Please Be A Traitor Vol. 15 Chapter 71.2 - Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid

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Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 15: Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid
Chapter 71.2

Perhaps, Karpel still hasn’t found the communication stone yet. There was a sound of people whispering over the door but no Karpel’s voice was heard.

‘Is there no communication stone……’

Among the artifacts I have right now, the only thing with communication magic was being able to send and receive voice messages with only Salik. Salik took care of it before I left.

He said that I couldn’t use it a few times because the artifact itself couldn’t hold much magic, but he said that he could receive at least a short signal even if there was blocking magic.

I also have a communication stone that connected me to my father one-on-one but it was in the bag which I left in the carriage.

As I remembered it, I poured the contents of the pouch onto my palm, and the rainwater also poured out.

It seemed that water was also sipping the pocket.

I took all of them out, washed my pouch once, washed my artifacts, and wiped them with a towel.

I squeezed the pockets with a towel to drain the water and laid them out on the bed.

After that, I thought of using the artifact with communication magic.

As soon as I put on the message ring, Salik’s voice rang in my ears as if it were coming out of earphones.

  • Inaila, be careful. Make sure to call me when you arrive.
  • Inaila? Has the schedule changed? I heard you decided to come back to the mansion.
  • I heard that the reason for coming back is because you met a herd of wild beasts in Cherrier. What’s going on?
  • Your Highness the Duke is here. He said that you haven’t arrived at the mansion yet. Just where are you now?

It seemed that Lord Izellan had contacted my father.

Less than an hour has passed since I jumped off the carriage.

However, almost every 5 minutes, a message came in asking about my safety.

‘Such an overprotection……’

When I thought so, I did something that could have killed me.

Perhaps, among the artifacts enchanted with defense magic, there was one that sent a danger alarm to my father.

There were so many that I couldn’t remember which one it was.

I felt sorry for Salik.

I couldn’t imagine how much my father bothered Salik to make him contact me this frequently.

I need to tell him that I am safe quickly.

But, how do I use this?

Uhm, so…… to Salik.”

The ring glowed red when I said the starter word, ‘to Salik.’ I think it meant that it was being recorded.

“I’ve only separated from Lord Izellan for a while, but I’m fine, so don’t worry. I’m going to move as scheduled. Please tell my father that, too. It seemed that Lord Izellan misunderstand that I would come back to the mansion, but I will soon join him again and will contact you then.”

After I finished talking, I looked at the ring and the red light was off. Come to think of it, I think that only about 10 to 20 seconds are transmitted at a time.

It automatically sends when the time is up. I hesitated because I didn’t know if it was all transmitted or how far my messages were sent, but soon a blue light shone and Salik’s voice was heard.

  • I was really worried. I understand. I’ll tell His Excellency the Duke as well. There is a limit on the number of transmissions, so if there is anything, please contact me.

Seeing the answer come back right away, it seems like he has been waiting all along. I was embarrassed because I seemed to have caused a lot of trouble.

‘Should I answer him? No, I’d better talk to him when Karpel comes back and let him know the plan exactly.’

Since both sending and receiving require mana, I don’t know how many more times I can use it, but I couldn’t waste it.

I sat absent-mindedly waiting for Karpel and lay down because I got bored.

‘Did Karpel find the communication stone yet? Then I’d better contact them temporarily with this. I can tell them to just bring a communication stone to Cherrier Province, right?’

I went out and packed my pockets and contents to look for Karpel, and I heard a small sneeze outside the door.

Curious, I opened the door and found Karpel sitting in a chair by the door.

He was covering his mouth with a towel that was drying his hair, showing as if he was the one who sneezed.

His clothes also already changed as if he had washed up.

“Have you washed up?”

Karpel nodded.

I was wondering why he was waiting there, but when I opened the door wide, it wasn’t the outside but the area like a living room.

There were more rooms besides where I left. It was like a collection of studio apartments. Karpel also seemed to have washed up in another room.

People seemed to be gathering outside the building, and I could hear the voices coming from there. That’s why their voice was small, like whispering.

“Have you contacted them?”

“The person in charge seems to have taken the communication stone.”

“Then it means you haven’t contacted them. So how about contacting Salik with this and…… Ah!”

I approached Karpel to show him the message ring, but I hit the stick that was standing by the door.

Trying to avoid the falling stick, I bumped my knee against the door.


“Inaila, are you all right……?”

“Karpel, the stick……!”

Karpel wrapped my waist in one arm and with the other arm held the stick falling toward his head.

But the place where Karpel embraced me was my side. So I felt tickled that I turned around and breathed deeply

Karpel sighed.

Haa…… stay still.”

“But the hand…… There… Hiii!”

As I was wriggling in his arm, Karpel put the stick back in place and raised me up.

I rubbed my side, the spot where Karpel’s hand embraced me.

It was so tingling that the hairs on my neck seemed to stand on end.

“Something is shining.”

When I looked down at my finger, the message ring was shining blue. It was a sign of receiving a message. But even before I realized the fact, I heard Salik’s voice.

  • Inaila, where are you now……
  • I am going to kill you! You rotten fish! What have you done to my baby……!

It was my father’s voice that shouted behind Salik’s voice. And after that, the blue light suddenly went out and the ring cracked.

It seemed that the ring has used up all its mana.

“What the hell?”

I still felt like my father’s shouting was ringing in my ears, so I touched my ears while Karpel murmured in a suspicious voice.

“Rotten fish?”


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