Please Be A Traitor Vol. 13 Chapter 66.2 - I Didn't Mean to Seduce You

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Please Be A Traitor
Vol. 13: I Didn’t Mean to Seduce You
Chapter 66 Part 2

Karpel looked at the board as if he hadn’t heard me calling him. But he was sitting right next to me, so there’s no way he didn’t hear me.

“Will it put you in difficulties if I help Elysium?”

His golden eyes turned towards me.


I paused for a moment after hearing Karpel’s words.

Was he asking me why is it difficult for him if I help Elysium?

Why did he ask me that?

Should I ask him if Krenberia is a problem for his rebels?

I considered why Karpel was in trouble and realized that it was not for me to answer in the first place.

“You didn’t even let me talk to Salik-nim about Elysium. So, what was the cause?”

“Because if I didn’t do that, you’d go there without fear……”

As he spoke, Karpel sighed.

“Do you do that because I said I’d go to Elysium? But you were already doing it before I said it for the first time.”

“First time?”

“You were doing it before I said I’d go to Elysium.”

“……oh, then it’s not something you deserve to hear.”


I furrowed my brows.

What story should I not hear?

There was nothing to talk about except the fact that the forest elves were starving.

Because he thinks I’d feel bad if I heard about Elysium’s hardships and difficulties?

Karpel wouldn’t have been as sharp with just that.

If he thought I’d feel bad, he should’ve stopped bothering me right next to me.

If I ask him what I shouldn’t have heard, he won’t answer, and I don’t think it would put him in any difficulties if I helped Elysium.

‘Can you think of it that way?’

I looked at Karpel’s eyes.

“Then…… I will join hands with Elysium. I’ll help Elysium and get what I require.”

“What about that warehouse? How do you intend to use it?”

“I’ll let you know later. Is Krenberia a stumbling block for you, Karpel?”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“Well, since you’re preparing something. I know you see Krenberia as a hindrance to your plans because Krenberia would never go against the Emperor’s will.”

“By that, do you mean that whether you helping the Elysium would put me in a difficult situation?”

Karpel sighed and swept his hair up as I nodded.

“Krenberia is……”

Karpel appeared to be unsure about what to say. Then he looked at me and continued speaking.

“It should be regarded as completely tied up. In this situation, I’m powerless.”

“Tied up?”

“Yes, you’re probably feeling it as well. When the duke returned to Krenberia, where his subordinates had barely managed to keep things running, problems were everywhere. He resolved it diplomatically with the Emperor. The woman you picked up was looking into this and that, and I’m sure you’ve heard something about it from her.”

“Something like border defense issues?”

“Yes, on the surface, they seem to have built a cooperative relationship with each other, but it is in such a state that if the emperor takes his hand, Krenberia will collapse. Isn’t it because you’re afraid of that condition that you believe the emperor is going after Krenberia?”

I simply nodded.

“Krenberia must keep this up. The balance of maintaining your territory will collapse if you divert your attention elsewhere. So it appears to follow everything the emperor says, but on the contrary, it remains the same even as the imperial family is threatened.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“……as an example, I……”

Karpel appeared to be debating whether it was appropriate to say what he wanted to say, but he soon spoke up.

“I’ll give you an example. When you said you were going to occupy the deck fortress and move to the imperial palace.”

I took a look at the table where Karpel’s fingers had been. Because it was an empty table, I had no idea where Fort Deck was in imperial territory. Karpel, on the other hand, quickly opened his palm and covered it close to his finger.

“What do you think Krenberia is capable of?”


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