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“…Miss Baby. Just stay still for now, I’ll take a quick wash and then come back.”


A sticky liquid flowed between the blue hair.


He paused while touching his hair and frowned.




What Agasa was hit with was a raw egg.


“Well, I didn’t mean to throw it that way… Aaakhh, let me go!”


At that time, a voice sounded as if they had just started puberty had occurred beneath the airship.


“You’re the owner of the egg.”


Agasa, quietly gnashing his teeth and holding his head, strode forward and grabbed hold of the railing.


Looking at the atmosphere, he looked like he was about to cut the back of the head




As I took a look at the situation, his expression became somewhat strange.


“Aaaah, Sir Agasa! What’s with your appearance!?”


“…Are you okay?”


After a while.


With the captain’s permission, I approached the railing while being held by the Black Panther unit member.


“It looks like there was a fight.”


Agasa, who had just washed up, came back shaking his wet hair.


“What are you talking about?”


“Please look below.”




People with question marks drawn above their heads all looked down.


“I told you to let me go! I won’t do it, it’s filthy!”


It was true.


On the ground not far away, a boy who looked to be about 15 years old was screaming in anger.


Clothes made from old fur.


Sandals with worn insoles.


Tousled peanut cream-colored hair.


Compared to the clothes that looked pitiful to anyone, the boy’s eyes were filled with venom.


However, the problem of ‘fight’ that Agasa spoke of was different.


“…If you receive a request, shouldn’t you do it? Child, those are there to console and comfort you. If you go somewhere, you’ll be in big trouble.”


The big man, who was at least five times bigger than the boy, grabbed him by the collar and threatened him.


A mercenary as if he was that big in the Free State.




Then something crossed my mind.


Each time the robes worn by the giants flapped, pale silver embroidery flashed in the shape of an eye.


“…Isn’t that the Twin Ax Guild?”


“Yes. Looking at the embroidery, it looks like the men wearing those robes are from the Twin Ax Guild.”


My eyes widened at the scene of an unexpected assault on a boy.


…If the one threatening is the mercenary, then the dwarf boy…


“If I succeed in the request, you will eat all the money!”


“Where are you selling your ears? Newcomers don’t receive compensation for finishing about 30 requests for training purposes.”


‘…30 times unpaid for training purposes?’


It was my first time hearing this.


Agasa, who was next to me, immediately asked if he felt something strange.


“Miss Baby. Was there anything like that?”


“No way.”


I walked to the bedroom and handed Agasa the relevant articles I had received some time ago.


“There is no such thing. The moment the Twin Ax Guild’s request is completed, the reward will fall to the mercenary.”




“Yeah. We only receive membership fees paid by mercenaries once a month.”


Mercenaries who receive a request in the name of the Twin Ax Guild pay a flat fee once a month.


70% of the profits go into guild management costs.


And the remaining 30% was going to the Shrek guild leader who founded the guild, and now to me.


“…I understand what the situation is.”


Voluntary discharge.


Higher popularity than expected.


Agasa, who had put everything together, laughed helplessly, as if he was sick of it.


He usually had no interest in anything except Vallois.


However, when I saw him leaning his upper body against the railing, it seemed difficult to pretend not to have seen this situation.


It was the same for me too.


“Because no attention was paid, the executives were playing the role of kings.”


“I trusted the contract because I couldn’t trust people, yet now I can’t trust that either.”


“Hmm. Still, 30% of the profits came to me regularly. I was satisfied with that.”




The sea water turned white and churned due to the gusts of wind emitted from the airship.


The altitude dropped horribly.


Even though landing preparations were in full swing, the fighters continued to argue as if it were nothing else.


“If I want to get training, I have to go to a training center. Why would I join the guild?! That’s a scam!”


“Geez, why does he talk so much…”




“…Like that!”


An iron-like leg struck the boy in the stomach.




The boy collapsed from the shock of the sound and he fell to the ground.


His back, which was small compared to the big man’s size, rose and fell.


From the abnormal breathing sounds, it was clear that his lungs had collapsed.




Lisa covered my eyes with her hand sat the shocking scene.




Of course, I lifted my face and got out of her hands.


“Does this mean you will leave the Twin Ax Guild?”


“…If I’m going to work like this, it would be better for me to go somewhere else.”


It must hurt.


… I flinched as he thought that he rather felt like a dead rat.


The gaze glaring at the big man contained something more important than his own survival.


The big man who was looking down at the scene let out a dry laugh.


“The Twin Ax Guild is currently ranked 19th in popularity in the Free State. You know that the lower you go in the rankings, the worse the conditions become, right?”




“If you can’t survive in a mid-level guild, are you going to work as a mercenary somewhere else? You will never make it.”


The boy’s eyes darkened at the sharp threat.


“Miss Baby, where are you going?”




I quickly returned to the bedroom.


And I had a hard time putting on my activity pants under the dress I was wearing.




“Uncle Captain. When will you land?”


I immediately asked the captain in the driver’s seat, and he shrugged his shoulders.


“It will take about teb minutes. Actually, we got to the distance enough to jump from, but it takes a while to settle down without colliding with the ground.”


“Then can you at least lower the ladder?”




The captain looked bewildered.


“It will be dangerous.”


“I heard it’s a distance you can jump from.”


“… Well, that’s true, but…”


“Hurry up. I even wore pants.”


“Uh, yes!”


The captain, surprised by my urging, hurriedly lifted the lever and turned it on.


He was a captain in Vallois.


As a direct descendant, my words must have sounded like heaven.


“I’m lowering the ladder.”




The bottom of the airship.


When the temporary door, which looked like a square dog hole, opened, the ladder staggered and unfolded.


Even while we were quietly preparing, the rough words and actions of the big guys continued.


“You said you wanted to feed and clothe your sick little brother, right?”


“…Then give me the treatment fee. I’ve already taken on 10 requests without compensation. My younger brother is sick.”


“Then you can quickly accept the request and work 20 more times without pay. It’s training.”




“Kid. As a senior in the mercenary industry, let me give you one piece of advice. This industry is originally connected with force and power…”




It was then.


“…What is this?”


My shoes lightly touched the shoulder of the big man who was threatening him.


Feeling something strange, he raised his head and was startled when he saw short legs wearing pants.


“W-What! Some kid is in the sky…”


“Who are you! Who dares stand on the captain’s shoulder… Ahh!”




“That industry parachute, you jerk.”


I landed on his shoulder like I was riding a horse and hit the top of the big man’s head.




“P-Parachute? What is it.”


“…Isn’t it because she came down like a parachute?”


“What kind of bullshit are you talking about again! Take this kid down, now!”


The boy, who was lying down in shock and with a stuffy nose, stared at me with a dumbfounded look on his face.


‘Take a good look. Justice will triumph.’


I had the majestic expression of a Tibetan fox while riding a large wooden horse.


“Hurry! Take her down!”


In the meantime, the rest of the group was hurriedly standing on tiptoe and pulling down my arm.




To be exact, they were trying to.


“Just know that if you touch that girl, I’ll kill you.”


A strong hand subdued the tall men.


I don’t know who it’s, but it’s probably a group of Black Panther that jumped out of an airship.


I could see the expression on the big man’s face who had turned pale.


The big man hesitated for a moment and then opened their mouth.


“…I‘m an executive of the Twin Ax Guild. If you don’t want to get hit, it’s better to pretend you don’t know.”


The man’s blue eyes sparkled at those words.


“I’m Kai Vallois of the Vallois family of the Rolls Empire. Please introduce yourself again.”




Wait. Who?




I looked down again with a strange expression.


“…In the meantime, you got into an accident again, kid.”


Kai, who was holding the big man’s shoulder so much that his nasty veins started to stand out, sighed.


Brother grew up without me seeing him.


Seven years ago, he still looked normal, but now he looks like he’s about 185cm tall at a glance.


If seen by a third party who didn’t know his age, he was no different from an adult.


“Just know that if His Grace finds out about this, you will be summoned home immediately.”


My body flinched at the cool bass sound that somehow resembled Dad’s.


The deep blue eyes were fixed on me.




“…My? You know you did something wrong.”


Kai’s rebellious dark eyebrows and crooked lips still remained, but unlike before, it felt like the emotional gap had disappeared.


Just like Cassis.


…As he grows older, he strangely resembles Dad, so it’s scary to look at him like that.


Feeling stabbed for no reason, I tried to distract myself and changed the topic.


When I thought about it, I couldn’t see Bian.


“W-What about Brother Bian, by the way?”


“He’s not in the Free State right now because he has something to do.”


“What about the Academy?”


“Is the Academy or marriage more important?”


“Ah, marriage…”




I screamed, almost being fooled by the passing tone.


Wait, Brother Bian is about to get married?


“No, I mean, someone would dare kidnap our innocent Brother Bian!”


I was so astonished that my words were also stuttering, yet Kai stretched out his arms, making a noise in annoyance.


“I must be very naive. When he’s 17, he should start preparing quickly. It’s dirty, so come down from there.”


“Ah, yeah…”


Right. I need to sort out the situation now.


At Brother’s advice, I stretched out my arms.


At the bottom, “…Who is dirty he said…” A muttering sound was heard, but he quickly quieted down as Kai frowned slightly at him.


It was then.


A crawling ant voice began to grow like a gradient.


“From the looks of it, you’re not from the Free State are you?”


The big man who had been listening to our conversation asked cautiously.


He seemed to have belatedly realized that they outnumbered Kai by far.


As he looked back and forth between Kai and me, his voice grew stronger.


“You may not know how powerful our guild is, but the Twin Ax Guild is a large guild, currently ranked 19th in popularity. In that guild, I’m… .”






At that time, the airship belatedly landed on the ground.


When the huge door opened, the servants and the Black Panther unit came out one after another.


“Princess Billishia. Are you okay?”


“Princess. Please come down quickly.”


“Prince Kai, I’m sorry for bothering you.”


People wearing the finest uniforms and trousers gradually surrounded me.


“…an executive level,”


The big man took a quick glance at the huge airship and the people, then kept his mouth shut.


It seemed like he thought that the rank of executive was meaningless to us.


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sorry for the single chap update lol i'll update more next week

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