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After that, it was chaos itself.


“Is everyone okay? Did I move well?”


Bian, who frowned, let out a cough.


The ashes had entered his mouth and made it difficult to breathe.


Fortunately, Bian teleported his family to a place not far away at the same time as the ceiling collapsed.


“Bian. I’m fine!”


“Did everyone evacuate?”


“It looks like Bian moved us by teleportation.”


“…Then those who couldn’t teleport.”


Cassis, who came to his senses, rose from his seat.


“What about the rest of them?”


He checked around.


The building had collapsed.


It was as if a giant had lightly trampled on the paper box.


White smoke was rising like tongues between the remains of the collapsed building.


There were clearly fires all over the place.


The screams of those who couldn’t get out of it.


The cries of children.


Torn pieces of dresses.


A pair of fine leather shoes fell through the stone carvings that were part of the building.


It was a disaster.






The frightened woman ran away and hit Cassis on the shoulder, yet he was unmoved.


It was an Imperial building.


In particular, no one expected that the court hall, which was responsible for the trial of the Rolls Empire, would collapse in an instant.


Agasa looked at the situation and gritted his teeth.


“…The people at the hearing don’t seem to have gotten out.”


“How about the Imperial Family?”


“I don’t know.”


‘Whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate.’


He frowned as he nervously brushed his black hair.


In any case, it was fortunate that there were no casualties on the Vallois side.


“Kai, Bian. Billishia. All of you are here, right?”


Since the family is safe, the next priority was the people of the Imperial Family.


It was then.


“…isn’t here.”


He was about to roll up the sleeves of his shirt in earnest, yet he hesitated and looked back.


Kai’s voice behind him trembled.




“…Billie isn’t here.”


“What are you talking about. I definitely teleported Billie… Billie, Billie!”


Was he scared?


Kai, who burst into tears, was screaming and looking for Billishia.


It was the same with Bian.


Seeing the children, Cassis’ reason began to waver.


He had to calm down.


He tried to calm his pounding heart and looked around.


But it really was.


Of Vallois, only Billishia was absent.




“I found a survivor here. I will go to the rescue right away.”


“Rescue my daughter first. Kids come first!”


“Help me here too! There’s someone here too! Mooommm!”


After the collapse, there was mayhem.


[Your Imperial Majesty. We have to get out.]

[The trial is in full swing, but all of a sudden…]

[As a prophet, I have a feeling. We have to leave at once.]


Before the collapse of the building.


Isilis hurriedly dispatched the Imperial Family and their aides at the right timing.


The Emperor had a displeased expression, but as soon as he exited the building, he ran to take charge of saving lives due to the explosion.


It was as planned.


Sian was quickly teleported by the magic of Duke Bell, who was watching from afar.


Probably sent to the treatment room.


“Your Imperial Majesty. Are you okay?”


“Right now, your priority is saving lives before me. Stay focused.”




As the knights passed by, the Empress’ sad expression turned 180 degrees.


She walked among the broken remnants.


Behind the upright high heels, white stone dust rose.


Isilis, who never soiled a single hem of her dress, seemed to have nothing to do with this collapse.


It was from then that the white jade-like face was distorted.


“…Yes. It’s no fun when the villain breaks down so easily.”


Then the Empress made a noise, tch.


It was clearly visible even from a distance.


The unscathed Vallois are raising their bodies.


‘That damn of Magi.’




Grinding her teeth quietly, she turned her head away with the sound of the wind.


She tried to collapse it just in case, yet, as expected, Vallois survived.


It didn’t matter.


Actually, Isilis had a different goal.


[Just in time, the Princess came to the trial. It seems to make things easier.]

[Where are you going to move it?]

[Before the Imperial knights can find her, we must find her first. I will take her to the trail that leads to the forest behind.]


“Your Majesty!”


She was replaying the conversation from a moment ago, yet Duke Bell, who had been running in a hurry, trembled.


He seemed reluctant to be a part of a bigger catastrophe than he thought.


Either way, the Empress walked quickly.


“Is this here?”


“We have to go a little further.”


“These are the bastards who survive the collapse of a building without blinking an eye. Head-to-head battles with them are tough, so it would be nice to meet the youngest daughter they love dearly.”


“Duke Cassis really cared about Princess Billishia.”


Did something bad happen?


The eyes of Duke Bell, who was grinding his teeth, flashed with anger.


Anyway, Duke Bell was right.


Currently, Cassis’ affection was moving from Vivian to Billishia.


‘But what if the Princess is in my hands?’


He wouldn’t mind getting down on his knees and blabbing.


‘It’s worth seeing.’


The Empress laughed and walked a little further with Duke Bell.


Soon after, an entrance to the forest appeared.


In the midst of the tall vegetation, a small girl passed out with her back leaning against a tree.


“She’s here.”


Billishia was as she had seen at the banquet.


Down her shoulders, thick black hair poured like a black river.


Perhaps she wanted to take a walk or something.


The child’s backpack bag behind her back was open.


“Take the Princess and move.”


“I understand.”


Duke Bell picked up Billishia roughly.


Billishia’s black hair, flowing down her shoulders, swayed anxiously.




“When is the child coming?”


In a quiet treatment room.


The Empress stared at Sian and Billishia, who were lying down like test subjects.


The private treatment room in the Empress’ palace was forbidden except for the Empress.


Thanks to this, all of her secret revenge took place here.


It was also here that she cast black magic on Sian.


When Duke Bell opened the door, a girl the same age as Billishia followed through.


“…I-I’m greeting the Empress.”


Isilis laughed silently, and the child hurriedly hid behind Duke Bell’s leg, probably embarrassed.


She was a cute, petite girl.


Was her name Bella?


It was already a widespread rumor that the Bluebell family was obsessed with Vallois.


‘But really, the ages and even the names of the children are similar.’


Although it was creepy, she didn’t bother to make it obvious.


Now, House Bluebell was Isilis’ favorite tool.


“…Daddy, daddy. So, will I be the same as Billishia?”


“That’s right, baby.”


Duke Bell, who hesitated slightly at the innocent question, stroked his daughter’s head.


She wonders if he’s feeling guilty now.


His face, having to cast black magic on his daughter, was getting worse.


‘Tsk. People have no stance.’


The conversation dragged on.


The Empress glanced at the watch and realized that time was running out.


Sooner or later, the knights will realize they’re gone and start looking for them.


She asked a quick question, catching Bella’s gaze.


“Do you want to be under the same spell as Billishia?”


The kind question made Bella eyes like that of rabbits’.


“Yes! I want to be like Billishia!”


“Alright. Then you can start right away. Your daughter says she wants it too, but what can you not do?”


She smiled and glanced at Duke Bell, and his back flinched.


Duke Bell took Bella’s hand and walked to the bed with a hard expression, probably coming to his senses belatedly.




The Duke, who soon put his daughter to bed, said.


“There will be no pain. I will release it when it’s done…”


“…Hm? What did you say?”


“It’s just. Just sleep for a while.”


As he roughly ran his hand across her face, her large eyelids slid shut.




Soon Bella’s complexion became peaceful as if she had fallen into a soundly sleep.


Only then did the Empress with a satisfied smile stroke the child’s round forehead.


“…Even if Bella becomes a counterweight to Billishia’s black magic, she won’t be in danger.”


“If you defeat Duke Cassis, please release Bella’s black magic.”


The Duke looked down at his daughter and gulped.


“By the way, what will happen to Bluebell now?”


“From now on, the Bluebell family will outperform Vallois wherever you go. I guarantee you.”


“…It’s an honor, Your Imperial Majesty.”


At those words, the corners of Duke Bell’s mouth trembled slightly.


“Then let’s begin.”


Isilis turned her head and commanded, and Duke Bell dutifully drew his magic formula.




Soon, the formulas drawn in the air began to glow red.


Duke Bell fell to his knees.


As he spread his hands out, red formulas began to move to the foreheads of Billishia and Bella who were lying down.


“I’ll start the black magic…”


It was then.






As he tried to move the formula, something soft and fluffy stopped Duke Bell from moving.


“That, what…”




The scream was heard from behind him.


The pale Empress stood up from behind.


“What is that!”


“What is it, Your Imperial Majesty…!”


It was when Duke Bell, who hadn’t yet grasped the situation, was about to stand up.






The decorative sword hanging on the wall was suddenly swung into the air.


Surprised, the duke fell on his back.


“You’re a magician in name, get rid of it quickly!”


The Empress shouted in frustration and hurriedly took refuge towards the door.


The one who wielded the sword was neither a person nor a child.




It was a cat doll sewn with tight stitching.




The cat doll that had been threatening them walked clumsily and guarded the front of Billishia.


Duke Bell, who was caressing his sore hip, hesitated.


Come to think of it, the tip of his nose strangely felt Magi.


“…No way.”


Realizing something, he stared at the doll with trembling eyes.


The ability to bring life to inanimate objects.


Billishia’s power was manifested.


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