Please Be A Traitor Vol. 15 Chapter 72.2 - Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid

Author: missme285

Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 15: Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid
Chapter 72



“I am sorry.”

I had merely cast a sleep spell, but I was frightened I had exhausted one of the many spells imprinted someplace on Karpel’s body, and I was afraid Karpel’s life would be at risk later on.

I was afraid that maybe the magic I cast was so strong that Karpel would break like an artifact that had been used up.

Thought of the saintess slipped through my mind.

In the novel, Karpel kidnaps a saintess who descends according to the oracle.

The holy power possessed by the priests could restore the broken and old things as if they were new.

Of course, there are limitations based on their beliefs.

However, the sainted possessed infinite holy power.

The reason Karpel needed the power of the saintess was because he had magic engraved on his body.

There is still a long way to go before the saintess appears.

It seemed that I would not be relieved until the saintess appeared.

“I promise I will never use magic on you again, Karpel.”

“No. There must be a loophole somewhere. It is preferred to retest it by casting the previous spell.”

“If there’s a loophole… You have magic inscribed in your body, as expected. Just where? How much is it?”

“I’ve thought about it, but what do you know about me? Why are you so sure of that?”

“What do you mean?”

“How can you be so certain that I have magic engraved on my body? I thought only a certain wizard would know about it.”

“Well, I suppose I could find out because I live with Karpel. But is it that surprising to do?”

“Recently, you seem to believe that I have been leading the rebels. Why the hell do you suddenly believe that? You were the only person who thought I would become Duke of Krenberia and would not be hostile to my uncle.”

Certainly, before I remembered my past life, I thought Karpel loved me and would renounce treason and become Duke of Krenberia as I wished.

Before I never thought that Karpel would lead a rebel, something that I never wanted him to do.

I had been monitoring him so he couldn’t make a rebel.

I thought he could do nothing inside the mansion, and I was only worried about Karpel being alone.

Though I left him alone when he stayed in the library or in the training field, just like him accompanying me whenever I go out, I never let Karpel go outside alone.

“Does the fact that the Krenberia is being targeted make you believe I have such power?”

He was speaking as though he was destined to be the Duke of Krenberia, as I used to believe, and never mentioned any plans for rebellion or anything.

But Karpel’s eyes, when they looked at me, were not like that.

Lately, I have been feeling that Karpel has changed.

Despite his usual bluntness and sharpness, he didn’t feel as pressuring as before.

Rather than trying to appear innocent, he still seemed to be seeking confirmation of what I believed.

But I only knew that because I had read the book.

Leaving Stein as an alibi and escaping down a secret passage during his probation was the only thing Karpel did that deserved to be trampled on.

I agreed by nodding.

“That is correct. I needed something on which to rely because I don’t believe I could protect Krenberia on my alone. There is no other reason.”

Karpel’s eyes narrowed.

He didn’t seem to believe that I have no other reason.

Seeing that he kept his mouth shut, I didn’t think we could talk at this rate.

Looking at Karpel’s expression, I gently uttered what I could think of as an explanation.

“It looked that the Imperial Palace proudly sent an assassin without letting you to enjoy the New Year’s feast…… The sender seems to have cleaned up the body on their own.”

“You saw that……?”

Karpel was freaked out. However, he soon sighed.

“So, what exactly is it?”

To be clear, being targeted by assassins is not a reason for forming rebels.

“Karpel, I know that Stein is your aide. I know he covered up for you by concealing the fact that you were out on probation. Also, when I went to the theater with Shabelle last time, Stein became serious right away when we talked about you.”

“Ha… Stein……”

Karpel sighed deeply and made an absurd look.

“Stein is……”

I didn’t know much about the detail. Because the novel’s only information was from the crown prince’s point of view.

So, before Karpel could reprimand me, I struck him.

“It appears that you are planning something for the fall tournament. Are you going to send Espree’s son as the prince’s escort? When I met him, I was surprised to see that he was more fragile than I was expecting.”

“…… just how? Did hear that from the tea party?”

It was Nable Espre’s story. I also remembered his name from Shabelle’s invitation.

I was a little nervous because it might not be right now, but it seems that the plan was already underway.

“It was just a coincidence. You were also present when Shabelle Float’s accident occurred.”

“Oh, yes, I did.”

Karpel, who nodded calmly, had a bitter expression.

I’m curious what he was thinking.

He didn’t even appear to be trying to reveal his secret.

Soon, he opened his mouth.

“…… Inaila, you said you changed your mind because you need something on which to rely, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

I was the one who said I needed something to rely on, but Karpel’s definition of reliance was dramatically different.

The mental dependency I was referring to had evolved into physical. reliance.

“Then, rely on me as much as you like.”


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