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“And we only eat the leaf part that looks like this. This is known as filicule. We normally dry them first and then steam them before eating them.”

The leaves which Salik circled with the magic pen were the fern.

As I stared at the fern, I recalled eating taro, radish sprouts, and a variety of other foods on the first day of the lunar year.

I really wanted to eat them, as such I poured barley rice in a large bowl, topped it with all the green dishes and a half-boiled egg, and mixed it with a spoonful of red pepper paste.

I want to go to Elysium.

Although elves and brass-bowl bibimbap don’t blend well together, I believe there are many veggies I need to create bibimbap scattered there since I’ve heard elves frequently dried vegetables and herbs.

“It must be delicious……”

“The taste…… isn’t very acceptable.”

Salik answered solemnly as I mumbled to myself.

No matter how hard I think about it, Salik may respond like that because he doesn’t know the best way to eat them……

Is it possible for me to go to Elysium?

Is the situation on Elysium really unsafe for me to visit?

If I can go there and show the elves how to eat their local foods while eating them myself…… It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Salik was silent while staring at his own writing, perhaps because he was thinking about his homeland.

“I’d like to go to Elysium.”

Elysium is relatively far from the Capital, yet I could cross the border to Elysium in a day from Krenberia territory.

There are still two years before the forest elves invade Krenberia, so won’t they be gentle to us?

Or would going there be too dangerous?

As I contemplated this for a time, I noticed that the mood in the study room had changed.

I turned to look at Karpel, but he was frowning.

And he stated this as his gaze met mine.

“You can’t.”

I assumed he was referring to the fact that humans were not supposed to enter Elysium.

“Can’t anyone enter Elysium right now?”

“No, that’s not the case. Although humans may have difficulty entering Elysium, it is not entirely closed to them.”

My query was instantly answered by Salik.

Karpel, who was standing next to me, also answered in an arrogant tone.

“I believe Elysium cannot afford to welcome Krenberia’s successor at this time.”

“That…… that may be the case.”

Whenever I went to another country, I had to be regarded in the same manner as the king’s successor.

It’s because I am the sole descendant of Kingdom Iverox’s sole duke.

“But don’t you think it won’t matter if I go in private?”

“That is also true.”

Karpel called me with a straight face while Salik answered in a disoriented voice.

“The Ducal Princess of Krenberia.”

When I turned my head and looked at him, he seemed to be telling me that there was no way for me to go to Elysium.

That no matter how hard he thinks about it, going is too risky.

It’s the face that I’ve been dreaming of. The face of him worried about me.

In any case, both he and I have already become the emperor’s target. There will always be red flags, regardless of where we are or what we do.

Furthermore, I was upset because Karpel had cut me so coldly.

Perhaps because Karpel believes it is the correct thing to do. Then I’ll decide what I believe is best.

So I put on my business smile and laughed at him.

“Salik said it’s fine to come in private, Karpel. Then it’s done. I’m going to Elysium to have a good time.”

“……The Duke will not let you.”


But my father will never stop me from doing what I want.

Karpel must have read my mind, for his frowning stopped after a minute and he let out a deep sigh.

* * * * *

How should I persuade my father to grant me permission?

My father will certainly grant my request if I plead or throw a tantrum, but it is not an approach I should do frequently.

Because I won’t be going there to play around, it seemed unfair if my father granted permission because I was throwing a tantrum.

Meanwhile, Karpel had a troubled expression whenever he made eye contact with me.

He appeared to be really concerned about my burning desire to visit Elysium.

I knew that the right place for a thirteen-year-old girl is her safe mansion.

And if someone else said they wanted to go to the elves’ village, I would assume they were insane.

Because the thought itself is insane, whether the subject is me or other people, I couldn’t raise the matter to my father after three days.

I was wondering whether Salik might help me persuade my father, so I attempted to skip class yesterday.

But the enthusiasm he displayed on the first day when I told him I wanted to travel to Elysium had faded.

Does he not want me to help him? If that’s the case, he should contribute, right?

Salik didn’t appear pleased with my wish to see Elysium.

However, no matter how hard I think about it, I believe he wants me to come, but he seemed to find it difficult to say so.

I was annoyed since I couldn’t tell what he was thinking because he was still wearing the robe.

As a result, I had no idea what Salik was concerned about.

Furthermore, whenever I questioned him if he had been in contact with anyone from Elysium, he always hesitated to respond.

I couldn’t figure him out.

‘Perhaps, is he aware of Karpel? Come to think of it, didn’t Karpel also interrupt and even stop our conversation at first?’

That’s right. That has to be the case.

Salik is aware of Karpel.

It seems like it would be better for me to have a conversation with Salik personally.

* * * * *

I nibbled a finger-sized nut from the chef.

When I requested them to prepare merely a cake for the tea party, the chef suggested that we attempt to build a cake from various fruits and nuts, so he made me sample various items.

I taste almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, walnuts, and even sesame seeds served with the fruits and honey. The taste is pleasant since it is not too sweet.

The food on the plate was gone in an instant.

‘This is delicious. I think Karpel will like this as well…… Is he in the field of training? Should I bring some for him?’

I still found him annoying, but the image of him weakly leaning on me lingered in my mind.

‘If he always acts warmly towards me like that, it would be good to expect a moment when we can be alone.’

I shook my head as I remembered Karpel’s keen look.

Because his glance was never warmly directed towards me.

The force pose in his eyes was overwhelming.

A knock was heard over the door as I was ready to lift myself to visit Karpel at the training field and offer him something to eat.

The maid hurriedly responded before I could respond.

“My lady! Marquis Zelude has arrived!”

After that, I peered out the window.

However, it was still a bit before lunchtime. The marquis was scheduled to visit in the evening. My father has not even returned from the palace. Moreover, I only wore lightly dress since I was too busy.

I owe it to the marquis to greet him, but I can’t come out like this.

Thalia is also a concern.

She clearly hasn’t prepared anything yet.

“My father has yet to return, but the marquis has already arrived?”

“The marquis and the master arrived together, my lady.”

That implies there’s no need for me to rush out and greet him.

I pondered getting dressed swiftly for a time, but today’s major character was Thalia. I need to take care of Thalia first.

He would think me cute and sloppy if I dressed too casually. But if Thalia dresses too casually, he’ll think I’m neglecting his sister.

I leapt up and bolted from the room.

The maids were embarrassed by my quick action since they clearly believe I need to prepare myself first.

“My lady?”

“Where are you going, my lady?”

I broke into Thalia’s room and pointed at Thalia, who looked at me puzzledly. Then I call out to the maids standing behind me.

“Now, prove your skills to Rhaya!”

“Certainly, dear lady!”


“I-ina-nim? What is……”

“Then, Lady Siehn, please pardon us.”

“Yes? Ah, kyaa!”

I returned to my room and dressed up as Thalia was getting ready in perfect order, from washed then toweled to bathed and massaged.

I dressed neatly and checked my appearance in the mirror.

Shiny silver hair, white and clean skin, and gorgeous red cheeks were beautiful regardless of what I wore.

Rather, my silver hair, which I didn’t roll up today and was naturally dangling slightly over the blue dress I was wearing, resembled a wave.

When I added my radiant beauty to it, it appeared as if a rainbow might appear.

It’s stunning.

If I’m fated to die young, it’s because God tried to be fair.

Because he had me born thus beautiful in this life.

I noticed the maids standing behind me as I was staring in the mirror with blurry eyes.

Their peculiar expressions seemed to be concerned about my mental health.

I strived to pick the ideal angle for my pretty face before turning away from the mirror.

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