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The carriage ran all day.


Two hours after passing through the forest road I had burned, we entered a small village in the duchy.


“…Isn’t it the Valliot family?”


“Whoa, this is my first time seeing nobles!”


“Leisha, you should lower your head!”


Rattle, rattle.


The carriage slowed down as it entered the entrance of the village, which was finished with a stone road.


The commoners on the street all bowed their heads in unison, as if they had checked the crest on the carriage.


The people who stuck their faces out of the windows were also surprised.


‘As expected, the Vallois family must be one of the four largest families.’


I was deeply impressed by the well-managed village.


There were many commoners who couldn’t eat or wear even if they went to the baron’s village.


However, the commoners of the duchy of Vallois had neat clothes and clean faces.


Mostly bright and curious expressions.


Some were carrying baskets of fruit.


‘The vassals l and aides had a hard time filling Dad’s vacancy.’


It was only then that I began to understand a little about the vassals who were sighing at the regular meeting.


Worrying was also part of them caring.


It was then.


The wheels of the carriage, which had been rolling smoothly, stopped.



“Sister, lower your head.”


Bian gave a low warning.


At just the right timing, Cassis and Agasa got off the carriage.


People who bowed their heads at their appearance fell flat on their faces.


Cassis was going into the center of the village, slightly narrowing his brows as if he was uncomfortable.


But why?


“What is he going to do?”


When I asked out of curiosity, Bian patted my head and said,


“I heard Dad talking to Lisa earlier. It’s been a while since he has returned to the family state, so I heard that he’s stopping by to check on the welfare of the people in the duchy.”


“Woof, woof…”


Kai, the dog in the bag, also whimpered.


It seemed like he heard it too.


‘Woah, this is my first time visiting a village in the duchy of Valolis.’


Since the carriage has stopped, we can move a little, can’t we?




I got out of Bian’s arms because I wanted to take a closer look.


I was crawling on top of the carriage like that.




A child’s painful cry was heard from behind.


Not far from the carriage, to be exact.


People were waiting in line outside the entrance of the small building.


“Baby, if you wait a little bit, the healer will give you herbs. Shall we wait a little longer?”




“You have a fever… Haa. Can you bear with me for ten minutes?”


A woman who appeared to be in early 20s caressed the baby with a puzzled face.


But whether he knew his mother’s feelings or not, the baby, wrapped in cloth like a silkworm’s skewer, cried out sadly.


‘He has a fever?’


It’s probably the treatment room that they were waiting in line for.


But it was obvious in a glance.


The waiting line was tight with no gaps.


I think they will have to wait longer than the 10 minutes the woman expected.


‘Hmm. Wait.’


I managed to crawl all the way to the corner of the carriage ceiling.


And I spread out my palm.


Come to think of it, at the time of the Magi release, I had manifested divine power.


‘At that time, I couldn’t tell people about it because Bella just fell for it.’


Can I cure that baby?


If the divine power works like Bella’s case, the baby’s fever will subside in no time.


“…Excuse me!”


I had to do it without Bian’s knowledge, so I whispered with my hands covering my mouth.


“Baby, wait a minute. Mom will make you better…”


“Hey there.”




Since I couldn’t speak loudly, I tried to stare with all sorts of expressions, yet the frightened woman pointed at herself.


I nodded.


And I flicked my little finger.


“…You mean, m-m-me?”


Nod, nod again.


The woman who checked my solemn face gulped.


She was pale as if she thought I was scolding her because she was being noise about the baby.


Her hands were shaking as she held the child.


As I hesitantly approached, I lowered my upper body and whispered.


“Can you put the child near my arms?”




The woman looked reluctant, but she closed her eyes and acted on my words.


So I put my hand on her child’s forehead, but.


“P-P-Princess. If you’re tired of hearing my baby cry…”


White light shimmered through the hair, which was tangled like a sinner.


The surprised woman opened her closed eyes.


My little hand rested on the baby’s forehead.


Then the baby’s rough breathing gradually stopped.


“Ah, the baby’s fever…”


Maybe 3 seconds passed.


“It won’t hurt anymore.”


At my words, the woman hastily touched her child’s forehead as if to confirm.


And she stared at me in disbelief.


“…The fever is gone. It’s not like the princess has divine power…”


“Sister, Dad is coming.”


When I heard a small whisper behind my back, I quickly turned my head.


“…What were you doing? What about that woman?”


Bian checked the woman close to the carriage and hugged me as if on guard.


His handsome brow narrowed.


It was clear that he was too busy watching Dad to notice us.


“I just said hello because the baby is so cute.”




“Yeah. That baby.”


At my explanation, blue eyes stared at me.


Then, soon after, a sound was heard, pfft.


“A baby talked to a baby.”


What baby.


When I grow up just a little bit, I’m at an age where there will be a generation gap with that baby.


Anyway, when Dad arrived, the carriage wheeled back smoothly.


“It’s a secret between the three of us.”


I finally turned my head to the woman and whispered softly.


The woman, who had been dumbfounded for a while, bowed her head deeply with her face filled with weeping.




At that time, the Imperial Palace.


“Prince. I’ll put a jacket on you.”


Servants gathered around Sian.


Arms came out of the air and touched his shoulder, startling him.




Sian answered as briefly as possible and held his breath.


It was uncomfortable.


‘I can wear it alone, so why bother?’


Law Kingdom. Training school. Until the duchy.


He was a prince by status, but he had never imagined that someone would dress him up.


A lot has changed for Sian in those few days.


The royal family was destroyed.


And it was only after the Law royal family was destroyed that he was recognized as the last remaining blood of the Law royal family.


The fall of the Law Kingdom was expected to some degree.


It was he who gave Vallois the excuse to execute them.


Because he deliberately exposed his identity and stabbed his brother, who was trying to kidnap Billie, in the stomach.


So Sian didn’t think much about it.


There was only one thing that stuck.


‘How should I get back to Billie.’


Soon, a boy in aristocratic clothes appeared in the mirror.


Fine blonde hair.


Immaculate skin bathed in sunlight.


He was unrealistically beautiful on the outside, yet on the other hand, he looked dangerous.


His eyes, like the night sky, were full of thoughts.


His low, heavy gaze immediately turned to his palm.


…He promised.


He even made a promise that they could be together.


In fact, at that time, the safety of Billishia came first.


So he manifested his aura without any workaround, and lost consciousness in the Law Kingdom.


As a result.


[Sian. Can you hear me?]


His fingers twitched at the terrible voice.


The voice didn’t echo either in front of him or behind him.


It was exactly what was ringing in Sian’s head.






When he subconsciously replied, the servant next to him asked back.


“Did you call me?”


Bewildered, Sian shook his head.


The Master’s voice was heard only by him.


Of course, it was obvious that other people would mistake it for him muttering alone or calling someone.


“…It’s nothing.”


“I understand.”


The servant looked at him with a slight puzzlement and went out with his head lowered.


Communication with the Empress continued.


[If you’re ready, come to the court. Today is an important day, so I’ll check it myself.]




As he answered obediently, a faint laugh spread through his head.


Soon the signal was cut off and the voice was no longer audible.




Sian sat down on the sofa.


There was pain in his narrowed expression.


The damn voice appeared out of nowhere.


Even before bed.


Even when he wakes up.


Or even while sleeping.


The reason she casted black magic on him was that the communication collar was weak.


If he pretended to be asleep by any chance, the Master called him until Sian awoke.


Although he was angry and scared, he couldn’t help it.


He was now the Master’s, both contractually and in practice.


The problem was that this black magic made it difficult for him to return to Billishia.


‘…Black magic can be solved with divine power.’


He contemplated how to get away from her, but the Empress was the only one who possessed divine power within the Rolls Empire.


That meant hopeless.




He couldn’t help it.


He has no choice but to act according to the will of the Mastee.


Sian opened the door and left for the Empress Palace.


“…Isn’t that the hostage prince whom Her Imperial Majesty the Empress cherishes?”


Gasp, it’s my first time seeing the real thing. He looks like a doll walking around.”


“It’s a complete status upgrade. Originally, he should have been executed together like the royal family of the Law Kingdom, but Her Imperial Majesty favors him and he survived…”


“Shh. He’ll hear you!”


As he walked down the hallway, the surroundings were noisy.


He only heard the last words as it picked his ear, but he felt unfair.


He’s already caught in black magic, so he’s going to die of injustice and anger.


To think that this is a rise in status.


I just want to hang out with Billishia, though.


Upon arriving at the building where the trial was to be held, the Empress was seen.


The gorgeous ruby dress contrasted with her platinum hair and showed off her presence.


Like the momentum to chew up the upcoming trial.


“…Fix the pillar part. Yes, that’s right. That part.”


At the tips of her fingers, she pointed to, were the workers who climbed the ladder.


Is it under construction?


But it was strange.


Sian came around them without any sign of training.


The eyes that confirmed something narrowed.


“…Your Imperial Majesty the Empress.”


“Oh my, Peter? Are you here?”


The Empress looked surprised as if she hadn’t really noticed Sian’s presence.


Either that or not, he pointed with his finger.


“…What are those people doing?”


“The trial will be held soon, but it’s in poor condition. It’s under construction.”


Under construction.


‘Construction, it means building a house, though.’


Sian suddenly became anxious and muttered.


“…Then why are you breaking the pillar?”


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