Please Be A Traitor Vol. 15 Chapter 71.1 - Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid

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Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 15: Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid
Chapter 71.1

The entrance to the building was crowded with people flocking to thank us.

“What would have happened without you two!”

“Thank you. Thank you very much!”

“I have never seen a herd of wild animals flock like that!”

“I thought we were going to die.”

The crowd of people rushed to say thank us.

“What kind of animal is that big?”

“They say it’s a kind of beast called a monster.”

Seeing their whispers, they must have thought that the monster was the name of the beast.

Karpel stopped them from approaching me. Though the people didn’t care and greeted Karpel, saying he was great as a child and thank him for saving their life.

“Watch out there! I brought you some hot water!”

“Here, here, pour it in. Tell me if you need more towels. And here are the clothes you can change into. I’m sorry it’s not good, but it’s still new.”


With a thud, the pot was placed next to where I sat. Karpel pressed my head against the towel.

“Can you wash by yourself?”


I tried to call out his name, but it got stuck in my throat and didn’t come out.

Because the name of Prince Karpel Iverox was a symbol of misfortune for the commoner.

There was even a widespread superstition that if anyone mingled with him, they would be cursed.

Though this place was still within Krenberia Territory and there were fewer people, if those people knew Karpel’s identity, Karpel might get isolated.

I looked up at Karpel. Karpel tilted his head a little and gestured to the aunt, who had brought us clothes.

“I will help you wash……”



At that moment, Karpel’s head twisted toward me.

“You can wash up first, oppa.”

Karpel was soaked by the rain, so he must have felt uncomfortable.

There is only one bathroom that is prepared, and Karpel is a member of the royal family, so there’s no way I could wash up first.

The aunt who was watching us smiled.

Aww, you’re on good terms. But a lady should wash up first. Now, get out of here everyone!”

The lady pushed the people away.

But a person came running in from outside, squeezing through the gap.

“Prosecutor, the person in charge is not in town right now, so we don’t know where the communication stone is.”

“Ah, Oppa can find it, right? Then I’ll hurry up and wash up. Go ahead, oppa.”

Karpel kept looking at me as if the title of ‘oppa’ was that shocking.

His handsome face looked like a dork. I called him one more time because I thought it would be better if he got used to it.


Did ‘oppa’ sound too low?

Orabeoni? Should I go and come back? Do you want to wash up first?”

“…… I’ll come back soon.”

Karpel, who stiffly turned around, went out blankly.

As I was alone, I took off my dress. It was fortunate that I wore comfortable clothes because I was going to travel a long way.

When I heard the sound of water filling a container, I could see a large wooden container the size of a basin used to make kimchi filled with warm water.

I washed thoroughly so that there was no dirt left then get dressed.

I arranged the hem of the shirt inside the waist of the pants which looked like a pair of goblets and tied it with a string. The shirts whose sleeves were not supposed to reach down to my elbow were also buttoned up.

It was a loose-fitting outfit, but it was very comfortable because the sleeves, the hem that reached the ankles, and the waist were all tightened so there was nothing flapping around.

It seemed like it would be easier to get around in water if I rolled up the hem of the pants and tied them up.

I packed a bag of artifacts and a money pouch inside the outfit.

The place where Karpel sat me earlier turned out to be a long, flat bench.

There was also a lot of luggage piled up there, so there was only room for one person to lie down.

On one side, a furnace and a hood that removes smoke from the furnace are connected to the wall.

After looking here and there for a long time, I realized that this place was a one-room house full of things like a warehouse. It’s smaller than my current bathroom, but it was bigger than the house I lived in my previous life.

Did Karpel find the communication stone?

Could he have contacted Lord Izellan to come back as well? It would be quicker to ask Lord Izellan to send a carriage to the Charrier than to return back.

‘Why Karpel hasn’t come yet?’


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