Please Be A Traitor Vol. 14 Chapter 69.2 - If You Can't Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep!

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Please Be a Traitor 

Vol. 14: If You Can’t Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep

Chapter 69



There was nothing that resembled horns or wings. On the gosa table, it was just a pig’s face. Despite the fact that they were large enough and only the black pigs were swarming.
(T/N: Gosa, a shamanistic ritual in which food is offered to the spirits to ward off misfortune and bring good fortune.)

‘Are pigs really that big in this village?’

I couldn’t tell if they were real monsters. They were large and numerous, and I wondered if they had escaped from the farm somewhere.

Just like a pig’s crackling sound.

It smelled like pork belly was being cooked for some reason.

I double-checked the rings once more.

The one on my thumb was defensive magic that activated automatically when triggered.

However, for the other ring sequences from my forefinger to my little finger, I must shout the triggered word. And the last thing I need to activate is the one in my other thumb.


The amplification magic was activated as a ring glowed.

Because the amount of magic that can be contained in a single artifact is limited, there is a separate artifact that amplifies it.

My father had made three for me to use for healing, defense, and escape, but I planned to use them all for the pigs here.


One more has been activated.

The pig herd was still a long way away.

The ground shook, making it difficult to stand properly.

I cast one more amplification spell and waited for the right moment.

I needed to get closer.

My hand appeared to be shaking, but not solely as a result of the ground shaking. And every time my body shook, I choked on my breath from the tension.

I opened my mouth to speak.

The tremors that started in my hands had now spread throughout my body.

I was exhaling, but even my short breath came out rough.

At this rate, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to say the triggered word correctly.

‘It’s fine. It’s fine.’

100 meters.

80 meters.

Each time the pigs leaped off the ground with their massive legs, the distance seemed to shrink by three or forty meters.

And I desperately squeezed my voice.

“Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!”

I sprinted backward, shaking off several rings that popped from my fingertips all at once.


It was low-flying magic.

My body soared upwards, as if I were being elastically lifted up by a bungee jump rope.

However, I did not hit the ground and remained suspended at a certain point.

While floating about 10 meters, I realized pigs sliding and rolling beneath my feet.

I was surprised by how broad the range of magic was.

A swarm of pigs burst through the ground’s stagnant water.

I expected the pig wave to pass fairly quickly, but it instead created a wave of stagnant water that grew gradually.

The sleeping pigs had piled up to where I was floating before I knew it.

While watching the black pigs pile up, I desperately tried to shake my feet and run back.

My feet, however, were only shaking in place.

Karpel was running without expression as I attempted to raise my body and shake my arm.

‘What? Why is he there?’

My sleep magic was potent.

It is said that the sleep was very strong, causing hibernation, and that only magic could break the sleep.

In the meantime, how the hell did he wake up? And how did he get so close?

“It’s dangerous!”

I motioned with my arm for him to escape, but Karpel had already kicked the ground and jumped toward me. He didn’t even have to activate the artifact to arrive in front of my nose, which was floating about four stories up, and hugged me tightly.

“I told you to escape!”

“Just close your eyes.”

Karpel drew his sword and split the pig wave that was attacking both of us vertically, sobbing my desperate cry.

Huge chunks of meat fell at my feet.


Karpel took another leap, stepping on the falling meat.

Karpel then slung me over his shoulder and continued to step on the nearby pigs and leap away from the scene.

Karpel had cut the pig’s feet, hind legs, and head into pieces, which fell to the ground.

The sight was gruesome, but it was as if they were on their way to the slaughterhouse because business was good. I was so comfortable with that part that I felt strange.

Karpel landed on the ground after a few more steps and leaps like that.

The magic had no effect on almost all of the pigs in the back. That’s why they piled up like that by pushing at the same rate as they ran.

Some pigs suffered nosebleeds and fainted when they collided, while others struggled under the feet of other pigs.

Karpel, who had dropped me off, chased and killed some of the awake pigs.

He left the injured ones who couldn’t escape and looked at the pig’s land which had become a mess. No more pigs appeared to be able to escape.

When I looked at Karpel, his gaze was fixed on my finger.

All I had left was a defensive magic, poison, and return magic that I could use to get back home.

More rings would have been broken if I had buried in pigs, but there were still a lot left.

Karpel sighed, as if relieved, and raised his eyebrows to meet my gaze.

However, he shook the corners of his mouth and laughed.


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