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“The basic posture of holding a sword…”




“One hand holding the sword…”




“Would you like to swing it?”






When the sharp blade of a sword brushed against my hand, which had turned into a baby black panther, admiration and laughter burst out at the same time.


It was natural.


‘I’ve lived all my 100 lives as the daughter of a villain, can’t I handle a sword?’


Although it was a life of dying before reaching adulthood, even as a teenager, I was able to receive swordsmanship training.


‘Of course, it doesn’t mean that my skills are superior to those of ordinary knights.’


But at least not at the civilian level!






This time, as I swung the sword in a circle with the feel of a performance, applause erupted from the surroundings.


‘I’m a Vallois. A Vallois who learns Magi at the age of 5!’




A sense of exhilaration exploded at the sound of applause!


I finished the stunt with a charismatic Tibetan fox expression.


“H-How great…”


“Is Vallois’ real bloodline different?”


“If she’s like this even when she’s only 5… At a time like this, it’s almost futile to learn swordsmanship with hard work.”


Agasa, who had been silently watching, seemed to have failed to manage his expression after seeing my last trick.


He asked the knight commander with the nape of his neck stiff.




“Yes. I can’t believe it either, but she caught the basics well. How on earth…”


He, too, couldn’t have imagined that we would come to such a conclusion.


“If you have the basics at that level, wouldn’t it be better to practice sparring rather than simple practice…”




Agasa was the one who tried to keep me from learning Magi even considering I was 5 years old.


To make matters worse, his mouth fell open at the sound of sparring that could hurt me.


“Miss Baby is 5 years old!”


“Yes. It’s just my greed. If you are too young, it would be better to have someone to practice with of the same age, but currently there is no one available…”


“Let me spar! Let me spaaaar! It’s in the name of the Princess!”


I, who was listening to the conversation between the two, rushed over and clung to Agasa.


“To limit my possibilities just because I’m 5 years old! You bad aide!”


Bugh, bugh, bugh.


When I hit Agasa with a cotton fist, he, who was standing like a wooden stone, went mad.


“To think that I’m a bad aide. Do you know how much I think of the Princess?”


“Show me in action! Show me in action!”


“Oh my.”


Finally, Agasa lowered his head.


He sighed for a moment, then ran his hand over his tired face.


“…I understand. I’ll try to find a knight apprentice around your age. Does that work for you?”


“An aura user was found near the castle, and you’re going to bring in outsiders?”


It was then.


All eyes were focused on one side of the voice that hasn’t gone through puberty yet.


In the bushes of the outdoor arena.


Pink hair swayed in the wind as he was sitting on a lush branch.


It was Kai.


“You can just use someone here.”


The blue eyes that approached us with a crooked expression swept across the arena.


At that gaze, the bodies of the knights gathered around me stiffened.


Kai’s eyes.


They must have thought of Cassis for a moment.


‘Did they say he’s 10 years old?’


I’m sure he was young, but seeing the knights slow down, it seems like he’s always had a bad temper.


‘It’s not good.’


“Is this really the Princess of the direct line of Vallois?”


Kai approached Agasa and nodded.


“Yes. That’s right.”




He raised one eyebrow for a moment and observed me.


Black hair.


Purple eyes.


Seeing him persistently examining my face, he seemed to think I looked a lot like Dad.


‘He should’ve said, it’s nice to have a little sister. Why is he staring at me?’


He was on guard with me.


I got the impression that the blue eyes that passed by me didn’t treat me humanly.


“Then I will do it. The spar opponent.”


“But, Sir Kai. Right now, Princess Billishia only knows the basics.”


“Don’t worry. She won’t die.”


‘So he said he’ll help, right?’




Does this child feel like Cassis?


He’s blunt, but he takes care of everything that needs to be taken care of?


Extra life 100 times.


“Thank you, Brother.”


Instinctively understanding Kai’s personality, I approached him and shook his hand, but.






Ignoring my handshake, he turned around and walked away.


It was a complete rejection.


Kai didn’t bother to hide what he didn’t like.


Agasa, observing the rude behavior, quietly witnessed us.


Soon after keeping some distance from me, he raised his sword.


“Hey. Take the sword.”


Is it the, I can’t help it, style, I wonder.


‘Why is he helping me?’


Normally, I would say something.


I can’t even say hateful things because he’s helping me with sparring.


‘Ugh. It’s annoying.’


It’s unfortunate, but the regret here was on my side.


I let go of my anger and glared at Kai with a sword.


Was my serious look funny?


Grin, his mouth moved as the corners of his lips seemed to be slightly raised.


“The situation.”




“You have to set the situation rather than fight out of nowhere so that you can get involved more, don’t you.”


When I couldn’t answer anything, he stared at me for a moment as if he was contemptuous, then sighed.


“Then one assumption. Flat terrain with no obstacles. You met an opponent bigger than you. It’s impossible to attack by throwing something from a distance. What are you going to do?”




It’s more specific than I thought.


‘But there’s one thing I realized after being executed in my previous life.’


Life is unconditional.


“It’s a puuuuuuuunch!”


I screamed and ran toward Kai, randomly swinging my sword.


Swooosh, zink.


Naturally, Kai blocked my attack.


Without any movement.


With a free face, his head pulled back slightly.


“Add an assumption. But the opponent is also good.”


As he struck again, a pitiful sigh flowed from the other side.


It was an expected situation, but the gap between Kai and I was so great that the viewers felt sorry for me.




I tried to swing it once more, yet my sword stopped in the air.


“But the good opponent,”


It was then.


“Sir Kai!”


Time passed quickly for a moment and stopped.


Surprised, I breathed in, and the people who were more surprised than me rose from their seats.


“ㅡis even threatening. Then what are you going to do?”


Laughter permeated the mischievous voice.


When I came to my senses, a sword was pointed at the end of my neck.


To be precise, he put his palm between my neck and the sword to protect my neck, and he was smiling dryly.




“I don’t know! That’s why we’re sparring, to let me know!”


My hands shook like aspen trees.


It reminded me of the trauma of the death penalty where my neck was blown off.


“I don’t know anything, so tell me!”


“Why are you using swordsmanship?”


Even though his sister was terrified, the damn brother was unmoved.


“Iiiiikh! Ikh!”


“Why are you using it?”


I flinched at the heavy voice and replied.


“I’m practicing because I don’t want to be beaten like this!”


“You know it.”


Only then did Kai withdraw the sword he was aiming at me.


“Swordsmanship is practiced to survive. It’s just a tool.”




“In practice, it’s difficult to survive simply by being good at swordsmanship. When facing a confrontation, you have to think about the characteristics of the opponent.”


It was then.


The man in front of me bent his knees and met my gaze.


Eyes like the clear sky.


I thought of Mom.


“Dust. Tell me about my characteristics.”


“You’re obviously mean.”






Surprised by the sudden towering of the barrel, I ran to Agasa and Lisa.


“Sir Kai.”


Let Agasa, who couldn’t hear that, war.


“What did I do? Hey, it’s not over.”


He was only frowning, and he sighed heavily when he saw me fleeing far away, then flicked his hand.


“I’m not angry about this. Because I’m 10 years old.”


“…10 years old.”


Only then did Agasa release the arm that was holding me back.


“Come, Dust.”


‘If I were like you, would you want to go?’


Slightly worried, I walked cautiously, glaring at him with alert eyes.


He bent his knees again and met his eyes with mine.


“You’re going to play around during training or not.”


“I’m not playing around. I’m serious.”


A few knights stole laughter at my bold confession.


“I’m 10 years old, I’m 10 years old…”


Kai, who had been quietly reciting alone, continued his stern tone.


“Don’t use the word ‘mean’ during training. Other than that, you can’t use any other violent words. Now, I’m your daily teacher.”


You called me dust.




“…Got it.”


I finally decided to back off, and answered in a calm voice.


Only then did Kai stand up from his seat with a satisfied expression on his face.


“Alright, great.”


That’s why he’s like a real teacher.


He’s a good teacher who can be cursed by students outside of class time.


I was pouting after timidly swearing inwardly.


When I looked up, Kai was bending over me.


He silently picked up the sword that had fallen on the floor and placed it in my hand.


“Let me explain. You’re small in stature, and your skills are at the level of a civilian. Your hands don’t even have strength. As I just saw, you’re pretty good at running away, but if you set your mind to running, You’ll definitely get caught.”


That was right.


“This is why I attacked you at short range. Now, tell me too.”


With an easy-to-understand example, I realized what he meant by the question.


“Brother is stronger than me. And tall. Your skills are better than mine.”




“And try to attack me at short range, and a man.”


“Objectively, will you be my opponent?”


When Kai asked, I shook my head.


A normal class situation.


The knights and servants who were watching us nervously breathed a sigh of relief.


The sharp atmosphere relaxed a little.


“Then what should you do?”


“Call the knights?”


“No. You’re a Vallois. You have to figure it out on your own.”


“Use Magi?”


“Do you know how to use Magi?”


Shook, shook.




Deep in thought, I stroked my chin.


The look on his face seemed to be a slight smile.


“You have to attack the vitals.”




It’s a very basic self-defense technique, to think that I can’t even think of that!


“Like this?”


Let’s swing my leg without thinking.


Kai grinned as he quickly grabbed my ankle with his hand.


“Next time, kick a little harder. Don’t use it on me, in practice,”


“What are you two doing?”


It was then.


The good-looking face that came into my field of vision at some point had a grin.


It was Bian.


“Were you two sparring?”


“Yeah. Can you help us?”


“She’s our little sister, so of course I have to help.”




Kai, who was staring at him, approached me and bent his knees.


And he secretly whispered.


“Your actual sparring opponent has come. Use what you have learned from me.”




My legs trembled, itching from the daily teacher’s assignment.


The real battle began from now on.


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  1. Well…they don’t seem too bad… but I wonder if they learned that their mom is dead, I guess so tho