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‘It was then that I realized that Magi had appeared.’


I never thought a cat doll that suddenly disappeared would come to life after being hit by my Magi.




In fact, I prepared thoroughly, but after that I was in no mood.


I never imagined that Empress Isilis would have collapsed the building.


Especially that she, a saintess, would use forbidden black magic.


‘This is how regression makes people.’


I was lost in thoughts of the past for a moment and suddenly came to my senses.


This is the Empress’s personal space.


It was a space that Isilis hastily prepared on a terrace with few people.


“Anyway, where is Her Imperial Majesty the Empress?”


“I heard that the Princess of Vallois has also disappeared.”


I could faintly hear voices looking for us beyond the arched window.


Was she aware of the slowly gathering crowd?


The Empress’s face became stiffened like a sheet of paper.


“Finish it quickly. We don’t have time.”


“Mmhm. Got it.”


The moment I realized that Isilis was ‘another regressor’, I stopped using honorific terms.


Does she know the spirit realm?


Someone who lived two overlapping lives.


Empress Isilis was certainly different from my previous life.


Now we no longer see each other as 5 years old and an empress.


Because we met as regressors.


“Anyway, to think that the villain’s daughter was a regressor. God must be crazy.”


The Empress, who had buried her face in her hands, looked up at me in that position.


The pale green eyes illuminated by the sunlight were burning with poison.


‘She died unfairly, so it would be natural to try to twist the original story.’


I stared at the empty tea table without any tea cups.


‘I understand.’


The collapse of the building was a bit severe, but I actually felt like I knew why Isilis did what she did.


Even if I were her, I would have been concerned that Vallois would somehow harm me.


Isilis will struggle to survive just like me.


‘Then I guess I should tell her.’


…Something that makes her able to live even without doing that.






It was then.


I suddenly got up, dragging the chair, and knelt down in front of her.


“What are you doing…”


Surprised by my sudden behavior, she got up, hesitated, and sat down.


A look of bewilderment appeared on her pretty face.


“I apologize for Dad killing you in your past life.”


Since my secondary growth hadn’t yet occurred, it was uncomfortable for me to kneel on with chubby legs.


But I was serious.


“I know how it feels when you die at the hands of someone. I was killed by Peter.”




“I had no connection to Cassis, but I was executed along with him simply because I was his daughter.”


Her eyebrows slowly rose at my words.


Of course she didn’t know.


Because she had no interest in anything other than surviving.


In fact, it was the first time I had seen Isilis’s face.


“I’m not asking for an apology.”


A young voice rang out earnestly.


“But just as you struggled to survive, I did the same.”


“Then what.”


“Let’s make a deal.”




I slowly woke up with my sore legs.


There was only one thing I wanted.


To survive.


And to protect the people I love.


To be happy.


“You don’t want this to be revealed, right?”


When I confirmed the green stone once again, the light green eyes, which had become as dark as green, trembled slightly.


“First of all, since you have divine power, you can somehow save the victims of the building collapse. And now Cassis won’t kill you because the original story deviates. So you stop too.”


I boldly demanded.


“Then, I will destroy this greenstone and make it like nothing has ever happened before.”


It wasn’t a bad condition.


If it’s revealed that she was the culprit in the building collapse, the Empress will be dethroned immediately.


But if she stopped taking revenge as I suggested, we could live together quietly.


That was also what Isilis and I wanted most.




Was my suggestion okay?


She slowly tilted her white face, perhaps lost in thought.


Thanks to this, thick platinum poured down the shoulders.


Light green eyes resembling early summer were staring at me uneasily.


“…Are you serious?”


I could hear the caution in her voice.


But soon the Empress, who had slightly frowned, swallowed her saliva and stood up.


Does she accept my deal?


Her fine white hand came towards me as if to shake my hand.




“…How can the price of our lives be the same?”




It was then.


Her hand, which she held out as if she wanted to shake mine, turned white and became distorted.




The recording stone I was holding disappeared.


She muttered, gently snatching the recording stone from me with the grip of an adult.


“I’m the main character of this world.”








The Imperial Palace’s emergency bell rang at the end of a subdued voice.


Is she more upset because of my suggestion?


Irises as dark as poison flashed between dark silhouettes with her back to the sunlight.


The corners of her lips were trembling convulsively.


In the meantime, Isilis didn’t lose her smile.


“But you’re just the daughter of a villain.”


I flinched.


As I tried to get up, I froze like a piece of ice.


That word was traumatic to me.


After taking a moment to catch my breath, I made a small protest.


“…I will no longer live as the daughter of a villain.”


“Then let me ask you, kid. In my past life, I saved hundreds of people with my divine power. But what about you?”




I subconsciously tried to talk back, yet my mouth was shut.


I couldn’t say anything.


Isilis snorted as if she had expected it.


“I’ll tell you for you. In your past life, you only had the Magi to kill people. Should I ask again? In my past life, I tried to live a good life.”


The more I think about it, the angrier I get.


Tears welled up in the corners of my reddened eyes.


“But you? You just treated the people around you with mischief.”




“…But how are we the same? Explain how we’re all the same human beings.”


The Empress jumped up and shouted in a voice filled with evil.


“How dare we be the same when you only lived as the daughter of a villain!”




I didn’t do it because I wanted to either.


It was decided that way from the beginning.


[Your role is the villain’s daughter. Please focus on your assigned role.]


The day I first opened my eyes.


The moment when the sentence embroidered in the air was stuck in my mind was still vivid.


I was born the daughter of a villain.


God just set me up like that in the first place.


Taken aback, I clenched and unclenched my small hands.


[Is it okay to just live the way I want to live?]

[You don’t know how difficult it is to live as the daughter of a villain for hundreds of years!]


Her words shook the anxiety that had been dormant.


I shouldn’t cry.


How I got this opportunity.


Pour, pour.


I quickly wiped away the thick tears welling up between my eyes with both hands.


“God’s mercy is not just for you. Even though I’m the daughter of a villain and an extra, I have the right to receive God’s mercy.”


I glared at Isilis, biting my lower lip to stop myself crying.


Until deep walnut marks were left under my chin.




However, the Empress burst out laughing as if she was astonished.


“You’re the daughter of a villain, that’s right. There was a role like that too. Now that I think about it, I think there was also a villain’s lover. Was it Vivian?”




My nice mom who died without knowing anything.


Blood dried all over my body.


“Then my role this time is that of a hero who punishes villains. Hmm. But seeing that Vivian is already dead, I must have played my role…”




It happened without me knowing.



Surprised, I quickly hid my hands behind my back.


When I came to her senses, Isilis’s head turned when I hit her with my hand.


Red scratches permeated her fair, porcelain-like skin.


My hand trembled as I realized I had actually punched Isilis in the face.


‘But you shouldn’t do that.’


You weren’t the only victim.


You can’t mess with my poor mom.


“…Why do you even touch unrelated people.”


I ended up crying.


As my shoulders were shaking, a huge shadow fell over my trembling little hands.




My plump wrist was throbbing.


As the scream came out, her hand that had been tightly squeezing my wrist turned white.


Does she want to kill me if possible?


“Baby, look.”


The corners of the Empress’s lips, which had been relaxed the whole time, lowered.


“Seeing as how you put your hands before reason, I guess you’re really the daughter of a villain.”


It hurt her even more when she twisted my wrist, I gritted my teeth.


Isilis seemed to be running out of patience.


“And another thing comes to my mind. Sian is yours? Your dad loves you? That doesn’t make sense. You’re just…”


“Why doesn’t it make sense?”


It was then.


The calm bass sound made both of our heads turn.






The door must have been opened before I knew it, and a cat doll was waddling through it.


And after that.


The murderous gaze of the man who opened the door sank.


“I will ask again. Why doesn’t it make sense for my daughter to be loved?”


It was Cassis.




“He’s awake.”




Sian, who woke up late, stopped rubbing his sleepy eyes.


He seemed to have finally realized something was strange and quickly adjusted his posture.


Sian, who made eye contact with me, was trembling slightly.


“Are you awake, Peter?”




However, the exchange of glances disappeared due to Isilis’ friendly question.


She forced the boy to sit next to her.


Is he really surprised?


I felt sorry for him as he blinked his eyes with a look of bewilderment on his face.




I, who was sitting in the chair, mustered up the courage to look at Sian again.


Did he notice my gaze?


After swallowing his saliva, he also tried to make eye contact with me.


“Peter. You have to sit proudly.”


“…Yes? Yes.”


Suddenly, the Empress forcibly touched his back, causing a startled Sian to straighten his spine.


Me and Dad.


Sian and the Empress.


That is how the four parties meeting was held.


“I think I need to hear an explanation of the situation. Your Imperial Majesty was twisting my daughter’s wrist. Is that what I saw?”


The first one to start was Cassis.


His jaw tightened as he muttered in a harsh bass tone.


I felt like Dad was trying desperately to hold back his anger considering the current building collapse and various other situations.


“It’s correct to say that I was defending myself, not twisting.”


“How funny. How can one be so desperate against a 5-year-old.”


She made a different choice as he tried to make a grimace at the answer, which no one knew whether he was talking to himself or speaking informally.




Soon a relaxed laugh tore through the air.


“Hahaha! I guess there was a misunderstanding. I think it would be better for the Princess to say this herself.”


“What does it mean.”


“Princess Billishia. Say it with your own mouth. Why did I twist your wrist?”


The Empress bent her upper body towards me and smiled bitterly.


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