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The son, who was blinking in surprise.


And the dad, who was even more surprised and stiffened all his body.


In the worst situation they faced out of nowhere, the two rich men stood firm for a while like statues.


“Brother! Brother!”


Emergency! Emergency!


“….Wait, Billie.”


Bian, who had been spitting out curse words, hugged me from behind.


The two of us teleported safely to what we presumed to be a classroom.


“…Billie. And even Bian.”


Cassis seemed like he couldn’t say Kai.


He turned his head away, trying to ignore the fact that the son in his arms was glaring at him as if to kill him.


“Your children have all gathered. To be exact, they fell down the ceiling…”


The teacher, who was slightly frightened by the appearance of the ragtag Valois, secretly asked.


“Shall I go out?”




With the family head’s permission, the teacher left the classroom as if she was running away.


Even if she’s a parenting teacher, she seems to have decided that it was too much for him to handle the private life of the four largest families.


It was difficult for the situation to calm down.


I finally decided to carry the gun barrel.


“Dad brought a strange woman and I persuaded brothers to watch you secretly.”


In fact, it was the older brothers who persuaded the situation.


When I, who had been standing quietly, spoke courageously, I could feel Bian’s surprised gaze.


“…A strange woman? That teacher is a tutor.”


Dad slowly raised one eyebrow, as if he was uncomfortable with the word ‘strange woman’.


“…I-I see.”


Sweat exploded like a fountain.


I smiled and pretended nothing was wrong.


“I’m. So. Glad. That the misunderstanding has been resolved. T-Then we’ll be going… Regarding the broken ceiling, s-sorry…”


L-Let’s go. Brother.


As I grabbed Bian’s hand, my brother nodded his head knowingly.


I intended to give a detailed apology after I sent away the brothers.


I had to save Kai, who was hardened like a stone in Dad’s arms.


“B-Brother Kai, are you going too?”


I approached and held out my hand to Kai.




“Where was the injury?”


A low pitched voice was then heard.


Maybe he finally came to his senses, Dad started looking at Kai.


Come to think of it, Cassis was holding Kai’s shoulder from before.


It was because of that that my brother was stiff.


“Aren’t you hurt anywhere?”


“…Why the hell.”


Kai didn’t answer.


Between the reddened ears.


Kai’s head shook slightly as he clenched his teeth.


“…Why apology…”




“Why are you asking someone else how to apologize!”


Kai lifted his head up with his red eyes.


There was anger in every syllable.


Dad’s actions stopped at his evil voice.


“Isn’t that something you should ask us first? Or would you even really save Mom!”




“Brother Kai!”


“I won’t be a failure like you!”


Kai burst into anger and ran, pushing Dad away.


“…Brother Bian looks after Brother Kai, and I, towards Dad…”


I was running out of words in an urgent situation.


Bian, who calmly examined the situation, teleported with me.




Left alone, Cassis let out a long sigh.


Shocked, he closed his eyes and remained motionless for a while.




“I’m ruined.”


“Your arms, legs, and face are fine, but what did you ruin?”


“Looking for Vivian for five years, ignoring my children.”


“Any act of change begins with accurate self-awareness. It’s a very positive situation.”


That evening, in the drawing room.


“…What are you talking about now.”


Cassis, who drank the alcohol he often drank in the past, wrinkled his face.


Is it because he drank it for a long time?


The thick whiskey that went down his throat warmed his stomach.


“You should approach them first.”


“A warning for drinking coffee or drinking at night.”


“Isn’t that why I work all night.”




Agasa, who was drinking coffee at night, grinned.


Surprisingly, he wasn’t bad at Cassis, who savors hard liquor like the most unlucky person in the world.


The fact that the cause of the alcohol wasn’t Vivian.


And it was applauded that Cassis was morose because of his children.


“It’s because you couldn’t see my son’s expression.”




Cassis, who had put down the whiskey glass, stared into space feeling a sense of drowsy intoxication.


He was annoyed.


He didn’t like being taught by people like Agasa.


It was also irritating that the aide watched the twins he hadn’t seen for 5 years.


“If he could, he would have already killed me.”


The moment he met Kai’s blue eyes.


He wanted to die, if only he could like his son wished.


Of course he couldn’t die.


He had to silently accept the punishment that covered him like a grave for five years.


“…The Princes had accumulated a lot.”


“I don’t know how to solve it. When we met, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Even if I apologized again…”


“Didn’t you say you were going to learn from your children?”




In the middle of a drunken lament.


Agasa, who belatedly put down his coffee cup, politely interrupted the family head.


Cassis’s eyes went cold at the question without context.


He wasn’t angry


The look on his face told him to go ahead and continue his words.


“The twins apologized 4 times to Miss Billishia, who was angry with them for their practical joke. They even paid tribute.”


“Have the three of them ever fought?”


“Yes. So, Miss Billishia almost hit Sir Kai in a vital spot.”


Agasa nodded his head as he watched the family head’s pupils widen.


“Also, Miss Billishia worked hard to become close to Your Grace. Sometimes she didn’t complain when Your Grace skipped lunch, did she.”




“I mean, I think you can just copy the efforts of the children.”


At the advice of his aide, Cassis was at a loss for words.


It was the first time that the lament he had just confessed had been so embarrassing.


“I see.”


“Yes, ah.”


“…I need to come to my senses.”


As he muttered, he took away the coffee cup Agasa was drinking.


He took a strong dose of caffeine and woke up.


He could see why Agasa lived with coffee in his mouth.




“Agasa. Come to me secretly.”






When I whispered and wiggled his finger, Agasa, who had been answering openly, knelt down with a dry expression.


“What are you doing?”


“I told you to come secretly, yet you come openly?! Unbeknownst to Dad, come!”


“Then you can secretly send messages, why do you openly order me?”


“What! What do you say?!”


Having backed away from the perfect speech with no words to refute, I snorted. Hmph!


Agasa’s not worth a first, but!


‘Unfortunately, I don’t have time to fight.’


After Kai fell through the ceiling.


My older brothers didn’t even come close to the nature where Dad stayed, perhaps because their vigilance against Dad had reached the extreme.


This was a big problem.


After that, I have to go to the annex to meet my older brothers.


Or Bian had to teleport and take me to the annex.


Both of them were wary like cats who were surprised when they heard the syllable ‘Ca’ in Cassis.


“That guy. Has he been left alone since we teleported away?”


Seeing him sometimes ask about Dad’s situation as if passing by.


‘Looks like he’s bothered.’


I understand what it feels like.


Because the more you hate someone, the more you remember them.


Because we’re both Vallois.


“So, I think Dad and the brothers need some time together, you know?”


“Ah. That’s what you were talking about.”


As if sympathizing with my sincere opinion, Agasa quietly closed the drawing room door and moved on.


Dad was in the drawing room, concentrating on his work.


“I have a lot of worries too, but I can see that His Grace is working hard. I guess it will take time.”


“We need to shorten the time.”




Because I have to learn the tracking technique fast!


Bumping my stuffy chest, I swallowed a sigh and continued.


I thought that if I brought up the tracking technique in this situation, I would come across as too selfish.


However, I was also very nervous about finding the regressor.


I couldn’t waste my time with Dad and brothers.


“First of all, the older brothers will never try to meet him. So, we have to create a time when all Vallois can’t help but gather.”


“What is it?”


“My first Magi release.”


“…You mean that?”




I took a bite of the lightweight cake and gave Agasa a bite with my fork.


“…Did the three of you actually train at least?”


Surprisingly, he slowly put his glasses on.


“Well, if it’s the release of your Magi, even if His Grace comes, they won’t be able to say anything.”




The first direct release of Magi.


As a parent, seeing a baby take its first steps is a very important event.


“But if he leaves after seeing the release of your Magi, there will be no harvest, right?”


“So I need someone to react to my actions.”


“That is me.”


Agasa nodded his head, not surprised anymore.


“You’re the prophet of the Rolls Empire, and I have to help you. What is your plan?”


With strong reinforcement, I was able to put my plans into motion.


And on the day of Magi’s release.


Above the vast outdoor training ground.


My twin brothers, who were officially allowed to release Magi, and I stood bravely.


It was as planned.


The fact that I was trying to release Magi was spread throughout the castle by Agasa.


“Fighting, Princess!”


“You can do it!”


Everyone in Vallois cheered for me.


If there is one problem.


“It’s a bit early to release Magi at the age of 5, but she can do well, right?”


“Didn’t you see it at the regular meeting? Since she is a wild princess, she will easily succeed.”


Even the vassals came to watch.


‘Wasn’t the release of Magi carried out quietly between direct relatives without outsiders in the first place?’


I gasped and glanced at Agasa.


He, too, had a puzzled expression.


Even among the collateral families, the Bluebell Duke family was included.


“It will be over with a moderate amount of magic. What do you mean, they even invite me to see something.”


Bella pokes her head under the disgruntled Duke Bell.


It was then.


“So I’m glad everyone came.”




Cassis crossed his arms and said.


“It’s my daughter’s first release of Magi, and everyone should see a good one.”


…Could it be that Dad called them?


Judging by the elated expression on his face, they must have been called to brag about me releasing Magi at an early stage.


‘If this happens, it’s ambiguous to carry out the strategy.’


Breaking out in a cold sweat, I sighed.


There were a lot of onlookers, but I couldn’t help it. I just had to.


“Then let’s begin.”


I opened my closed eyes.


The real plan started now.


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