Please Be A Traitor Vol. 16 Chapter 75.2 - The Screaming Bellflower

Author: missme285

All along the way, Karpel was the one who brought all the luggage and drove the pig beasts.

Moreover, he kept looking and checking on me if I was okay in the meantime.

That was why I thought I should at least do this.

I glanced at him but Karpel said firmly.

“I will do it.”

All the trimmed ingredients were already put in while the dishes were boiling and cooking, and the pot and mugs were all wiped and thrown away while the soup was boiling.

Karpel, who dragged me down and held scorched rice water in his hand, organized the rest. It seems that Karpel was thinking of cooking himself.

“Karpel, do you know how to cook?”

“Only pancakes.”


Pancakes were hard for me. I’m not sure about the proper dough viscosity. Pancakes are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

My admiration was that Karpel sounded like a tease, not a compliment.

He sighed and cleared the floor, took out waterproof leather and dried blankets, and laid them on the floor.

How many blankets are in that magic pouch?

“How much can you put in there?”

“To the extent that it can be loaded in a carriage.”

“……that carriage is not an eight-headed carriage, is it?”

“……a horse-drawn carriage.”


I admired and prepared to sleep.

There was a squeaking sound, and when I looked, Karpel wasn’t there.

There was a squeak and there was no Karpel.

A towel and trousers were hung on the closed-door hook.


“Sleep well.”

As if standing right in front of the door, I heard a voice close by.

Sleep well? What the hell did he mean by that?

I opened the door and called Karpel.

“Karpel, where are you going? Are you going to see those beasts? You’re going to come back soon, right?”

Karpel turned his head to look at me.

“Get dressed.”

If it’s because of the pants, my top was long enough.

It came up to mid-thigh, so there was nothing to be ashamed of, but the air outside was cold.

The fog was thick and the atmosphere was gloomy.

It was likely to be colder at dawn.

I put on some decent skinny pants.

“I wore it.”

Karpel’s face was red as he looked back, perhaps because of the fire in the furnace.

When I reached out and touched my forehead, it was hot.

He said he was cold, but now I see his fever rising.

Obviously, Karpel must have a cold.

But when I saw Karpel taking out his blanket, it seemed like he was going to sleep outside.

“Come in quickly.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine outside……”

“Come in! We’re going to see each other all our lives anyway, so where are you going if it’s not by my side?”


I brought Karpel in and came to the place where I had laid down before.

“Go ahead and lie down.”


“Karpel, hurry and…… Achoo!”

This time, Karpel’s face was safe because he turned his head as I was sneezing. But Karpel sighed.

“Come here.”

He sat down, opened his arms, and lifted up the blanket. Inside the black blanket, the space surrounded by his body and arms came into my sight.

I was overwhelmed with embarrassment.

Somehow, the harmless space felt dangerous because it was dark.

I hesitated.

But there was nothing dangerous to look at.

There was just Karpel.

“It’s cold. Come here quickly.”


I didn’t really feel cold.

I was just sneezing because the cold air came suddenly in and out of my nose.

It was he who needed to sleep warmly, not me.

But since he couldn’t sleep hugging a charcoal fire, I was the safest source of heat to keep Karpel warm.

It would be difficult for Karpel to lie down in a place like this.

As I crawled into his arms, Karpel hugged me and lay down.

It was awkward before I came in, but as soon as I was hugged, a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia ran through my whole body.

It has been a long time since I’ve hugged Karpel like this and laid down together.

It’s been a really long time.

It was a feeling that a piece of my heart that I thought was lost and could not be regained was filled.

I have my father who loved me unconditionally, but he never gave me a body temperature to endure the long darkness together.

I clasped my forehead against Karpel’s chest.

May the cold virus be eradicated by our body temperature.

“Good night, Karpel.”

“…… Good night.”

Perhaps because of the heat on his body, Karpel’s voice sounded low and soft.

I hoped that there was at least a little bit of that old affection in it.


  1. The Screaming Bellflower

I felt my face ticklish and I opened my eyes.

I was hugging a round thing with black and uncomfortable hair in my arms.

As I was still asleep, I fumbled with my hand to identify it, and it made a low cry.

The thing seemed to like it, so I kept stroking it, and it dug into my arms more.

Then he hugged my back tighter into his arms.

I was so suffocated that I suddenly woke up.

As I stood up to see what was tightening me, I found two long legs sticking out of the blanket and all the way to the floor.

‘Phew, it’s long……’

Soon my back relaxed and what was in my arms jumped off to the floor.

Karpel, who jumped out of the blanket like a dolphin in a performance show, landed on the floor and stared at me with confused eyes.

I was also surprised that the one who suddenly jumped out of my arms was Karpel.

“Did we sleep together?”

As I asked him, his face looked as if I stole something from him last night.

Something like his purity?

No way he thought that, right?


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