Please Be A Traitor Vol. 14 Chapter 67.2 - If You Can't Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep!

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Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 14: If you can’t avoid it, make him asleep.
Chapter 67.2


14. If  You Can’t Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep

I set out for Krenberia Territory after two days of simple preparations at the mansion.

When I said I’d leave in the afternoon, Salik, who had come to class, was very embarrassed.

He didn’t seem to expect me to go as fast as I did.

I was astounded to see Salik quickly connect communication magic to Elysium without a communication stone.

Communication stones came in two varieties.

The type that produces voices and the type that sends and receives telepathy in the head.

The other party’s voice would usually come out as the surface of the telecommunication stone shone, which was a common and cheap one.

The color of light changes depending on the properties of magic, and communication magic was usually blue.

If one was skilled in magic, they could use full-color communication magic to communicate with someone standing right in front of them.

Salik’s communication magic was in full color.

I’d only heard of it, but this was the first time I’d seen it.

A person with sprout-like light green hair appeared to be standing in the classroom. He was tall and had long ears like Salik, but his fur was rolled in a square as if it were semi-curly.

A mask with leaves covered his face, but the mask seemed to grow ivy on his face.

It will be all right for me to go there, right?

When I awkwardly greeted him, Salik smiled and said that the man couldn’t communicate with the people around him.

As a result, the opponent only saw and spoke to Salik.

The cheap communication stone appeared to be more efficient because it could hear all of the voices around him.

The elf, who introduced himself as Keystos from Elysium, told Salik that they would pick me up at the post near the border of Elysium ten days later after Salik told him that I would leave today.

Then he reached into the air and grabbed something, and in his empty hand was a map.

It was a map of the borderlands of Krenberia and Elysium.

Salik drew the map on an empty piece of paper after Keystos pointed to it and told him where the guard post was.

In this world, there was no screen capture.

Salik then told me about Elysium throughout the class.

The young elves differed depending on the child, but most resembled puppies.

Looking at the elegant Salik, I couldn’t even imagine that.

I think even the young elves will act like him.

Above all, the young elves had no gender and no concept of companionship, allowing them to freely touch others.

And he advised me that if I found it difficult, I should seek assistance from the adults around me.

When Salik said that I didn’t need to pay attention to elves who didn’t respond to my conversation because there are many lay elves who answer a letter a year later, the image of the elegant elves that I had been accumulating while observing Salik crumbled.

I frequently hear about cultural differences, but these go beyond the realm of common sense.

I had intended to finish class early and begin my trip lightly, but Salik’s rambling about the reality of Elysium took up the time.

And yet, anxious, he hovered around me until the moment I climbed into the carriage.

It was widely reported that I needed to go to the villa in Krenberia Territory for recuperation.

Letters of concern poured in from all over the place as soon as I told my friends that I was going to recuperate because I had collapsed suddenly two months ago and had called a priest urgently, plus I had hardly done any external activities compared to last year.

I even received letters from Her Majesty the Empress and Clara.

I replied that I was going to take a short break because I had been studying far too much lately.


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