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“My daughter can’t stand her curiosity.”


Is the tension relieved?


Dad, who confirmed my appearance, made a sound of wind blowing and laughed.


“Come here.”




First he told me to come.


Slightly worried, I got out of the blanket and spread my arms.


He got up and took me in his arms.


In fact, Dad’s embrace was much warmer than the blanket.


“Dad isn’t mad?”


“I was.”




“To the Bluebell family.”




He touched my brow, which was about to twist.


It seems there is no need for me to frown.


“A child who’s difficult to love, she said.”


At the end of his thoughtful self-talk, he wrinkled his expression again.


“I tried to sew my mouth shut.”




“It’s not a behavior that’s acceptable when one’s young, but most of the behavior at that age comes from one’s parents.”


Cassis suddenly rose from his seat.


Then he patted my back and walked slowly through the treatment room.


He added as he opened the curtains that were closed.


“Look at the window.”


Cassis, who picked me up, stared out the window.


‘Why window…’


We lingered at the window together at the words without context, but.




“Mmpp, mmmppphh…”


Right under the window.


Duke Bell was on his face as if bowing in our direction.


A cold moan of pain flowed down his thick back, as if he wanted to wake up right away.


It was as if a transparent hand was pressing down on Duke Bell’s back.


‘…Could it be Dad’s Magi?’


I turned into rabbit eyes and looked up at Cassis.


“He apologized to you first. That he was wrong.”


Dad smiled and explained.




I looked at Duke Bell again.


‘I think there is a lot of force to apologize first…’


Anyway, at that level, even the Bluebell family, who had been targeting us, wouldn’t be able to squeak for a while.


But I didn’t care what happened to the Duke of Bell.


The important thing was Vallois, not the Bluebell family’s apology.


“So Dad isn’t mad at me?”


“Why me.”


“At that time, I couldn’t activate Magi.”


He paused at the urgent words.


“…That’s why I’m mad?”


“You’re not?”


“Who said so?”


Bella did. I was about to answer, but I kept my mouth shut.


‘Looking at the situation, it seems that Dad has already made a fuss with the Bluebell family.’


In fact, the fed up Bluebell family didn’t want to see them anymore.


I changed the subject.


“So you’re not mad at me?”




“Aren’t other people mad at me too?”


“…Why the hell…”


The more I answered, the more Dad’s expression got weirder.


But in disbelief, I grabbed his shirt collar.


“Then Dad and people still like me, right?”




Eventually, Cassis’ eyebrows went up slightly.


He ended up carefully loosening the young grip on his collar.


I was looking up at Dad earnestly, but suddenly purple eyes filled my field of vision.


He sat me down on the bed and looked at me.


“Who doesn’t like you?”




“No one here doesn’t like you, and if they do, I will bury them.”


“Then what about Dad? Dad still likes me?”


At that, Cassis asked.


“Of course. Daddy loves Billie very much. What about you?”


“I like Dad, of course.”


“I’m glad.”


“That’s right. I’m glad. Whoa…”




As soon as we got confirmation from each other, we both breathed a sigh of relief.


It was then.








Suddenly, Kai and Bian came out through the door that opened quickly.


Around the time my brothers came running to hug me.


“Do you guys like me too?”


Raising my eyebrows, I asked seriously.






At those words, Kai and Bian opened their eyes wide while braking suddenly.


They seemed a little taken aback by the sudden question.


“Of course, Billie.”


The first to speak was Bian, who had quickly grasped the situation.


He smiled and came towards me.


“You’re my number one, you know.”


Then Kai, who was over his shoulder, hurriedly pushed Bian away from me.


“Me too!”


“So it doesn’t mean that you both don’t like me?”


“I like Billishia the best.”


“I like you more than Bian likes you, Dust.”


“Whew. I like Brothers too.”


But my questions weren’t over yet.


“Then what about Dad?”




When I asked, the twins and Cassis’ expressions became strange.


It seemed that they understood the context of the question, but it was clear that he was trying to deny it.


But I didn’t care and held on to Kai and Bian’s sleeves.


I was thinking of asking all of my family about this.


“What about Dad? If you like me, do you like Dad too?”


It was a tricky question.


Kai frowned, silently, while Bian stared out the window.


But it seemed hard for them to pretend they didn’t know and slam the door like they used to.


It was natural.


‘Cause I’m looking at them like this




An awkward breeze blew through the open windows.


It was then.


“…I like you two.”


It was a small ant-like bass tone, but everyone flinched.


Cassis stared at the twins for a long time.


It looked like he mustered up quite a bit of courage, but as expected, the twins didn’t have an answer.


Dad scratched the nape of his neck as if embarrassed.


“I don’t want an answer. I just…”


“Then I won’t answer.”


Kai cut his words.


He clenched his fists until they turned white.


Was he annoyed, or was he agitated by Dad’s words?


It was clear that the two were mixed and confused.


“Billishia. We can’t answer, you have to understand this.”


Bian, who held Kai’s shoulder, bent his upper body and explained.




That was the moment.


Kai, who had only bitten his lower lip, closed her eyes tightly as if he had made up his mind.


“Tell your dad. The family head of Vallois was away for 5 years, so it was very difficult.”


They must have wanted to tell Cassis, but my brothers still looked at me and said.


Next, Bian spoke.


“Tell me that we hated it the most, especially when we were eating together for the first time. It was scary that Mom disappeared, but it was scary that Dad also disappeared the next day.”




“We waited every day, yet he didn’t show up, so tell him we were worried. Could it be that he was hurt, we wondered. Maybe our whole family was dead, we thought. Tell him that we have been thinking a lot about how to lead Vallois in the future.”


The twins’ voices trembled slightly.


Cassis, who had been listening quietly, buried his face in his hands.


“And even if he comes back and eats five years worth of meals that we haven’t had together, tell him that we can’t acknowledge you as a dad.”


“…That means we’ll have dinner together.”


I was worried that Dad would be hurt by the serious talk, but I heard a vague answer from the other side.


The twins flinched at the words of Dad, who still didn’t give up.


Was it about 0.5 seconds?




The twins who met his eyes closed the door and left.


But before the door closed.


“You wouldn’t want to eat alone either, would you.”


It seemed that Kai, who crumpled his face, muttered that.




“Now, there’s no chance. This match will decide it neatly.”


“Got it.”


“…Whoever loses first.”


After the tacit agreement was over, a tense silence flowed in the training ground.


“…If you don’t play, you lose.”


Kai opened his mouth.


As soon as Kai finished speaking, Bian and I prepared with a heroic pose.


“Rock, paper, scissors!”


I took out the rock.




“Yesss! Then Kai comes first, right?”




Kai, who took out scissors alone, sat down with a devastated face.


“There’s no sob. Brother is the winner.”


“Yeah, Kai. Hurry up and come.”


I couldn’t help it.


The world of rock-paper-scissors was unforgiving.


A lot has changed since the eventful release of Magi on that eventful day.


“A lot of things happened after the Princess fainted.”


While I was in the treatment room, Lisa told me why Duke Bell had fallen on his stomach.


That I was passing out and releasing Magi.


And that Bella’s verbal abuse was known to the whole world.


The strangest thing was… 


“A conversation with Bella was recorded on a stuffed cat? Lisa. Did you make a recording function?”


“No. I thought the Princess had separately commissioned the recording function.”’


It was a cat doll.


That day, after I was taken to the treatment room, Lisa went to get the doll and looked around, yet nothing was there.


I was appalled.


“…Then neither of us added a recording function, so the doll recorded itself?”


“…I suppose so?”


“Who did it?”


“…I’m not sure.”


The cat doll remained such a mystery.


I wanted to look for it, but I couldn’t help it because I couldn’t find it after searching all over the garden.


And today, after a few days, the duchy returned to normal.


“If you continue to use Magi naturally, your unique ability will gradually appear.”


The twins have been my teachers today without fail.


“I teleport. Kai transforms into a canine animal. And Father can explode anything using the pressure of gravity.”


“What is Dust’s power?”


“…I’m curious about my power too!”


I rubbed my chin.


The reason we played rock-paper-scissors was also to answer this question.


“Then the loser uses Magi to steal the vase from the office, right?”






The twins hesitated for a moment, but nodded.


The good news is that the relationship between the family has improved since then.


Of course, there was still an awkward chill when we met face-to-face.


But at least the twins didn’t get very angry whenever Dad was mentioned.


It was a big step forward.


So the real training began.


Well, if so.


“…Brother Kai has the ability to turn into a dog, how do you steal it?”


When I asked because I was curious, Kai took a ready posture.


Bian can teleport and take it away in an instant, but Kai…


“Grrr. Grr.”




It was then.


A Maltese that appeared out of nowhere was on the alert.


“Grrr. Grrrrr.”


“Is that Brother Kai? What is he saying now?”


It was a white cotton-candy like wrath.


“I guess he’s telling you to watch his demonstration.”


“Woof! Woof! Baaark!! Woof!”


Bian interpreted it.


“Taking away by force is a deal only fools do. Watch how he enters the parlor.”


Kai’s tail spun.


Kai, the dog who had been circling around us as if it were right, ran towards the castle.


“Woof! Grrr, bark! Woof!”


“Oh my, how cute. A puppy?”


The Maltese, who faced the maid sisters like that.


“Woof! Woof!”


He overturned his stomach and played jokes.


“Oh my, that’s wight? You wanna enter the castwe? Shall I give you treats?”


“Woof! Woof!”


The maids who burst out laughing didn’t know that the Maltese they were holding was Kai.


Kai’s face was elated as he entered the castle.


He barked at us with his cute, button-like eyes.




“…Vallois will do everything in order to achieve our goals.”


Brother Bian, with a bewildered expression, interpreted his sibling’s bullshit.




I nodded my head to my teachers’ true education.


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