Please Be A Traitor Vol. 12 Chapter 64 - How to Wither a Picked Flower

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Please Be A Traitor
Chapter 64


My father responded by raising his wine glass.

When I called him, he usually put down the wine glass he was holding.

At royal banquets, I’ve seen my father raise his wine glass and drink when he was trying to change the subject or avoid a difficult question.

He seemed to assume that the question I was about to ask would be difficult for him to answer.

Despite the fact that the compartments are now divided, it was an open space, and I had no intention of discussing Elysium or our personal lives in such a setting.

Still, I was a little hurt.

“You said you liked the one with walnuts the best of the refreshments you had the last time, didn’t you?”

When I asked my question, my father smiled and put down his wine glass, as if relieved.

“Yes, that is……”

Then, when he looked completely caught off guard, I asked lengthily and scowlingly.

“Father, you just tried not to answer anything I asked you, didn’t you?”

I abruptly cut off my father’s words.

“…… I assumed it wouldn’t be something to talk about recklessly in a place like this.”

It was obvious that what my father had suspected was related to Elysium.

My desire to go to Elysium, as my father put it, was not something I discussed openly.

Because crossing the border may be hazardous.

I didn’t mean to say it here, but I became irritated when my father was overcautious about it.

But what I needed to confirm with my father before the Elysium case was about me and Krenberia.

Why are you still loyal to the emperor when you know he’s after Krenberia?

That’s what I was attempting to confirm.

Thalia didn’t bother to hide her investigation into Krenberia’s circumstances as soon as my father returned.

She primarily gathered data based on institutional and policy aspects, claiming that she wanted to learn in order to assist the marquis when she joined the Marquis of Zelude family.

The issue with the Rossel Kingdom is that my mother is a princess of the Roselle Kingdom, which is why there is no diplomatic exchange between Krenberia and Rossell.

Thalia was learning things that she couldn’t learn as a maid thanks to the assistance of Marquis Zelude. And I am also spared full of support in that regard.

That’s how she has been collecting her investigation, saying it was for studying at all.

I had no idea Thalia had asked for such information because of what I had asked for until she brought the organized data.

What my father was concerned about was obviously a problem related to Elysium.

But I pretended I didn’t know anything about Elysium and told my father about Thalia’s research.

“Is that the direction of the Marquis of Zelude’s prosperity that Rhaya has recently learned? Or is it a diplomatic issue with the Kingdom of Rossell?”

When I told my father about what Thalia had told me, he was perplexed.

My father seemed to believe that what Thalia was studying had something to do with the question I was about to ask him.

“Kingdom of Rossell…… Don’t tell me… are you interested in that place?”

My father inquired, his voice tense.

It was surprising.

Because it was my mother’s homeland, I assumed that at the very least my father would pleasef if I to mention the Kingdom of Rossell.

After all, my entire life has revolved around Karpel and my father.

Because my interests were focused on those two, they told me very little about my mother.

I’m not sure if it was to make me feel my mother’s absence or if they were struggling to bear her absence.

But, at some point, I stopped asking because of the two of them.

My father was hesitant to inform me about Rossell.

The Kingdom of Rossell and the Empire of Iverox had a strained relationship.

Isn’t he thinking it’d be better to send me to Elysium instead?

Regardless, it felt incredible when my father married my mother, the royal daughter of the Kingdom of Rossell.

“Perhaps… was the Rossell King opposed to your and mother’s marriage? Is this the reason why the current diplomatic ties issue has not been resolved?”

“No, rather, it was because of the diplomatic issues that he opposed the marriage.”

It was understandable, now that I think about it.

Rossell sent my mother to our country from the Kingdom of Rossell due to a threat from the Iverox imperial family that they couldn’t ignore.

Furthermore, the Kingdom of Rossell despises the people of the Empire due to religious issues.

And it is said that my mother came to the Empire with a sacred relic.

“Papa, I heard mother brought something to the Empire from the Kingdom of Rossell…… Is it possible that if I return the agreement, the Kingdom of Rossell will accept it? I am also a member of the Royal Family of Kingdom Rossell, albeit only by half.”

I didn’t say “sacred relic” directly because I didn’t want anyone else to hear it.

My father, on the other hand, seemed to understand.

” Hmm…… how much does Ina know about the Kingdom of Rossell? In that place, the authority of the temple is stronger than the royal authority. Even the king and queen’s blood cannot be recognized as royalty if it is not recognized by the temple.”

Hearing my father’s words, I knew that seeking asylum in Rossell was not an option.

Wouldn’t I be considered a heretic if I went to such a place when I don’t even believe in God?

The sacred relic, on the other hand, must have been very important to the denomination.

“If the temple’s authority is that strong, it is ambiguous to assert my position. So, aren’t they more interested in what mother brought to the empire?”

My father simply nodded.

And then he abruptly took the decorated black cherry branch from the vase on the table.

And he casually broke the branch in half and showed me the half-cut branch.

Why did he suddenly cut the table decoration?

I was struck by awe and realized I was now discussing the sacred relic.


The sacred object appeared to be in poor condition.

My father threw the broken branch on an empty plate after checking my expression.

“It’s pointless.”

‘Did the sacred relic become so badly damaged that we can’t use it at all?’

My father, muttering to himself, summoned the waiter to clean it up and smiled at me.

“There are numerous advantages to keeping Krenberia in a temple. Doesn’t the priest always come running when Ina is sick?”

“That, in my opinion, is a good benefit. Priest Glova, who always comes, even said I could call him directly whenever I needed.”

That was all it had to say about the advantages of using the temple at will at the time.

And, because I was quite strong, there was no need to summon the priest, unless my father was making a fuss.

Did the temple make any other promises to Krenberia?

Is that promise meant to protect me in an emergency?

But my father would never entrust me to the temple if he couldn’t keep the item safe himself.

My father’s suddenly broken branch was still visible.

What my mother entrusted to the temple was clearly a sacred relic. Though it’s true that I became interested in it after hearing it for the first time from Thalia.

It was strange, however, that the temple did not announce it.

Given the temple’s low standing in the empire, I believe it would increase the number of believers if the temple claimed to be carrying a sacred relic.

My father’s actions seemed to have revealed the reason.

Was the sacred relic intentionally broken rather than accidentally broken?

Given that the problem did not worsen despite my previous insult to the High Priest, the temple must bear responsibility for the sacred relic.

How is my father going to get Krenberia into the hands of the enemy while keeping me safe?

Even without knowing that, I was confident that I could persuade my father to travel to Elysium, but I was curious about my future, which was not depicted in the novel.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to ask during our meal here, “How is my father attempting to protect me?”

I was asking about the Kingdom of Rossell and the temple half because I wanted to confirm what Thalia had told me, and half because I was curious about something.

In the end, all the information Thalia came to was not the answer I was looking for.

So I had no choice but to check it myself.

But I put it off until later and talked about the taste and comments about the refreshments that I couldn’t ask because my father was nervous and on guard all the time, afraid of what I would ask.

After we finished our meal, I took my father’s hand in mine and climbed into the carriage to return to the mansion.

The carriage started moving. And the moment I heard the rattling carriage wheel, I opened my mouth and looked straight ahead to the view outside the window carriage.

“Father, no matter how well you protect me, I can’t be safe in the Emperor’s hands.”

I could feel my father’s gaze on me.

I turned my head because no words were returned, and my father was looking at me calmly.

He smiled when our gazes met.

“You completely caught me off guard right now.”

He said I caught him, but he didn’t seem upset.

My father said as he patted my head.

“You’re right.”

But aren’t you devoted to the Emperor? It’s not as if you’re unaware that the Emperor is after Krenberia.

“If you are aware of this, then why……”

I only realized what I had been missing up until this point.

Krenberia was what the emperor desired, and I was what my father desired.

If Krenberia had collapsed, the emperor would have no reason to target me.

For my safety, my father remained loyal to the emperor.

“Do you believe His Majesty will not harm me?”

“His Majesty will never cause you harm.”

My father was incorrect.

Of course, if I continue to treat my father like a fool, the emperor will not be able to touch me. Because it serves no purpose.

I can live like a flower and do nothing like my aunt, who is now the empress.

Her Majesty the Empress was also unharmed in the novel.

Despite the fact that her entire family bloodline had been dispersed, died, and vanished, she was safe and survived on her own.

Just like the princess in the novel who knows which option will save her.


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