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‘If this happens, I’ll be the only one who’s the bad guy again, just like back then.’


Things overlapped similarly when Bella threw her stuffed rabbit.




I stood up, ignoring my sore knee.


I couldn’t let Dad show a second look of disappointment.


So I held out my hand to Bella, but.




“I will do it all! You took the stuffed rabbit and pushed me down the stairs this time!”


Bella, who had been swatting at my hand, hit my hand hard in the process, and she hugged the back of her hand to see if she was in pain.




And she burst into weeping again.


Seeing her predicament, I could only sigh.


“Get up first. We’ll have to explain the situation when the knights come.”


“What more do you need? You pushed me! A fake direct descendant without Magi pushed me!”


“Get up at once!”


“I will be sure to watch you leave Vallois later! Then, because of you, I can live without being compared!”


“Why is it because of me…”


Why, really.


I quickly lowered my head.


In the end, the tears I was trying to hold back flowed down my cheeks.


Yet even in the midst of this, the footsteps of the knights were getting louder and louder.




“Get up first.”


Caught up in anxiety, I regained my senses.


If I cried here, it would only be my loss.


“I’ll help you, so get up first.”


“No! I’m going to stay here like this until Daddy comes!”


“I told you to get up!”


In such a hurry, I grabbed Bella by the wrist and tried to lift her, but Bella, who was about to struggle, stopped.


“You told my dad… Huh?”


“What, what…”


I was surprised as well.




I felt the air around me vibrate the moment I grabbed her wrist.




Both of us stopped crying at the strange and weird thrill.




A white glow seeped from the tips of my fingers holding Bella’s arm.


The radiance spread like an angel swimming and lingered for a while on the scratch on my elbow.


And then.


“…The wound…”


“It’s gone.”


A moment of quiet silence passed.


Needing time to digest the unbelievable sight, we looked at each other with rabbit eyes.


After a while.


“…Is this divine power?!”


“Could it be divine power?!”


We shouted at the same time.




“I saw it from afar. The two of them were fooling around and fell down the stairs…”


What!? Run quickly, quickly!”


Blinking in surprise, Bella rose from her seat as if hypnotized.


At that moment, the knights who looked down from the top of the stairs spotted us.


“Princess! Are you all right!”


Run, runㅡ  


“Any injuries…”


The knight who came down the stairs as if jumping down hurriedly examined my body.


He soon became bewildered.


“…There’s none?”




“Princess Bluebell is also fine.”


The knight who was looking at Bella was also a little dumbfounded.


“…Princess Billishia too.”


The knight asked.


“…Princess Billishia. I saw the princesses from afar fooling around and tripping, did I get it wrong?”


It was surprising, but in the end, it was a relief that she wasn’t hurt.


“…Ah, uh…”


How can I explain this, I wonder.


Looking at the knight’s gaze, I checked my palm again.


The scratches from the cat had turned into baby skin, as if nothing had happened.


…Should I explain the situation first?


I fell down the stairs, but it’s strange that I’m fine like this.


‘But what should I explain?’


A direct descendant of Vallois manifested divine power instead of Magi?


Even I don’t believe it.




“Ah, yes. Mister…”


Lost in thought, I came to my senses.


“I was originally hurt, but suddenly a light came out of my hand…”


I thought it would be better to tell them the truth, so I’m going to show them my hand.


“I’m not hurt.”


The knight and I, who had been conversing at the clear voice that cut the line, turned our heads.


Bella added quickly, as if she was satisfied with stealing our gaze.


“Look. There’s no wound anywhere. I fell over, but I’m fine.”


Her expression was hard as stone.


I looked closely and saw the orange eyes quivering in her face.


Bella was glaring at me.


As if it was very inconvenient for her that I expressed divine power instead of Magi.


“Nothing happened.”


In this situation, if I were to demonstrate my divine power, I would receive more attention than when I activated Magi.


Bella hates it. 


“…Is it real?”


However, the knight asked me instead of Bella, as if something was unclear.


Being a Vallois knight, he asked me about my intentions.


Naturally, I snorted.


“How funny! A person rolls and falls, how can we not get hurt? I told you we were injured, didn’t I? But I…”




It was then.




As my body collapsed like a slug from the sudden pain, the knights gathered.


I sat down on the floor, gasping for breath.


I was obviously hurt.


I’m sure it’s fine


The sound of the rushing water began to come from the vicinity of my heart, and the tips of my fingers began to tremble.


The pressure inflated enough to burst the inside of my body.




A scream exploded at the corner of my mouth, unable to withstand the sudden pain.


As the massive Magi exploded like a bomb in my trembling palms, I was pushed back.








When I couldn’t handle the exploding Magi, the knight who grabbed my wrist behind my back raised the Magi to the sky.






Just like a laser, trees fell where the Magi passed.


It was then that the forest fire started in the castle.






After a while.


“What about Princess Billishia?”


“Her Magi erupts and it seems that she has lost her consciousness. Take her to the treatment room. Accompany Lady Bella too.”


The knights held out their hands to Bella, yet she couldn’t move.


Her mouth fell open just in disbelief.


1/4 of the duchy’s forest was lost.


Condensed energy formed like dew on the tips of the fallen Billishia’s fingers, as if she still had enough strength after starting the forest fire.


“Lady, we must go.”




Unable to hear the knight’s words, Bella stared blankly at the black ashes.


Originally they were dense trees.


To think that the forest, built over many years, collapsed in an instant.


‘…This is the direct descendant’s Magi.’


Her whole body trembled.


However, Bella didn’t tremble because she’s afraid.


It’s funny that she thought she was her competitor.


She got angry because she thought it’s funny.


Bella squeezed her white hands, tinier than cookies.


‘I struggled for only a month and barely memorized the magic formula.’


That child burned and ate the entire forest with one gesture.


That’s because she’s a direct lineage.


And it was because she was a vassal.


It was unfair.


“Lady, the situation is urgent, so I will attend you…”




“I’ll go on my own!”


Bella slapped the knight’s hand and walked on her own.


If this happens, Billishia will be recognized as a direct princess of Vallois again.


The problem was Billishia’s personality.


‘She’s a kid who even threatened me in the past.’


[Honestly, you know too that you have a scary personality. You must have been loved because of your lineage, but if it turns out that you’re not…]


She trembled at the thought of her sudden recollection of her words to Billishia.


In fact, she wasn’t saying anything that would hurt her.


However, it was obvious that the eccentric Billishia would inflate her consolation.


‘I just have to stop that situation.’




The pale Bella nodded and ran into the castle.


Run, runㅡ 


Yet there was something Bella and the knights all forgot.



The forest after only ashes remained.


A cat doll forgotten by people was lying alone.


How long has it been.




The black button eyes blinked as they watched their master walk away.


Swoosh, swooshㅡ 


The doll got up from its seat with a bewildered expression and vigorously brushed off its dusty body.


Then, like a baby, it ran hesitantly and followed the owner who was being carried away.




“Your Grace! The current wildfire…”


“My daughter! Bella!”


Bella’s face brightened as she entered the duchy entrance in the first place.


The Duke of Bluebell, who had come all the way outside the castle, was stretching his arms toward her.




Bella, who was unconsciously trying to run towards him, hesitated.


There was something else that was important now.


‘Exactly, His Grace.’


Three Vallois men, including Cassis, were running far ahead of Duke Bell.


What the hell were they thinking when they ran?


The faces of Vallois were rarely tired.


“Your Grace. Princess Billishia is coming with the knights. She’s fine.”


“…How about her condition?”


Cassis, who was about to run away, hesitated.


It was clear that he had regained his reason when he heard she was fine.


“She had a Magi eruption. Although she seems to have lost a bit of energy, she’s fine.”


“What happened?”


Duke Bluebell, who had followed Cassis’ quick steps belatedly, gasped.


“We were playing together, but the Princess ran out because she was bored waiting in the garden.”


Bella reported triumphantly.


“But Your Grace told her to stay in the garden. I tried to stop it, yet the Princess got angry and pushed me away.”




“Then she released the Magi right away.”


Bella’s lie silenced them for a moment.


After a while.


“…I recognized this the other day when we met, but her shitty personality resembles yours.”


Duke Bluebell burst out laughing.




Without replying, Cassis sighed quietly.


He, too, had his hand on his forehead, as if he had anticipated to some extent the deviation of Billishia.


“Your Grace!”


It was then.


From afar, knights ran with Billsihia in their arms.


“…The forest has turned to ashes due to the activation of Magi…”


“Give her to me.”


With words without context, Cassis hugged Billishia as if stealing it.


Soon, many people gathered around the Princess.


“… Fortunately, she’s fine.”


When the doctor who had been reading the pulse of Billishia spoke, everyone let out a sigh of relief.


Is the tension relieved?


Agasa, who had been watching, sat down.


“Even if they were only in the garden, the knights would have safely discharged Magi…”


“She’s young. It’s still…”


Although Cassis tried to cover for her, but in the end he sighed.


“…But when you wake up, we’d better give it a try. You should know that acting alone in public situations is dangerous.”


“Because once the Princess made up her mind, she acted first. It was the same the other time when she was trying to tear up classified documents.”


A moment of silence passed.


Everyone seemed to be exhausted as if they were surprised by Billishia’s solo action.


‘If this happens, even if Billishia releases Magi, she won’t get praise, will she?’


It was when Bella tried to laugh quietly, satisfied with the condition.


[Are you really a direct descendant?]


All eyes were drawn to Bella’s sudden voice.


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