Please Be A Traitor Vol. 15 Chapter 73.1 - Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid

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Please Be a Traitor
Vol. 15: Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid
Chapter 73

Rely on him……

At his words, my heart began to race. However, fear also started to set in.

Most importantly, it gave me comfort, but I was also afraid because I knew how it would end.

“Karpel, h-how much magic did you engrave on your body……?”

“…… Does it matter?” Does it matter!?

Why did you ask something that was so obvious?

Of course, it was more matter than anything else.

Karpel averted his gaze slightly when I stared at him.

“You…… you don’t have to worry. More than anything else, the one who carved the magic wants me to live a long time.”

“Who is it?”

“A wizard I know. Speaking of which, I contacted that wizard to deal with the beasts though there is no communication stone to reach the Cherrier. Within an hour, he will show up, get the Mana Stone, and burn the beasts’ bodies.

When Karpel stated that there was no communication stone but he called the wizard, I was unable to grasp what he meant.

And then I suddenly understood.

Karpel didn’t tell me about the rebels, but now it feels as though he has told me something.

It seemed as though he was somehow admitting to the rebel because he used the phrase “the wizard I know.”

That’s why he said that he had a means of contacting them.

And that’s why he said that I could rely on him as much as I want.

I felt strange because I remembered the words that I inadvertently passed over because I was worried that Karpel might have something wrong.

Can I rely on you?

Can I ask you to help Krenberia?


I was grateful just for his words and felt sorry for not being able to find out about his circumstances.

I didn’t know what to say, so I couldn’t say anything and just stared at Karpel, so he calmly continued.

“I’m checking not only Radiev or Uncle’s movements but also the information inside and outside the empire, but I’ve never heard anything about the beasts’ appearance. I saw it for the first time today. There is no news that it has been found elsewhere, but since it suddenly appeared, it must mean that it can appear again anywhere.”

“I see.”

I nodded. Karpel looked at me and said.

“Now you tell me, too. Why are you going to Elysium? You have to at least tell me that.”

When I heard that question before, I answered that I was going to build trust with Elysium.

Karpel wouldn’t have been convinced.

As he said before, it was enough to send them something to eat.

But that wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to ask for a means to prevent the disaster that would follow later and helps the elves who are both armed and good at magic.

It was only ambiguous to say, but Karpel seemed to think I was hiding something huge.

Indeed, I did hide something huge.

The future where I die, Kranberia perishes, and Karpel is executed.

It wasn’t that I’m hiding it, it was that I can’t say anything.

“I am not hiding it. It’s just groundless. I don’t think you will believe me.”

“Just tell me! Before you jump off the carriage and run head-on in front of the beasts again, I will help you unconditionally.”

No, I’m ashamed of myself for doing such a thing…… Since he said he would help unconditionally, I can start with the core.

“In two years, Elysium will invade Krenberia. There will be a severe drought in Krenberia for a while. So I want to be prepared before it happens.”

He won’t believe it.

The hungry forest elves who seem to love peace are attacking Krenberia with weapons.

I was nervous that Karpel might ask me to go back to the mansion because he must have thought that it would never happen.

There was a long silence.

I wondered if I should say anything more. But it was Karpel who said he would help me unconditionally.

I was nervous because I didn’t think I’d say it in one bite.

“You may not believe it, but……”

“I believe you.”

Karpel made eye contact with me. He looked like he believe in me.


Karpel looked out of the window when I accepted.

I could only see the wall next door from the window.


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