Please Be A Traitor Vol. 13 Chapter 65.2 - I Didn't Mean to Seduce You

Author: missme285

Please Be A Traitor
Vol. 13: I Didn’t Mean to Seduce You
Chapter 65 Part 2


  1. I didn’t mean to seduce you.

When Salik found me alone in the classroom, he paused for a moment.

“Good morning, Inaila.”

“Good morning, Salik-nim.”

Salik entered the room and began preparing for the class.

He appeared to be glancing toward the door, but I was unsure because he was dressed in a robe.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you took off your robe, Salik-nim?”

“……it’s fine.”

“You no longer need to be concerned about my father. I acquired his permission to go to Elysium.”


Salik, who had been silent for some time, removed his robe.

He claimed to be fine, but it was clear that he wasn’t.

His hair was a mess, but he could still fix it. His long ears were drooping like drooping rabbit ears, possibly because they were pressed by the robe.

Salik shook his head and stroked his ears to straighten them. His hair swayed gently and was quickly tidied up.

I felt like I was watching an elegant and beautiful creature being groomed.

His bluish skin quickly turned white and milky.

I had been in the class for over a month, but this was only my second time seeing Salik’s face.

Salik smiled at ease.

“Does that explain why His Highness the Prince isn’t here as well?”

“Well, I’m not sure……?”

I had absolutely no idea.

I looked at the empty seat beside me.

I’m not sure if Karpel isn’t here right now because he has something else to do or because my father has given me his permission.

While taking off his robe, Salik tilted his head and picked up the book he had left on the desk.

“Why are you giving me this book?”

I took a look at the book, with Salik or whoever was on the cover.

It was a brand-new book.

The title ‘Pinus of Elysium’ was familiar.

“Is this a biography about someone named Pinus?”

“No, I think it’s a novel……”

As he turned the pages of the book, Salik’s expression hardened.

There was a rustling sound as he flipped the pages, and his expression was puzzled this time.

He took something from the book.

It was the memo that I gave to Thalia.

Thalia was asking me if it was okay if she gave the memo to Salik when he came to the mansion because his whereabouts were unknown.

I forgot to tell her that she didn’t have to do it after the story with my father end well.

Thalia was holding the book when she asked me, come to think of it.

I asked her to give it to Salik secretly, but I never thought that she would put it between the pages of the book.

“When did you get it?”

“Just now…… I got it on my way to class, but why did I get this book……”

With a troubled expression, Salik closed the book.

“Where are you staying now, Salik-nim? Aren’t you living in the capital?”

“Here and there…… I only come to the capital when I have classes.”

“It must be inconvenient.”

“It’s difficult for me to live in crowded places because there are so many things to be concerned about.”

I nodded and looked at Salik’s hands which were still wearing gloves.

Salik looked at the memo one more time and wrote down the content on the board.

“Inaila, if you write it like this, ‘Let’s do it after class. My friends and I are going to a dessert shop.‘ Because the symbol attached to this text is used to form a sentence, it is separated from the meaning of the sentence in the back.”


“Last time I told you that you have to use this symbol to mean ‘with friends after class’…… did you know that?”


“But even so, why do you have to……?”

“Because I think you are being watched, Salik-nim.”

Salik gave an awkward smile.

“I figured if I wrote down the exact date and time, they might try to sabotage the meeting.”

“Do you frequent this store? If we meet after the class, don’t you think we won’t have enough time for the meeting?”

“That dessert shop is one I’m planning to open with my friends, so even if I go there frequently and stay for a longer period of time, it won’t be suspicious. I planned to wait until you arrived. The memo was now obsolete because I had obtained permission from my father.”

Salik sighed.

“How do you know I’m being watched?”

“How could I not be aware? It’s not my party, but Elysium that’s in a hurry for our deal, right? But it’s strange that you avoid the subject.”

“I was already at a loss. I was on the verge of giving up.”

“……is it okay if you give up?”

“That can’t be. Since Inaila is very interested in food plants, I thought there would be a day when it would get better.”

It sounded like a far too distant-promise.

The situation in Elysium must be dire right now.

Salik said bitterly as if the absurd feelings on my face were visible.

“The Duke told me not to come back after the first class. I’ve only been granted permission to teach Inaila a lesson on the condition that I never bring up the subject of Elysium again.”

‘That must be the case.’

Salik would have had no choice but to make the latter promise because he was almost barred from approaching me after saying a few words about Elysium.

However, Elysium’s problems were unrelated to Salik’s appearance in the classroom wearing a robe.

“What does wearing a robe have to do with Elysium?”


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