Please Be A Traitor Vol. 14 Chapter 70.1 - If You Can't Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep!

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Please Be a Traitor 

Vol. 14: If You Can’t Avoid Him, Make Him Asleep

Chapter 70


He literally burst out laughing.

Ha ha ha!”

He burst out laughing. His mouth was wide open.

Karpel’s laugh while wet in the rain felt like a lie.

“Haha…… It’s driving me crazy.”

Karpel wiped my face with a handkerchief.

He only wiped my forehead and cheeks once, but the handkerchief was already damped with dirt.


Anyone who looked at my clothes would think I was a demon.

I admitted that I had already become a laughingstock for Karpel at this point.

Though Karpel’s clothes who embraced me were also a mess. “… Will Lord Izellan return to find us?”

“I told him to go to the villa right away.”


“Of course, because I expected you to return to the capital mansion. You didn’t intend to go to Elysium by yourself after dealing with those monsters, did you?”

“No, I also have to clean up after that. But, Karpel, how are we going to get back?”

“If we walk, we can get to the Cherrier Province before sunset.”

“Oh, then we should return to the Cherrier Province.”

“I can’t walk at this pace.”

I wondered if he meant that I couldn’t walk or that it was him who couldn’t walk, until I remembered that Karpel had been running before. And he seemed to be running much faster than those pigs.

I looked in the small village where those pigs were run off to.

“That village appeared to be small. I’m wondering if there’s somewhere we can rest or contact someone.” I wonder if there is a place for us to rest or contact someone.”

“We should look into that.”

“How long will it take to get there?”

“Only a little.”

I wanted to know if the ‘a little’ he mentioned was based on me or him.

But Karpel continued as if he already knew the answer to my question.

“At my pace.”

“Then…… it’s a relief.”

I took Karpel’s handkerchief and wiped the dirt off my face.

But the handkerchief was already so filthy that it couldn’t be used to wipe away the dirt.

I threw away the handkerchief and pulled mine from my pocket to wipe my face.

It was wet, but at the very least it was clean.

Karpel sighed and picked up the handkerchief I’d thrown away, dipped it in the water while shaking off the dirt, folded it neatly, and slipped it into his pocket.

Such a laid-back prince.

As I wiped the soil off my face, the smell of blood became stronger.

I was feeling uneasy, so I covered my nose with my hand and looked around.

“If you’re scared, why do you keep looking at it?”

I pressed my philtrum slightly to block the smell from my nose, but he must have thought I was scared.

I can’t, after all, block my nostrils with my finger. Because I must maintain my dignity as the ducal princess.

“I’m not afraid. It’s just… what do I do with this? I can’t just leave it like this, can I?”

I was sorry for the enormous pig feet at Karpel’s feet. I felt compelled to cook it in a drum. How many servings would that make?

“I’m going to summon a sorcerer to burn them.”

“Oh? Are you going to burn them down?”

“First, we’ll take out the Mana Stone and look into where they came from.”

“Take out the Mana Stone? Do they have Mana Stone in their bodies? Where?”

Karpel raised his hand, as if to teaching me, and frowned, pointing to the dead pig.



“Aren’t you overdoing it?”

“Overdoing? What?”

Karpel looked at me with concern, wondering if I was okay. He fixed his gaze on me with such intensity that I felt uneasy.

However, it was the main menu of the restaurant where I used to work, so my senses were paralyzed in a variety of ways.

If the things scattered around there had been unfamiliar bears or raccoons, I would have been terrified and terrible.

What I found pitiful was the sight of him rushing like a thunderbolt in front of my eyes.

Normally, I don’t feel sorry for the mosquito in the spider web.

Karpel was so serious that I wondered if I should act scared or uncomfortable right now.

Still, it was a pig, no matter how I looked at it, and I was curious about the Mana Stone inside their bodies.

“However, I’m still curious about the mana stone in……”

“Please turn around.”

“How come?” “I’ll show you. So just turn around.”

I pretended to turn back but kept looking at Karpel, who just looked at me with a puzzled expression.

Karpel, perhaps trying to dry me out of courtesy, didn’t say anything more and pulled back his wet hair that was clinging to his forehead and drew his sword.

He thrust his sword into the dead pig’s belly and stabbed it slowly, as if measuring something, before drawing his sword. A large piece of pork belly fell neatly into the puddle when he drew his sword up from the bottom and then down. The lumpy red mass also fell.

‘It’s the liver.’

It was a piece of liver sold with sundae, which became fluffy when boiled. Another pocket-like lump was present, but because it was attached to the liver, it appeared to be a gallbladder.

When Karpel cut it open, it revealed a hard-looking black lump the size of a fist.

Karpel took it up and soaked it in water. No matter how hard I tried, the location it came from seemed out of place. I believe it is a gallstone.

“This is the Mana Stone.”

The Mana Stone…

I extended my hand.

Karpel placed a lump in my hand.

It was hard and heavy.

The Mana Stone I am familiar with has a clear, transparent gem-like stone. Not like Jeju Island’s harubang stone.

“Is this expensive?”

“With that one thing, you can buy all the artifacts you just wrote.”

I saw a pig mountain. The pile of pigs started to resemble a pile of money.

“No way!”

I approached Karpel and grabbed his hand.

“Then hurry up and…… Achoo!”

I sneezed loudly at Karpel.

Karpel wiped the raindrops on his face with his hand after briefly closing his eyes.

It’s got to be raindrops. Raindrops, undoubtedly.

I couldn’t wipe Karpel’s face with the handkerchief I was holding because it was already dirty.

I didn’t realize my body was cold because it was a warm day. However, because it was raining nonstop, my body temperature seemed to drop.

Karpel removed his jacket and draped it over my head as I diligently wiped the dirt from my face.

I was taken aback and attempted to remove his jacket and replace it on Karpel.

“I’m already wet, so it’s fine.”

Karpel locked the button with his jacket on me, as if he didn’t like what I was doing.

“Karpel, what do you mean you’re fine……?”

Despite my protests, Karpel picked me up. Karpel embraced me like a child while I was trapped in his jacket.

I didn’t feel awkward because my father hugged me frequently. Karpel was a little shorter than my father, but he had more strength and was more stable.

Karpel began climbing the pig’s mountain without a single sign of discomfort.

I understand why he’s carrying me.

With my feet, I couldn’t get over here.

Sleepless pigs grunted beneath the earth. I took a look at it and asked Karpel.

“How about the collection of Mana Stones?”

“Do you want me to do it right now?”


Surely, whoever is in charge of dealing with those monsters will also look after the Man Stone.

“How did those pigs become monsters? Is it because of the Mana Stone that they have grown in size?”

Karpel replied when I asked what substance the pig ate to become Mana Stone accumulated in the gall bladder.

“How come you called them pigs? Have you never seen a pig?” “I call them pig because I’ve seen them……”

I came to a halt. Because I’d never seen a pig in this incarnation.

‘How does a pig look here?’

It was shocking. I never expected pigs to look so different in this world.

Because the ham here tasted exactly like ham made with pork, I assumed it was also made from a pig.

As I was in the midst of confusion, Karpel told me.

“Monsters are those who have Mana Stone in their bodies. They swarm, are aggressive, and appear out of nowhere.”

“Then don’t all the monsters look like that’s what they look like.”



“This is the first time I’ve seen monsters, so I don’t know what they look like.”

“How did you find out they were monsters?”

I quickly remembered Karpel having discovered the location of the Mana Stone, which was said to have entered the pig’s body.

“Karpel, can you feel the Mana Stone?”

“To some extent……”

It wasn’t that he knew where the Magic Stone was located, it was because he felt the magic in the Mana Stone.

I looked at the pig’s mountain once again and fiddled with the rough Mana Stone the size of a tangerine in my hand.


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