Please Be A Traitor Vol. 11 Chapter 61 - Let's Get Along, Yum Yum Yum

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Please Be A Traitor
Chapter 61
Let’s Get Along, Yum Yum Yum

As I was talking and pondering why my father didn’t do anything about that matter, I realized something important.
When my father tried to adjust the cost according to the ‘estate appeal’, he was out of his mind.
As a result, Krenberia could not function at all at the time.
“You can also ask for a defensive cost adjustment. However, an agreement is required in order to apply for that. Every year, His Highness the Crown Prince travels around the border to coordinate border friction, but neither the Kingdom of Lecce nor the Kingdom of Rossele has ever responded to an agreement request.”
As in the case of the former Emperor, it is said that my father negotiated with the emperor to grant permission to cover the insufficient cost of border defense within the territory.
However, the law requires all border guards to be members of the imperial family, equivalent to funding the emperor’s military with our own land money.
Instead of raising the emperor’s army, we granted permission to build a large spatial mobility portal connecting each estate on the Krenberia plains, as well as supporting a large number of imperial wizards.
Moving the troops to our territory from the capital will be much faster once it is completed.
Money will inevitably be collected where people pass, so if completed, Krenberia’s citizens will be able to make a living without doing anything.
However, the construction period lasted ten years. In other words, money will be spent almost as much until then as pouring water into a broken poison.
I knew the entire empire was working on a mobile portal, but I had no idea Krenberia was paying for it.
“Do you understand what I’m saying, Ina-nim?”
Thalia was asking if I understood the answer, claiming that what she had just said could only lead to one conclusion.
That Krenberia might be invaded by one of its neighbors? Or about not having enough money to construct the huge portal?
But what Thalia was trying to say didn’t seem to be either of those two things.
I wondered if I could provide an answer based on the information I had.
The invasion of neighboring countries was scheduled for three years from now, while the portal construction is proceeding smoothly for the time being.
If there is a drought, it will be suspended from that year forward, but the budget is not currently tight.
However, whether it’s due to the cost of building the portal or because the troops stationed at the border are the emperor’s soldiers, the cost of border defense is kept to a bare minimum year after year.
‘However, if I don’t know the exact timing of the invasion, both of them will appear to be issues. What was Thalia trying to say?’
Thalia tilted her head while I was in anguish.
“I know it’s difficult to believe.”
Even though no one else was present except for the two of us, Thalia whispered, afraid that someone might overhear it.
“The emperor is after Krenberia.”
Oh, that was it.
I assumed the answer would be something absurd, as if a child answered the window when asked what the answer to one plus one is.
Thalia, who had just finished speaking, examined my complexion.
As Thalia’s breath touched my ear, I rubbed it belatedly with my palm.
I suddenly wondered if what Karpel had told me not to do before was actually whispering.
Because I didn’t respond, Thalia pulled out another document.
“I understand you don’t believe me, but……”
“Oh, no. I knew it.”
Thalia blinked her eyes open.
“Did you already know about that?”
“Well, of course……”
It was not a given.
I happened to find out after looking for related things because I remembered that Elysium would eventually invade Krenberia.
It’s all because I remembered my previous life.
I didn’t even consider what would happen to Krenberia if I couldn’t remember my previous life.
And it wasn’t long before I was convinced that Krenberia had always been the emperor’s aim.
If I had realized the emperor’s intentions before remembering my previous life, wouldn’t it have been better to plan the treason together rather than making Karpel Duke of Krenberia?
I rushed through my sentences.
“It’s incredible that you did so much research in such a short period of time. Can I then ask you why? Why did you look into it and tell me my father is hiding something?”
“I’m going to prove my worth. Ina-nim, please use me.”
“Please make me one of your people. I’m confident I’ll be helpful to you.”
It was so unexpected.
And, given the current state of the conversation, it was a very risky remark.
Nothing significant was said, but Thalia’s offer to help me while the emperor was targeting Krenberia meant she was opposed to the emperor.
“Rhaya, do you understand what you’re saying right now?”
“I am certain. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen Ina-nim in a long time, I believe what I’ve seen and felt thus far is enough for me to tell you this.”
“If you say that because you want to pay back your mother’s family’s grudge, isn’t there someone more certain than me?”
As in Karpel. The rebel leader, or something along those line people……
Regardless of how you looked at it, he was someone who was opposed to the current emperor.
Thalia didn’t even understand what I was saying because she assumed I didn’t know what the emperor was up to.
So it was difficult to believe her.
I couldn’t decide whether to accept Thalia or not because I rely on novels for information on my way out.
In the novel, Thalia clearly supported the crown prince and Shabelle.
“I don’t hold any grudges. As I previously stated, I can’t believe I was descended from the duke’s family. In fact, I’m not even aware that I come from a noble family.”
“Do you think there would be a story about a perfect noble who couldn’t talk about her origins and had to act as a maid among the employees?”
I used to believe that a person’s personality is determined more by their environment than by their bloodline, but when I see Thalia, I can’t help but notice her bloodline.
Thalia possessed a natural grace.
Thalia, who listened to me, has risen and is kneeling at my feet.
Then she clutched my hands, which were resting on the sofa’s armrest.
“I look like an aristocrat because you treated me like one, Ina-nim.”
“……You’re a noble, aren’t you?”
“When we first met, I wasn’t a noble. But Ina-nim, you believed that I was Louis’ older sister.”
“Because you two resemble each other.”
“But you didn’t believe me based solely on that, did you?”
“You risked your life. You stated that you would risk your life to see Marquis Zelude. Then there’s no way I couldn’t believe you.”
“It’s easier for you to kill me than believe me. But you, Ina-nim, forgave me.”
“You’ve opened the way for me to live as a noble even when I couldn’t get into the Zelude family.”
“It hit me today when I saw Clara. Ah, I can survive Clara’s threat. I wouldn’t have made it through the last week if it hadn’t been for you, Ina-nim.”
Thalia was extremely grateful. My conscience was pricked by her desperate confession.
Thalia would still be alive if it hadn’t been for me. Because, as in the novel, Shabelle would have saved her.
“Is there really nothing I can do to help you, Ina-nim?”
Thalia spoke urgently, as if she had sensed my reluctance to be with her.
I can’t have a simple child like Shabelle on my side, but Thalia is very smart and soon has the power of Marquis Lady after much suffering.
But she wants to be on my side, which is bound to be a tough journey.
At first, I wondered if that was true.
The reason I hesitate when Talia says she wants to be mine is because of the wall in the original story that seems to keep blocking me.
Thalia Zelude was the ducal princess’s opponent in the novel.
She was my enemy.
‘However, my relationship with Thalia is nothing like the one depicted in the novel. I’m sure of that.’
If she is truly on my side, there is still hope that I can change the story’s ending.
But the path I was taking was difficult for both Thalia and me.
I was intrigued by her suggestion.
“You, who will be the Lady of Marquis of Zelude, don’t have to step on my side. How did you find the situation in Krenberia? Do you think you could go up against anyone?”
“There is nothing lacking in Krenberia right now. Even if the border defense has loosened, it doesn’t matter if the neighboring countries invade right away.”
It was hypocritical. However, Thalia did not refute my statement.
Thalia’s reaction indicated that she believed there was a chance of victory over here.
I suppose it’s because she has no idea.
She never imagined that Elysium would invade Krenberia and that a natural disaster would strike.
“However, it will not last. Rhaya, when do you think Krenberia will shake? If you think it takes about 10 or 20 years to come to our generation, then no. It could happen next year or two years from now. Are you willing to fight and die right away?”
“I think you’ve forgotten that I’m still in threat of losing my life, Ina-nim.”
Thalia flashed a bright smile.
“In addition, I know you’re not the type to say that casually, Ina-nim. Then it appears that there is still something I haven’t discovered, right? Still, Ina-nim, I want to be by your side.”


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