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~ 110 ~



“Why didn’t you kiss me? I told you I’ll hold you.”

“I did.”


Psychke spun around, listening with one ear to the man’s gruff voice beside her.

Boom, boom.

Each time a firecracker went off, sparks of all natural colors lit up the red moonlit night sky.

Five-colored lights in the shape of flowers, angels, and other motifs illuminated the city.

And beneath them,




Kroa, in human form, frolicked happily through the crowd.




Then Crow shook his head pathetically. Then, when Kroa got distracted by his play, he’d walk away and he’d catch him again. After watching this behavior a few times, it was enough to make her smile.

In a low voice, so as not to be heard by the two Sioux, Psychke asked Verndia.


“Didn’t this festival begin as a celebration of the Su-in”


It did.

They were now at ‘Remember’, a northern festival held at the end of fall.

They had come to visit a vendor who had traveled from a distant kingdom in the east to purchase a ‘Ghost catching net’ that was said to be able to catch ghosts.


“Croa has seen a lot of human hands.”


Verndia said shakily. Originally, ‘Remember’ was meant to honor the Su-in who had been persecuted and driven out by humans hundreds of years ago, and it consisted of gatherings from all corners of the empire holding lanterns and reminiscing.

But over time, it grew in size and became more of a festival and a celebration.


“I suppose it’s a little less familiar to the Su-in who live in the eastern forests.”

“Probably not, but it’s interesting.”


Psychke eagerly scanned the streets, which were beautifully decorated for the festival. They were things he’d never see otherwise.


“I heard it doesn’t snow during the festival, but I didn’t think it was true.”


‘Remember’ lasts for a total of three days. During that time, there was a red moon and no snow and even the temperature was as warm as spring.


‘It was said that it was a miracle created by the god of the Su-in to comfort his descendants.’


Even though the memorial has been turned into a festival, all the proceeds from ‘Remember’ go to benefit the Su-in. Psychke looked around for a better use for the money. She wanted to do something to help them.

The temperature was high, and the snow had melted, thanks to Verndia’s use of his powers during the festival preparations.

Soon enough, she was merging into the excitement of the festival.


“-And then, out of nowhere, you kicked me in the shin, and you know what I said then?”


She couldn’t take her eyes off the jokester, who had the crowd in stitches.

And Verndia couldn’t take her eyes off Psychke.


‘She’s having so much fun.’


She hated crowds, but here she was, enjoying himself like a child, even though he could barely keep heer feet on the ground. The emotion transmitted by the ring was as clear and pure as the one she’d felt when they’d dueled at the auction house.

Come to think of it, he’d never been to a festival before.


‘The merchants will need to do wait.’


It occurred to him that if the princess liked it so much, we could go at night, just before returning to the residence.




Just the thought of the merchants made him frustrated and he grumbled to Psychke.


“So, when are you going to give me a kiss?”

“I already did.”

“I meant your lips, not the back of your hand.”

“The Duke only said ‘kiss’.”


Psychke pointed out calmly.


“Since you didn’t say exactly where, doesn’t it matter where I give you one?”

“In a case like this, can’t you just give it to me?”




In the heat of the moment, he blew his chance to get a kiss from the princess. Unable to say anything about it, he clicked his tongue and muttered that it entirely his fault.

Then her eyes lit up at what she heard.


“But this festival,” she said, “doesn’t seem to involve many adults.”


This was the fifth time that people came to shake hands with Psychke because of her heroines actions. Thus, seeing her in person was a great honor. It would have been more than ten if Verndia hadn’t glared at them from the corner of his eye, warning them not to interrupt the festivities.

Unaware of him, Psychke stared at the authentic-looking animal ears and tail of the child she had just shaken hands with.


“I guess I stand out more because most of them are kids.”



Muttered Verndia, who smiled meaningfully. He disappeared for a moment, then returned with a glass of fluorescent orange juice.


“You’re thirsty, aren’t you?”

“I’m fine.”


She wasn’t exactly thirsty, but she ook it anyway.

She was about to take a sip when Crow, who was running around in a sparkly headband, came over and wagged her finger in surprise.


“Uh, if you drink that –”


“It’s good for you. Have fun, princess.”


Seeing the look on Verndia’s face as he stood behind Psychke, Crow disappeared like the wind. He held Kroa’s hand tightly as she followed, silently munching on the sweets beside him.


“I don’t want to drink it.”


Psychke handed the juice back. She couldn’t see Verndia’s expression, but she knew this juice wasn’t ordinary. While he held the juice, he frowned.


“It’s supposed to be good for you.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Have you seen me lie?”

“Yes. A lot.”


Hadn’t she just a moment ago chalked up her attempt to attack him to sleep deprivation? The sleepy liar made a sickening sound.


“I’m telling the truth this time, but if you don’t believe me, let me drink it first.”


He took a sip of the juice and Psychke watched him carefully.


“Look. Nothing’s happening.”


Five minutes passed, and he was fine.

He wondered why he couldn’t trust him and then handed her the juice.


‘Hmm, something doesn’t seem right about this…’


Psychke took the juice with suspicion. She took a sip, thinking that whatever the effect, if she could just take a sip like the Duke, he would be fine.

But it didn’t.




Suddenly, her head and tailbone tickled. It felt strange, like someone was gently stroking me with a puppy grass. She winced at the strange sensation, and as if waiting for it, Verndia snatched the juice away.

Psychke wanted to ask what the hell was going on, but with the tickle came first, she wrapped her hands around her head and squeezed.

Then she gasped.


“…. Ears?”


She had animal ears on top of her head. The moment she realized she had animal ears, the tickling sensation quickly disappeared.

But the shocked Psychke didn’t realize it.

She didn’t realize that her dress was loose, or that something fluffy had formed near her tailbone,

Even her height, which had been at Verndia’s chest, had dropped to his thighs.




She looked up at the sudden sound. Verndia’s corners of mouth were pressed together, and he was grinning from ear to ear,

His eyes sparkled, and the corners of his mouth quirked upward, the look of a mischievous child who had just pulled off a prank.




Psychke squealed, realizing that she had been tricked.


* *

The juice Psychke drank was a magical juice that could only take effect during a red moon, turning an adult into a child. Animal ears and tails to make them look like Su-in were a bonus.

This was why there were so many children at the festival.


“Why hasn’t the Duke changed?”


She had changed into pants with a removable tail and a shirt that fit her younger body.

She didn’t forget the brooch-shaped artifact.

This was not the first time this had happened, and the clerk at the clothing store was not surprised to see Psychke strolling in wearing a loose dress.


“Because I am a Duke.”


Verndia stroked Psychke’s white animal ears, which were in prime petting position.


“Don’t lie – wait. Don’t, if you touch it…….”


Psychke shuddered. She thought they were just for decoration, but they felt like real ears.

Then, with a scream, she jolted away from Verndia, she was even amazed she could yell like that.

I tried to touch her white tail, but her eyes widened at its sensitivity.

Psychke rebuffed her fiercely.


“Don’t touch it!”

“If you hate me that much, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t hate you.”


The sensation was so strange and embarrassing that she wished she hadn’t touched them, but seeing how genuinely sorry he was, she couldn’t resist.

Eventually she accepted in a crawling voice.


“Touch it gently.”

“It’s fluffy. It’s soft. It’s real.”


“Don’t you want to keep it on? I’ll do anything to keep it on.”

“No. Stop touching it.”


Psychke whimpered, looking down at the floor with a red face, still clutching his hand.

They’d been touching for an hour, and she wanted more. But he didn’t think she’d enjoy the festivities if he didn’t, so he gave her ears one last squeeze and released her.

Still, she gave the fluffy tail and ears a long, wistful glance.


“I’m not going to touch you anymore, so you can lift your head.”

“When is this going to come undone?”


Psychke asked sullenly. The cat’s ears drooped, reflecting its owner’s mood.

The only thing that had improved after the juice was that no one was asking to shake his hand like he was a northern heroine. They didn’t seem to recognize her from the way she stared at them as she passed, but they seemed to pretend they didn’t because they were embarrassed for her.


“This won’t go away until we get back to the castle.”


Does this mean we have to go back? Her eyes fluttered at the stunned words.

Verndia barely resisted the urge to touch her ears, which were perked up in shock.


“You’ve been to the festival, haven’t you?”

“Why hasn’t the Duke changed?”

“Maybe because I am a crow. Did you see that Croa has ears?”


“You’re so short you can’t tell but stop looking at my bottom.”

“Why aren’t you shorter?”



Verndia smirked, as if to say what’s left when he reveal his bottom.

So, Psychke gave up trying to get an answer and watched the festivities.

As she wandered the streets bathed in a blinding array of colors, she came across a stand selling orange, fluorescent juice.


“No harm to the human body, don’t be surprised if you grow ears and a tail! It will reduce your age by one-third for eight hours.”



When I looked in the mirror earlier, I looked about eight years old, so that’s about right for my age.

But why hasn’t the Duke changed?


(TN: Verndia is such a good scammer.)

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