a losing cat threw away after playing with it.”




Kai’s complexion turned grim after a fairly specific example.


Bian, who was watching the two of us, burst into laughter.


“Then why are you touching a child who is still? You lump of fur.”


“Bian. If I’m a lump of fur, aren’t you too?”


“… You can’t treat me the same as you.”


“It’s true that we look the same. Ask that little brat.”


“You always have a problem with that. Why do you think the two of us are the same?”


“What? Who took care of the weird girl at the Academy who mistook me for you!”


At a strange point, the twins were already immersed in their own world.


They were arguing for a while.


“…I have to go see Mom. When servants come, it will become a nuisance again.”


Bian, who had been wandering around, eventually took a step back.


“Ah, huh.”


Like that, the twin brothers fought among themselves and disappeared without saying goodbye.




A desolate wind blew around me as I lay in the field.


Did they go?


“…In the family, huh? There are no helpful humans!”


In the end, I got annoyed and was tearing up the grass.


“He definitely hit the heart, but did they just go through the portal?”


“As long as the Princess is safe, it’s all over.”


“Princess, are you okay!”


Only then did the servants and knights who arrived flock to me.




Employees gathered around me after I was moved to the treatment room.




“She has bruises on her back and knees that seem to need treatment, but they don’t appear to be serious.”


“That’s a relief.”


Agasa’s voice, always rational, trembled faintly.


Come to think of it, he had a bow in his hand.


It was probably what he did that pierced the assailant’s heart.


“This is the second time after the last time.”


“They were targeting Princess Bilicia both times, and appeared when His Grace vacated the castle.”


“This time it’s teleportation. There was a protective shield around the castle, so it seemed that he couldn’t teleport from far away and moved to the forest behind, but that in itself means that he’s a very talented person.”


Agasa entrusted the bow to the knight and examined my complexion.


Then he sighed and stared into space.


“This is the first time in the history of the Vallois family that such a unilateral surprise attack has occurred.”


That means that in the history of Vallois, there has never been a family head who has been away for 5 years.


But Agasa didn’t seem to blame Dad.


“First of all, His Grace went to the Delta region to reveal the identity of the slave. This shouldn’t happen until he returns to the castle again.”


“It’s my fault.”


At that time, the commander of the knights bowed his head with a guilty face.


Agasa put his hand on his shoulder.


“Please just think about the future.”


The successive appearances of assassins.


Vallois Castle sank with impact.


The first assassin seemed to end in a mere happening, but not this time.


The Princess in Lisa’s arms suddenly disappeared.


Even the assailant was a skilled person who knew how to use a portal.




I returned to my bedroom under heavy guard.


A sudden situation that hit like a storm.


The feeling that my head was empty.










After muttering unbelievable words once, I collapsed onto the bed.


Words were choking my throat.


What should I do now, I wonder.


With this, Sian officially rebelled against Vallois.


‘Though Sian saved me in the end.’


Whatever the circumstances, Vallois will take immediate retaliation.


That means.


‘There will be no good meetings with Sian anymore.’


I haven’t even been able to talk to myself for a while.


If he betrayed me, I would have cried and been angry.


Sian somehow protected me.


The same Peter who tried to kill me in my previous life was beaten instead to save me.


In endless one’s troubles.


My conclusion, which came back to its place, was unfortunately very sloppy.


“Is Sian okay?”


I was just worried.


It’s something I shouldn’t worry about.


“…I have to come to your senses.”


In the end, I gave myself advice and collected my spirits, and I raised my upper body.


I’ve been stuck in my bedroom for days. My body ached.


I felt like I had to move a bit.


“First of all, I need to match the pieces of iron Sian gave me.”


Because I have to do something.


The first was to interpret the message given to me by Sian, who protected me even at his own risk.


I got off the bed and curled up, reaching out my hand.


I stirred my hand under the bed.




Besides the pieces, something else touched my finger.


It wasn’t a piece of iron.


It was something a little bigger, a little more pointed.


He put his arm all the way in and managed to pull the object.


My eyes widened at an unexpected situation.


“…It’s a dagger, right? Why is this under my bed?”


Judging from the pretty elaborate design on the scabbard, it seems that nobles use it.




I shook my head.


“Vallois doesn’t decorate its weapons unnecessarily. Then whose is it?”


As I raised my gaze along the scabbard, a broken pendant was embedded in the handle.


A piece of broken iron.


Broken pendant.


And I saw that both were golden.




Realizing something, I put the scabbard down on the floor and started matching the four pieces of iron.


The answer to the quiz has finally been revealed.


The well-fitted pendant glowed faintly in the moonlight.


[You still don’t know what that is?]


Sian’s question suddenly popped up.




I muttered faintly as if to answer him.


“…It’s shaped like a rose.”


Sian had been giving me hints for a long time before I thought.


As the Princess of Vallois, there was no way I didn’t know.


The rose was the symbol of the Law Kingdom.




[The slave attempted to kidnap the Princess with an assassin. Currently, the Princess is safe, and the slave has disappeared. It seems that finding out the identity of the slave is an urgent priority.]


“Your Grace. We have arrived.”


Cassis’ eyes hardened heavily as he read Agasa’s message.


He got out of the carriage as scheduled and twisted the back of his neck, which had been stiff from sitting for a long time, to loosen his muscles.


The assassin appeared whenever Cassis was away from the castle.


‘That means he was constantly watching the castle.’


Judging from the fact that the slave was with the assassin, it seems that the yellow-headed beast was acting as a spy.




“I understand.”


Around 1 in the morning.


Arriving later than expected, he stood in front of the iron gate of a mansion that was too simple for a noble.




Then he lifted his aggressive leg and smashed through the iron gate.


Beep beep beepㅡ


“Who dare…!”




While the mansion’s emergency bell was ringing frantically, Cassis walked with an unwavering gaze.


He could feel the crowd of knights slowing down before he knew it.


They realized belatedly that the man with the imposing physique was the head of Vallois.


He didn’t mean to fight.


But the message Cassis had just received made he think it mattered no more.


When Cassis, who had been walking without hesitation, was about to break down the door.




As if it had waited, the door opened.


“Y-Your Grace. What happened at such a late hour…”


“You must have known that your husband abused the Princess of Vallois and traded illegally.”




A savage threat without greetings.


The Viscountess’ glassy eyes glittered with fear and surprise.


Since she acted as a broker for the slaves, she couldn’t have been ignorant.






Cassis’ jaw, which hadn’t budged, was sharply cut in response to the weak answer.


He wanted to cut off the woman’s head right away, but first he had to reveal the identity of the slave.


“Hand over the ledger of the slave trade in the past year.”


Cassis patted the Viscountess on the shoulder and entered the mansion.


She kept her head down in silence as she followed him late.


She probably thought that the disappearance of her husband had something to do with Cassis’ anger.


“Here it is. Exactly one year’s worth.”


Upon entering the warehouse, hundreds of white papers were neatly piled up.


She said it was for a year.


‘How many illegal trades did he do?’


Cassis has also done everything illegal to save Vivian for the past five years, but at least he has never killed an innocent person.


The slave trade was a different crime.


In particular, it was the worst crime in that it targeted orphans who knew nothing.


Unexpectedly, he furrowed one eyebrow as he quickly reviewed the paperwork.


It’s been a year, so he couldn’t confirm everything, but Agasa’s report seemed to be correct.


“The Viscountess did a good job as a broker.”


At those words, she trembled like an aspen tree, and bowed her head.


“For now, the slave trade ledgers collected so far will be collected by the Vallois side.”




“Look all over. Even copies.”


As soon as the order was given, the knights of Vallois moved silently.


The woman’s face went pale as her arms trembled.


“And yellow hair.”




“Yellow hair, black eyes. Between 5 and 8 years old.”


“Yellow hair is so common…”


“Find it.”


He took a picture out of his pocket and held it up.


The Viscountess raised her head and narrowed her eyes, and she hurriedly called about 10 servants.


“…W-Wat. I will look for it.”


After so long.


The Viscountess and 10 servants reviewed the documents while staring at a single photo.


Cassis leaned his back against the wall.


He watched them one by one with his cold eyes, with his arms crossed.


At that time.


“Your Grace. I really apologize. The boy isn’t recorded in the ledger.”


“That slave must have been working for Viscount Shrek.”




The bewildered Viscountess replied.


“I apologize. But this isn’t entirely my business.”




“I-I sold a child named Sian into slavery, but…”


Cassis, who slowly withdrew his back at her words, crumpled his expression.


Things got more complicated than he thought.


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