Please Be A Traitor Vol. 15 Chapter 74.2 - Heavy, Sluggish, Rapid

Author: missme285

As soon as I shouted, I found a trace of something passing by. The soil on the floor was overturned and the ground was trampled down, as dozens of forkrains scratched it.

It was in the direction of circling the forest that we had passed in a straight line. And the trace was from the side where the smoke was coming out.

Something passed by. And it was easy to think of what it was. It was a dead end.

In the place where the village is located, there are beasts.

It was Karpel who noticed it first. The rising smoke was unusual for me, too. That’s why Karpel’s complexion was like that.

“Karpel. It’s a village within Krenberia’s. We have to check what’s there.”

“No, we won’t.”


I pulled Karpel’s clothes. Karpel did not answer and kept the pig running.

This huge beast wriggling under my feet finally looked like a monster.

How many villages have these guys trampled on? Is there more? It’s not just in Krenberia, is it?

My head was complicated. Why didn’t this disaster come out of the novel?

It would be nice if the main character’s hunting was to catch these things, but if not, there would be more incidents that I didn’t know about.

After a long journey, Karpel paused. The sun was going down. The village seemed to be scarcely in sight.

Karpel looked at my face and hugged me with a bitter expression and jumped off the pig.

When I stepped on the ground, I felt how uncomfortable it was to ride on a moving creature.

“You stopped those beasts, Inaila. But those beasts there are even bigger than the ones you blocked. Don’t bother trying to engrave an accident that couldn’t be prevented.”

I didn’t want to either.

But I was going to do it because it was the only thing I could do, to watch the end where the mastermind plotted the victims.

I took Karpel’s hands. They were still cold.

Karpel tried to keep me from getting hurt from seeing something horrible.

Maybe there were even more horrible things Karpel kept from me by his acting.

I am the successor to Krenberia, but Karpel is a member of the royal family of this empire.

Those villagers are also his people.

There was no way Karpel’s mind would be fine after seeing that.

“We blocked it together.”

Karpel looked at me.

His big hand clasped my hand.

The warmth was returning.

As if he was relieved.


We were like that for a long time.

I felt regret that I couldn’t even look at their end, they whom I was supposed to protect, and comforted myself that they should rest in peace because I will avenge them.


We walked around riding the pig.

This time I sat in the front.

Even while looking for the village, we were holding each other’s hands.

Karpel stretched the reins around his wrist and spread his hands.

Through the sleeves, the magic circle was seen above his skin.

Soon a 3D topographic map appeared in the palm of his hand.

“What’s that?”

Karpel was embarrassed by my question.

“Can you see this?”

As soon as I let go of Karpel’s hand and tried to touch the map, it completely disappeared from his sight.

The magic spells that were clearly visible on his wrists were nowhere to be seen.

Karpel kept his puzzled face on and moved his hand in the air with the other hand as if touching the screen.

“This red dot is where we are now.”

But I can’t see it now……

I grabbed his sleeve just in case, but I still couldn’t see the map.

Hold on, didn’t I just hold Karpel’s hand?

As expected, I saw a topographic map in front of me again when I grabbed Karpel’s wrist.

“I guess I have to touch you to see it.”


When I checked the red dot, Karpel moved the map a little.

“There is a sign that there is a village by the mountain……”

I looked around and found a roof among the trees.

“That one?”

“Oh, you mean that one.”

The topographic map disappeared when Karpel clenched his fist.

Karpel knocked the beast to the side and the beast fell sideways.

“Did you kill it?”



“Why do you think I can kill a beast with my bare hand?”

You can just say you didn’t kill him.

Why are you blaming me for not knowing that?

Since it was brainwashed, it seemed the magic stopped working.

When I approached the view of the roof, there were only a few buildings.

The person who looked out of the window saw us and closed the door, perhaps because he heard our rustling footsteps.

The villagers seemed to be wary of outsiders.

I went around and knocked on the door, but no one opened it.

One was an empty house.

I had no choice but to enter an empty house and make a fire in the fireplace.

When I touched the hem of Karpel’s pants, which were lit with magic stones, it was damp.

Karpel looked back in surprise.


“Take it off.”


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