Please Be A Traitor Vol. 14 Chapter 69.1 - If You Can't Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep!

Author: missme285

Please Be a Traitor 

Vol. 14: If You Can’t Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep

Chapter 69


“Yes? What?”

I could hear the coachman panicking. Karpel snatched my arm.

“Don’t stop! Just keep going!”


“Think about who you are. What will you do if something bad happens to you? There’s really nothing we can do now.”


There is something we can do.

At the very least, I had to try.

Even if I regretted it, I had to try first.

I know I won’t be able to catch that bunch of unidentified monsters with just these artefacts.

That is something I am well aware of.

But I’ll do my best.

Karpel’s eyes were too firm when I persuaded him.

Rather than making hundreds of thousands of victims, it appeared that he had already decided to sacrifice relatively minor things for the greater good.

But I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t just stand still and do nothing.

‘Even if I am alone……’

I gnawed my teeth and pressed my palm to Karpel’s face.



Karpel took a step back in surprise, but his eyes soon closed and his body collapsed into my arms.

I tried to hold him nicely, but he was so heavy that I couldn’t support his body.

As a result, Karpel’s body climbed down over my body and crumpled up on the carriage floor.

“…… I’m sorry, you’re just too heavy. If only you taught me to hold the sword, I’m sure……”

…… I’m sure I still couldn’t, right?

I remembered telling Karpel a few days ago to teach me how to hold the sword.

At the time, I swung the swords a few times and admitted that nothing could change because I was only familiar with it as a match.

Karpel’s posture on the floor looked so uncomfortable that I immediately pulled his arms and legs and laid them down, but his legs were too long and couldn’t be straightened, so I had no choice but to put his legs on the chair.

I placed a cushion behind his head and looked at Karpel, who had been sleeping soundly for some time.

His white skin and long dark black eyelashes were beautiful. His full nose and slightly open lips were also beautiful.

‘When I saw him sleeping soundly, he reminded me of a sleeping angel.’

I slightly altered my thoughts as I considered the muscles hidden beneath Karpel’s clothes.

‘A dependable angel.’

I kissed Karpel’s forehead impulsively and jumped up in amazement. I couldn’t believe what I had just done.

I opened my mouth to stop the carriage before doing anything else strange, and I reminded myself that if I failed, Karpel and the others would be in danger.

I have the artifacts, so even if I can’t stop them and am trampled, I won’t end up dead.

“Sleep well, I’ll make sure to live and meet you again.”

With a word left, I opened the carriage door and jumped off. Soon, the physical shock defense magic was activated, and my entire body was wrapped in silver light.

I tried to brace myself for the impact by curling up and rolling, but my skirt got caught around my leg and I fell into the stagnant water.


It hurt. It wasn’t as bad as falling from a running carriage, but it was as painful as falling from a bed.

I imagined that because I was wrapped in a transparent shield, there would be no scratches, but the reality was different.

Furthermore, the shield that had only absorbed the impact of the fall vanished as if activated when my body touched the ground, and muddy water was pouring into my mouth.

I got up and sat down with a messed-up look.

I noticed the rear of the departing carriage. They won’t even notice I’d fallen because it was so shaky. Then I noticed the black things approaching me slowly.


I burst out laughing, as if I had gone insane.

‘……I’m not going to die, am I?’

I raised my eyes to the overcast, rumbling sky. The ground shook so violently that it shook my vision.

No, there are too many clouds…… What is God doing when monsters walk around like that? Why don’t you plug a thunderbolt once?


My eyes were instantly pierced by a blinding light. For a brief moment, static electricity burned all over my body.

My body was gleaming silver when I looked down in surprise. One of the rings completely broke and fell off my finger.


A scream was followed by a rumble of thunder. Black smoke rose through the raindrops from the side where the monsters were.

I stood up to see what the hell was going on. But I couldn’t figure out what had happened.

The ground shook for a moment, but the surprised monsters seemed to have accelerated their pace.

I raised my eyes to the sky. I’m not sure what it is, but since one of my rings was shattered, I hoped the monsters would suffer some damage as well.

‘God, nice shot.’

I praised him, but I couldn’t ask for another shot because I was still nervous about the electricity.

I extended my hand and saw the ring, which was tightly wrapped around my ten fingers. I was considering using it all up and returning home.

Dealing with those monsters was urgent, so Elysium, can’t I come back another time?

The shape of the monster gradually became visible.

The monsters, which were the size of a rushing house, appeared to be familiar.



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