Please Be A Traitor Vol. 14 Chapter 67.3 - If You Can't Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep!

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Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 14: If you can’t avoid it, make him asleep.
Chapter 67.3

The Krenberia Territory’s Mart and Cherrier provinces were linked to water supply and space movement magic because they were the locations where tribute payments to the imperial family were collected in Krenberia territory.

Cherrier is the closest to Elysium, so I’ll travel there through it.

Even though there was a magic square movement, it wasn’t always active, and preparing to use it took time.

Because I was carrying self-defense artifacts, only one knight and two servants escorted me.

I noticed Lord Izellan and Euraris, one of the servants, sitting across from me.

They were both tense and said nothing.

Methir and the other servants had to sit in the coachman seats because there were no seats.

I cast a glance at Karpel, who was sitting next to me.

When he said, “When are you going?”, I never expected him to accompany me.

It’s comforting to be accompanied by the most powerful villain boss, but what will we do with this atmosphere?

Even if I wasn’t planning on having a good time, I was going to ask Lord Izellan if he had any issues with the Knights’ atmosphere or security.

But now, no matter what I asked, he seemed to have only one answer: “nothing wrong.”

When I return, it appears that I will need to take a separate carriage.

We only had about 30 minutes to travel to the magical square from this side, so we tried to go quickly, but we were careless.

I arrived at the location of the magical square after three hours and thirty minutes.

The space movement magic square is located in an imperial magic research institute, which is a separate building the size of a castle in the capital’s northwestern outskirts.

The inside hall of the research building was separated from the hall of the magic camp users, and the wizards working in the inside hall were the people who were making the magic square in Krenberia.

Because using the space movement magic square is expensive, I only use it when absolutely necessary.

The nobles, too, rarely used it for convenience and only in emergencies.

But I’ve never been transported by carriage to Krenberia’s movement magic square.

Because it was difficult to travel by carriage, my father always took me in space-shifting magic.

Because there was no smartphone to fiddle with while moving, riding a carriage to and from the space movement magic square was difficult and boring.

So I’ve never attempted to ride in a carriage by myself.

The guide came running as soon as the five of us went inside.

“What’s the problem?”

Methir inquired, obstructing the guide’s path.

“I apologize. I’ll explain the situation on the way, so hurry up and get moving.”

“Lead the way.”

Karpel, who had overpowered me and taken over the leadership of this party, responded.

I followed the guide while stamping my feet because I couldn’t afford to lose my face as the ducal princess.

“We need to summon another imperial magic team right away. Please understand that we need to close the Cherrier’s magical square as soon as possible.”

The movement magic circle could only open one door leading to one area at a time, and the passage could only be open for a certain amount of time per day.

It was due to the limited amount of mana available.

He claimed it was due to the imperial order.

We could use the royal family’s name because we also had Karpel.

However, given that the guide appears to prefer that side over Karpel, I have a feeling I know who will use it.

Of course, it would not be the Emperor nor the Empress.

It was the Crown Prince who frequently traveled a long distance.

When we arrived in front of the magical square, the crown prince and two attendants were waiting for us.

They had issued a restraining order, so there were no other users of the magical square.

The space movement magic camp, surrounded by a circular metal frame, emitted foggy white smoke, illuminating the already activated scenery across from the already activated opponent.


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