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“The doctor has arrived!”


“Aren’t we supposed to send a message to His Grace about the condition of Miss Billishia?”


“If we know where His Grace is…”


‘What kind of situation is this?’


I’m completely lost in Lisa’s sudden cry, butㅡ




When I came to my senses, I was sitting on Lisa’s lap, wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon.


‘I was hitting myself alone in my room, though. How did they see that?’


Since they were maids who had been cold to me, this overprotection became even more awkward.


I wanted to move my body, but the blanket was as heavy as a bandage on me.


For now, it would be best to be locked in Lisa’s lap.


In the end, quietly trapped in her arms, I took a deep breath.


“…Now, let’s take a look at the cheeks, shall we?”






As I poked my head out, my cheek lightly touched the doctor’s thumb.


“Fortunately, there seems to be no problem. I prepared my heart because it’s a serious matter but I’m glad.”


“Did you make a diagnosis by poking the cheeks?”


“I heard her cheeks were slapped, so I was expecting bruises, yet apparently…”


“But I saw the Princess’s delicate cheeks turn red with my own eyes, though?”


The fluke-eyed Lisa seriously threatened.


The bewildered doctor turned his head to ask for help, but the servants gathered at the Duke’s Castle were looking at him with the same eyes of Lisa.


‘Poor doctor.’


In the end, the doctor realized that there was no one on his side in this castle, and with a slightly frightened face, he made the diagnosis again.


The hand that poked my cheeks seemed to tremble slightly.


“Princess. What did you hit your cheeks with?”


“W-With my hand…”




At those words, the doctor raised his eyebrows seriously.


Thinking that he needed more explanation, I wiggled and lifted my right hand, which was hidden under the blanket.


“With this hand…”


The gaze of an expert was sharply pierced into my hand.


After checking my small palms and cheeks for a moment, he was sure.


“With this hand, it will never hurt.”


I know, right. That’s what I’m saying!


“But the Princess…”


“Fortunately, the diagnosis shows no abnormalities. If I over-prescribe the drug because you’re worried, she will only get side effects. I think she should take a break.”


The doctor politely cut off Lisa’s words, who looked unfair.


Seeing that he stubbornly insisted on his opinion, it was clear that Lisa had hurt his pride for blaming his diagnosis twice.


“Then, is the Princess okay?”


“First of all, it’s not a big deal. Phew.”


“I think Lisa was right about watching from afar.”


At the expert’s words, the eyes of 50 people who were watching the situation outside the bedroom let out one word at a time.


Whisper, whisperㅡ


Come to think of it,, conversation voices echoed even from outside my field of vision.


All the servants on the 4th floor must have gathered in my bedroom.


‘Wait a moment. Did they stop everything they were doing because of me?’


In my last life, if I said I was sick, they would say it’s great behind my back!


‘Even a public execution on Lisa’s lap.’


Then I remembered.


‘When I was 5, the servants probably didn’t know my role as a villain’s daughter.”


It was at the age of 8 that I began to attack in earnest.


That’s why it was normal for me to be loved now.


‘…Is it normal?’


My face heated up like a tomato in an unfamiliar feeling that I can’t even remember.


Lisa, who kept me quiet, opened her mouth.


“UhhMiss Billishia’s face seems to have turned red. Doctor?”


“… Don’t the doctor misdiagnose?”


“It would be better for Lisa to make a diagnosis.”


The whole castle started shaking again at my small reaction.


As a result, the shoulders of the still depressed doctor seemed to be shrinking.


“Hmm. The red cheeks may be due to emotional changes, but… I’ll prescribe an ointment just in case.”


In the end, I, who couldn’t see it anymore, opened my mouth.


“I’m not sick.”


At those words, the doctor’s eyes twinkled and gleamed roundly.


It was a look on his face as if he had even received salvation from an unexpected person.


‘I was just about to let it go, but I feel awkward and the doctor is pitiful, so I can’t do this.’


“I was just trying to get stronger when I hit my cheek. I just did it to cheer myself up. The doctor did nothing wrong.”


As I lifted my head and mumbled, Lisa, who was on the top of my head, gave an embarrassed expression.


“P-Princess? But obviously in the bedroom… Why are you cheering yourself up… Ah!”


Then, as if she was realizing something.


Lisa’s eyes shook slightly.


What is it. Making me anxious.


“How weak the Princess must have been when you hit your cheeks to cheer yourself up… I’m ashamed of myself. Princess!”


Suddenly, with a dark expression, she put me on the floor so gently that she bowed her head.


“I apologize, Princess!”


“Looks like we got it wrong!”


Then the maids standing near Lisa also started showing me the top of their heads.




A hiccup erupted from my surprised mouth again.


Lisa’s face, who raised her head in surprise at the sound, darkened.


She hesitated and finally confessed, half wanting to take care of me and half thinking that she didn’t dare.


“Actually, right after the Princess came, I wanted to be an assistant right next to you. But I decided you needed some time to be alone, that’s why I stepped down except for basic assists.”


“…You were watching me?”


“Of course. I was watching you from behind so that you wouldn’t feel comfortable.”


Lisa pointed her fingertips at a fairly close tree standing over the window.


‘Wait. Isn’t that a stalker?’


Meanwhile, Lisa’s expression on the back of my neck naturally gave me goosebumps.


“I’m fine.”


For now, Lisa, who was on her knees as if she had committed a felony, had to stand up.


Thinking that all this overprotection was for my sake, I felt ashamed of myself, who was trembling at the thought of being alone in the room.


‘And I’m a little sorry.’


One side of my heart was pounding.


I didn’t expect Lisa to have such an active personality in my last life.


‘That timid personality back then was because of me.’


Obviously, I didn’t play the role of a villain because I wanted to, but the servants here were born as my employees and were treated with contempt.


“I always relieve stress like this, so you don’t have to worry about it.”




At those words, the faces of the maids and knights gathered in the bedroom fell in shock.


I quickly shut my mouth.




Can’t you hit anything when you’re annoyed?


Is this only for a villain’s daughter?


Even in the middle, Lisa was stiff as if I had poured cold water on her.


“…I’m not qualified to be our Vallois’ servant.”


My thoughtless remarks made the Duke’s Castle noisy again.


The doctor, who alone had to make accurate judgments in this mess, was still silent.


I felt comforted by such a doctor and glanced at him.




“I should have diagnosed your broken heart, but I was only looking at the Princess’ cheeks… Miss Lisa’s diagnose was right. I’ve always been a quack doctor until now.”


As soon as our eyes met, a single stream of tears fell from his tearful eyes.




My remarks that I was used to hitting myself began to spread around the Duke’s Castle in an instant.


“Gosh. I’m going crazy.”


I was terrified, knowing how big the impact of this remark would be.


About 50 servants cried in my bedroom that day.


But what if people on all 7 floors know what I’m saying?


50 x 7 = 350 people


Since it’s the number of servants excluding knights, if the annex servants, knights, and aides are added here…




I can’t believe my strong and tough image was ruined like this!


…No, rather, is it better?


I did think so, but it wasn’t just one or two people, but hundreds of people’s eyes that were worried about me.


Thus it was rather scary.


‘I fear that those interests will later turn into contempt.’


[Miss Baby, if you are having a hard time, just search for this Agatha.]


At some point, the aide who remained in the Duke’s Castle came to the dining room.


[This is the raspberry parfait I made. If you eat this, you won’t even think of violence anymore.]


Higgs, the head chef of the Vallois family, brought the dessert to my bedroom himself.


[Miss Without-Violence Billishia! Shall we play with bubbles today?]


Lisa was fully satisfied with showing off her true colors that she had endured for so long.


Having enjoyed a luxurious life like a Vallois one after another, I finished the bubble bath with a bewildered and anxious mind.


When it was time to go to sleep, Lisa gently lifted me up and put me on the bed.


“Are you going to sleep now?”


Lisa’s eyes, who even lit a candle on the side table, were soft.


Someone who greets me when I’m about to sleep.


‘Ever since I slapped myself, I’ve loved this one thing.’


“Princess. I made this, can you hug it while you sleep?”




I wiggled my toes and blinked my eyes.


Lisa pulled out a cat doll from behind with a smiling face.


A touch of sincerity that money could never buy was embroidered.


“Hi! Billishia! I’m your guardian angel. If you have scary thoughts while sleeping, I will bite them!”


Lisa, who mimics a puppet show with bloody words, grinned.


“Of course, I will be watching you as long as you aren’t uncomfortable.”


‘That’s scarier. And that scares me more.’


“Can you give a name for this dollㅡ?”


‘In my last life, all the dolls were torn apart. What should I do…’






“Princess, the cat says hi!”


There are dolls that don’t sound like regular dolls?


Ah, I can’t stand the noise.


Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.




Excited, I pressed the doll hard with my maple-leaf-like hands.


I could feel Lisa’s warm gaze across me.


Lisa, who had been playing with me for so long, said good night and blew out the candle on the side table.


After beeping for a while, I was left alone, and my reason returned.


“…After all, the sound is thrilling every time I press it…”


It felt different than when it’s torn.


It was so late that it was time to lay down on the bed.




A hand on the window sill.




When I was left alone, as if it was waiting for me, a raised white hand was knocking on the window.


‘Who is that? Perhaps, has an assassin appeared?’


Because of the regression, there will inevitably be small changes to the story.


And it was the extras who were just like me who felt the subtle change.




Half fear.


My eyes widened as I confirmed the owner of the hand with anxiety.


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