Please Be A Traitor Vol. 11 Chapter 62.1 - Let's Get Along, Yum Yum Yum

Author: missme285

Please Be A Traitor
Chapter 62
Vol. 11 Let’s Get Along Yum Yum Yum


“By my side…… what are you talking about? Rhaya, you will soon be the lady of the Marquis Zelude family. So, even if you want to assist me, you can do so as a friend. There’s no need to be strict when you say you want to be my person.”

Thalia then smiled.

“But you are the one who will lead me, so this is enough.”

I’m not sure what she meant by “enough,” but her conviction seemed to give me courage as well.

“Thank you very much, Thalia.”

“Don’t even bring it up. You can count on me at any time.”

“Then I will not refuse……”

Something piqued my interest while listening to Thalia earlier.

“I have no intention of opposing my father’s policy. Because my father simply desired that I grow up in a cage, knowing nothing.”

“But Ina-nim is not the type of person who should be locked up. Even though I was only with you for a week, I know the Duke has……!”

“No, wait a second. That was not my intention. I assumed my father was unaware of the emperor’s intentions. But after hearing what you told me, he can’t possibly be unaware.”

The emperor was slowly stabbing Krenberia with a knife.

The Emperor went beyond the point of thinking that if we endured a little longer, he could save Krenberia.

For my father, the most important thing was me.

Maybe it was obvious that my father valued me more than the Krenberia family.

And as a result, my father must be aware that he is unable to protect me.

As a result, he did nothing.

What I meant was that he did nothing behind my back, not that he did nothing at all.

“Rhaya, can you find out what my father was hiding?”

Thalia was surprised.

First and foremost, I needed to know everything my father had kept from me.

I should narrow it down once I know what those things are.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Krenberia never goes against the Emperor’s wishes. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going on behind my back or if my father has simply blocked the information flow to me, but it’s a fact!”

Even in the novel, the truth is obvious.

“So I assumed my father didn’t know the emperor’s intention, but if that wasn’t the case, why didn’t my father do anything about it? To the point to engage me to the prince.”

“I’m not sure what you’re thinking, Ina-nim.”

“My father regards me as his most valuable possession. So, don’t you think his staying still around the emperor would endanger my safety?”

There is no mention of what happened to the Duke, Ducal Princess, and Prince who lived in Krenberia in the novel.

“However, Ina-nim, you’re engaged to the prince. So maybe the Duke thinks the Prince will protect you?”

“My father despises the prince so much……”

And if I had left it to Karpel, my father would have joined the rebels himself.

I sighed at the thought of Karpel.

“Besides, Karpel despises me.”

“No way. His Highness is very concerned about you, Ina-nim. ”

I was taken aback.

Karpel was so used to concealing his inner feelings that even I, who peered into his true feelings, was perplexed.

I couldn’t detect any emotions in his sharp eyes or vibe towards me.

“……in what way?”

This is just a happiness circuit*, but there must be a reason why it appears that way to others.

Thania looked at me expectantly.

“Ah…… well……”

Thalia, unsurprisingly, couldn’t say much.

“…… In any case, my father does not believe in His Highness. But I believe there is something that makes my father confident in his ability to protect me. What exactly is it?”

Thalia cocked her head but quickly smiled.

“I’m going to find out.”

“I am counting on you,” I replied, smiling at Thalia.


As I walked back to my room from Thalia’s, I reflected on what had happened earlier with Karpel.

The more I considered it, the more I realized Karpel had given me a pinkish vibe**.

‘I guess he really wanted to do that back then. We seem to be getting closer.’

Karpel is attempting to distance himself from me, so I can’t do anything intimate unless the opportunity arises.

Even though I was already full, I should have eaten more of it.

It was a belated regret.

‘Should I request that Thalia invite the Marquis to create that kind of situation……?’

That appears to be a good idea.


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Author's Thoughts

* it’s a recent slang/meme to say 행복회로 돌리기 when we want something to happen and begin to add personal fantasies about how it will go better for us (and assuming that things we don't like won't happen).
** 핑크빛 romantically involved rumor/atmosphere.

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